Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders AUTOMATIC when it shouldnt


Amazon doesn’t care about us. Sorry to break it to you lol


Time to contact the media

Time to contact the Washington State Attorney General

Time to contact ALL Government Agencies investigating Amazon practices regarding this UNANNOUNCED change at that only benefits Amazon’s pockets.




It’s a glitch…amazon doesn’t have a clue! It’s a joke! Right now in 5 days we are up 32! It’s unreal! Also by everyone they are going to shut there account off is just dumb. Makes no sense at all


Something to consider:

Whether a return is auto-authorized or not is based on if the Exemption was uploaded prior to the time of the SALE, not the time of the return request.

Thus, even when/if this is fixed we’re still all going to get bombarded with auto-approved returns from sales made between November 1st and now.

And because of that, we won’t really know if it’s fixed or not for weeks.

We also had to use the different address exemption which the documentation states is no longer valid, so hoping that they somehow backtrack on that incredibly not thought out decision.


Best to check the cost of those labels as well since Amazon has a history of overcharging on the return label. Tracking will show the item weighs 5 pounds but they charge as if it weights 35. Then unless you let Amazon do the refund, they will deny the SafeT claim for the FRAUDULENT overcharge! Contacted the Attorney General on that too.

Also, do not go by the listed UPS chart they have in the seller help area. That has not been updated since OCTOBER 2017


Yes, upon checking we can also confirm that some UPS return costs are not correct. Some items are 5 lbs ($5.35 per table) but we are charged $9 for 21 lbs item! The product details page is correct…


It would be nice if they could provide a quick update…a short sentence saying that we are working on it!


The chart has not been updated since October 2017

The current charge for a 5 pound package is $5.79

And contrary to written policy in the seller help files which states sellers are to refund within 2 days of receiving the return, if you do that they will NOT pay the difference in the overcharge! Should not matter if the seller issues the refund or Amazon on a label overcharge SafeT claim since the buyer is not even involved in that part.

But if you wait the WEEK it takes Amazon to refund, you then leave yourself open to negative feedback and A-Z claims



It appears that this type of amazon behavior is done purposely. Perhaps, they wake up in am and thing how can we mess up our own sellers today…lol
We are forced to enforce return policy with 25% restocking fee and charge back for the return to a buyer.

Return override deffect

You cannot. You can only charge 20%


Just an FYI to all…

The way auto authorized returns work for paid labels. If the customer uses specific returns reasons like (no longer needed, bought wrong item and/or bought by mistake) Customer is on the hook for label fees. If the reasons are seller related(inaccurate website description, defective and/or others) then the seller is responsible for the label fees.

This still doesn’t solve the issue of specific return address or RMA’s that are required by our suppliers, which is where the issue with return overrides resides. This is a glitch and someone at Amazon needs to step up to solve this.


So it appears. 20% it is


One of our customers used Bought by mistake, Amazon still automatically authorized it and charged us for the prepaid labels.


Many buyers know how to get away with “murder” and easily use an incorrect return reason so they do not have to pay for the return shipping label. Well now they do not have to worry about it at all, ALL returns even those past 30 days are AUTO-authorized regardless of the return reason and charged to seller’s account and that is a fact.


Can you please provide proof by running a returns report.


Really?? This is from the report I just ran for all auto-authroized returns so far. This is one column of the report.


I think the report only shows return policy but we are actually charged for all returns in advance! then we have the option to deduct the label price from the total product amount if the return is not our fault.


I just had a return with the reason “didn’t authorize purchase” and my return report says that the return label should be paid by seller. I wonder if Amazon will block trying to deduct for the return label.


Pretty asinine if you ask me…why should a seller be responsible for return shipping charges because little Johnny/Jane went shopping on mommy or daddy’s device.