Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders AUTOMATIC when it shouldnt


Gotcha, you’re able to select either or.


Exactly @Woki! Everyone else create a new thing. This has to do with 1 thing and 1 thing only. Also Amazon can careless if you close your account. We do 8 million a year on Amazon for the last 12 years…they can careless about me so sorry to break it to you lol


Because they dont care about us @Fitness_USA lol!


Hopefully they will have an update for us tomorrow…


Successful ROA File Upload not taking effect. Please fix this glitch.


Hey James, could you provide us with an update? This issue is causing lots of problem for many sellers. Thank you.


Are both your accounts Professional Seller accounts and are they both for Amazon USA?


Yes and yes.


Yeah its odd because mine hasnt showed that option in a while but the overiding did it all so it wouldnt matter anyway in my account


The warehouses we use require RMAs to be provided with the returns so they can track the return as it comes in. And the Amazon RMA cannot be entered into the warehouse system, so we have turned off the auto authorizations for the products that are shipped from and need to be returned to these warehouses. This was all working fine until November 21st.

When suddenly without warning all in-policy returns were auto-authorized to be shipped to our default address.

A couple days ago we were able to override the return addresses so that at least the returns were going to the proper warehouses and did not have to be handled twice. But then as of yesterday evening all returns are now being sent to our default return address again.

Seems that someone is still tinkering with this glitch.


Welcome to the club @aftermarket_suppl lol! So far I have 23 that were automated…HUGE headache and just had another this morning when yesterday it was actually back to normal for the 10 hours haha. Why no answers from @James_Amazon??


I read this yesterday. Today my products from amazon custom are being auto-authorized. Even by amazon’s own rules products in the amazon custom category aren’t to be auto-authorized.


Over 200 comments - ongoing for nearly a week - and still radio silence from Amazon!


My account has changed. Under my return settings, I am given only these three options:

I want Amazon to automatically authorize and provide a prepaid shipping label for return requests that meet Amazon policy
I want Amazon to automatically authorize all return requests and provide a prepaid shipping label when eligible
I want Amazon to automatically authorize all return requests and provide a prepaid shipping label for return requests with extended return window

These are the only options I see. I am used to lack of communication from Amazon but it appears like this change was time for when we are so busy, we don’t have time to complain.


This thread reminds me of a song…

Simon & Garfunkel - The Sounds of Silence


C’mon man, you know how this works. They have to wait a week before transferring it to “the concerned team”. After another week they transfer it to an “internal team without a phone number” and, if we’re lucky, will have an answer in 3 weeks. :slight_smile:


Lets keep this topic alive until its officially addressed one way or another.


All of us should keep calling Amazon until this problem is fixed. There is no use to post here, except we as sellers exchange information. We need to contact Amazon continuously so that they can keep working on it.


We are absolutely in the same boat, incredible: "Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders are ALWAYS approved by us first because we have 38 warehouses and MUST give an RMA# for each return and a DIFFERENT return address. We have tried to upload override return in whichever way possible with NO success and NO help from Amazon support (useless).
Every return even past 48 days and more are AUTO-authorized to our Texas office costing us already thousands… Anyone, any help?..


We are in the same boat. 65 auto authorized returns in last 3 days. Ours go to multiple different warehouses and we have overrides list regularly uploaded and approved. It is costing us a lot of time and money to deal with this. We opened a case and got this reply:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I checked with my internal team can have been informed that unnecessary exemptions request filed by seller to exempt from prepaid label will be removed.

Hence, though multiple SKUs have been approved, system will automatically exempt only eligible SKUs from prepaid label.

Please note that the exemption will only be applicable on the below categories if you select Other - Requires Special Shipping.


All others will not be exempted even though seller has uploaded exemption file and it shows approved status.

This is an automated process and manual intervention is not possible.

Please help us Mods, this is crazy!