Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders AUTOMATIC when it shouldnt




@James_Amazon whats the status of this???





Agreed, the continued cold shoulder is, well, insane.


It’s been a week without a single update in my case, but “very much understanding the high urgency and appreciating the continued patience”. Well, :).


we started getting auto authorized, along manuals ones. Any idea what that is. There is no logic behind it.


This is also our experience, and agree there is something obviously technically wrong. Perhaps it’s more complicated to correct than I’d have presumed. Best of luck tech team!


If this is a technical issue then Amazon should have the DECENCY, COURTESY and TRANSPARENCY to put a technical notification on the Seller Central home page.


Are any of the returns that were NOT auto-authorized, orders that were placed AFTER your override upload?


No updates since November 21!


there is not!!!


They are all auto-authorized, but we’re given the option to provide the label for 1/3 orders or so, as of yesterday and the day before - only auto-authorized with UPS today, though.


Auto-Authorized, but these options await.


I got 3 more tonight auto and they were Usps and ups. Ugh!!!


is yours Auto-Authorized? if it is then you are in a better situation than most of us here! We are charged for return shipping labels in advance for all return reasons!


These things are killing us. We sell items that are often 30+ pounds and need to go to different addresses, so now they have to be shipped twice for a single return. The exemptions have to come back. This is killing us…


I am just wondering how many of the sellers with the exemption issue on this thread are drop shippers or OA sellers?


Both that doesnt mean anything at all to this.


Just trying to look at commonalities to see what the new exemption policy was intended to stop or limit.


Intended to put more money in Amazons pocket.

I am sure they use this information when they negotiated rates with UPS and USPS. In addition, they have a nasty habit of overcharging for many return labels and unless you let Amazon issue the refund they do not reimburse for the fraudulent overcharge.