Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders AUTOMATIC when it shouldnt


When you authorize a return, YOU (the seller) have the option of providing a return address OR a prepaid label. At this point, we can not provide a return address (customer pays for return shipping) as the return is being auto authorized.


@everila you are completely missing the point. What you reference is for “normal” returns - not returns that have a return override on them. The issue is that the return overrides are not working. There is no policy or announcement that states return attribute overrides no longer are applicable. There is a whole section under return settings for return attribute overrides. These overrides are no longer being recognized by Amazon and that is what needs fixed ASAP.


I really wish you guys are right. We are on the same boat here.


Auto authorized returns are not paid by the customer, and the return address entered on the label is the one listed in your “return settings” and under the tab “Return Address Settings”. Unless your seller central is different than mine?


Sure seems to me, this is more of another way to push sellers into FBA! I swear, amazon wants to do away with 3rd party sellers and they’re slowing trickling down towards it.


Well, sorry to say, I don’t pity any other seller who does not reside in the US on this one!

Because guess what, they did that mid-term to all US sellers selling on the canada site, mexico site, UK site, Japan site, Italy Site, France Site…all of them.


I have no issue with authorizing a return request but since some of my SKUs contain hazardous materials I need to assign a special carrier to pickup the item hence why the exemption program is necessary. The auto-authorized returns default to UPS or USPS taking the returned item which is no acceptable since they cannot take hazardous items. Now I have to contact each customer who’s return is auto-authorized and attempt to address this confusion because I DO NOT want them to use the amazon provided UPS or USPS prepaid labels for their returns.
Since the update, Amazon is facilitating dangerous returns and possibly breaking local or federal laws when they are telling customers to use inappropriate carriers to take hazardous items.


You are speaking to a rep in another country that has no clue at all!!


Since when does UPS not ship hazardous items!? What are we talking as hazardous here… cyanide?

I’m certain I get delivered UPS packages from amazon prime with hazardous labels on the side of them all the time.

And I’m also certain that if an item is labeled as hazardous and the return is auto-authorized, the customer would actually be provided with a hazardous materials label and have to affix that hazardous materials label to the box, as well as the shipping label. Unless amazon has a way of affixing both in one label? I’m certain UPS has a restriction though with regards to the hazardous materials, not sure if its one or two haz labels required on the sides. Now if the customer does not put those on the labels on, this is a huge issue and illegal! Amazon would need a special tracking bar-code that comes up as hazardous when scanned in and if the customer didn’t put hazardous label on the box, UPS store would have to do it for them. Major concerns.Also amazon cannot assume the buyer will use the same box with the haz label on it. Because they rarely use the same box.


Have you ever received hazardous items without proper labels or warnings? Hazard materials are separated from the regular packages at the carrier’s facilities for safety reasons. I am sure the auto-authorized returns make no mention to the customers to include those warnings on the packages hence possibly illegal.


My point is that not all returns are plain vanilla. Some items require special handling, labeling or carriers not UPS or USPS to accept the package. With the new update if intentional, Amazon assumes there are no exemptions to the typical return policy which is not appropriate for all circumstances.


I certainly wish this is a technical glitch and they could fix it asap. I am halting all my sales on Amazon now, until they fix this problem, or the end of January when this policy ends. We would not have any sales for this holiday season. Amazon hurts too. They won’t get any commission from our sales. Our customers can not buy our stuff either. All parties lose because of this stupid policy or technical bug.


I am going to put all this debate about Holiday Shipping and Amazon Policy change to and end right now. I have an AUTHORIZED(I need to capitalize this) second seller account. Here is my return settings page.

I do not have to use return overrides and every return that I receive I HAVE TO AUTHORIZE. No auto return by Amazon.



Good for you. I can only admire you have the choice “I want to authorize each request”. I don’t have that.


Exactly, thats why it is a glitch. My first account is like yours, I am able to choose and thats why we have return overrides that are not working.

If it was a system wide policy change, I would not have the options that I have on my second seller account.(again authorized)


Again, you are talking apples and I am talking oranges. When this normally works, I CAN select what the customer gets, a prepaid label or an RETURN ADDRESS LABEL(NOT PAID).


Thank you. Wish they could fix it asap.


Welcome and me too.


This is certainly a technical issue for those who are participating in Prepaid Labels, but the question is why no updates since Nov 21? :thinking:


Good Question…