Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders AUTOMATIC when it shouldnt


Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders are ALWAYS approved by us first because we have several warehouses and need to give an RMA# for each return and a return address. Since yesterday 11/20/19 they have been AUTO approving and giving customers a label and my generic return address even though we are part of the “Return Attribute Overrides”. SO we export all of our listing and then import and chose why we need them to be overrided which we did and they were all approved but still get auto returns from customers. Is anyone else having this issue in the last 24 hours like I am?

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We are having the same issue. We have spoke with amazon and they didn’t know what we were talking about.


Yes, multiple customers have complained about it, but Amazon has not acknowledged an issue. @SEAmod maybe investigate for us?


Of course they don’t! You would be lucky if they can speak English and not having background noise. It’s unreal!


Yeah it started with us yesterday. So far since yesterday we have had 6 and this is going to be a huge headache now and needs to be fixed right away.


Same in here, started yesterday. It is a huge deal breaker for us!!! We can not sell like this in Amazon. We also work with multiple warehouse for returns. They keep authorizing returns. We have also uploaded exemption file again which was approved but still auto approved. WTH!!!


Same issues here, there are three or four threads now on this issue and the mods have yet to acknowledge an issue. @Chris_Amazon


i hope this is temporary issue, i suspect this is done purposely for holiday season!!!


there is a new Exemption Template , everything has now changed


We have used and uploaded that new template but still getting auto authorized!!


from what we understand , it will only apply to new orders moving forward from the date it was uploaded…everything previous will not apply

Orders under $100 are auto authorized unless they are ‘dangerous goods’ now from what we understand


Amazon is automatically authorizing them - on your behalf.
“The Amazon extended holiday return policy allows orders shipped between November 1 and December 31 to be returnable through January 31 of the following year. We automatically authorize returns on your behalf to reflect the extended holiday return policy. You must update the Returns and Refunds section of your seller detail page to advise your customers of the extended holiday return policy.”


I hope this is what it is. At least we can deal this for 1 month.

Where did you see below ?

Orders under $100 are auto authorized unless they are ‘dangerous goods’ now from what we understand


its in the new template , you have one of 4 options to select

Reason Definition Requirement
REQUIRES_SPECIAL_SHIPPING If your item cannot be shipped with a standard USPS/UPS shipping label (e.g. dangerous goods) and requires special shipping methods
TOO_LARGE_HEAVY If the shipping weight of the item exceeds 70lbs or the Length+ Girth exceeds 108 inches. Measuring standards defined here:
RETURNLESS_REFUND You do not wish to receive the item back and will issue a returnless refund. Example: The item’s cost is lower than the cost of return shipping. Choosing the ‘RETURNLESS_REFUND’ pre-paid label exemption reason code for a SKU will automatically issue a returnless refund upon a customer’s return request. Choosing this exemption reason code means that you are opting the SKU into this functionality.You agree to issue a returnless refund for all return requests of SKUs covered by this exemption, where the chosen reason code is ‘RETURNLESS_REFUND’.
HIGH_PRICE This is a high-priced item (price higher than $100), and you wish to use a different shipping method than we offer.
You may use a blank reason code, only when requesting to opt-in, not out, of pre-paid labels ("YES" for Pre-Paid Label field in ReturnAttributes tab).


what this an answer to your request regarding this issue ? Did they ever mention if they will stop authorizing after holiday season ?


I would imagine business goes back to usual, but I can’t speak for them.


This is NOT correct. We have an override for specific RMA’s, and different shipping locations. This is started yesterday NOT 11/1.


I just changed my reason to this “REQUIRES_SPECIAL_SHIPPING” instead of “other” to see if this corrects the issue. Its in process now.


We had done that yesterday,“REQUIRES_SPECIAL_SHIPPING” all have been approved but still auto authorizing!!


So just do the reason code as dangerous for everything then haha