Prepaid Return Label Enrollment for Professional Sellers


We need to solve the problem somehow. Write in the description of the return so as not to create a request for the return of goods. And throw a label to return to the customer through the message. I do not benefit from this automatic return system. I hope you understand why.


I have to admit I thought all Pro-Sellers were on the pre-paid return label system since 2017.

We all had these same questions THREE years ago.

New Automatic Returns System


A buyer returned a .01 cent sticker ($4.49 shipping fee) “does not match website”. I am going to message buyer that "sticker was recieved and I believe wrong reason was clicked because it matches website exactly. I am forwarding photo of sticker to Amazon Returns as I want to make sure that the refund for the sticker only was handled correctly. I will contact you if it wasn’t. The tax on the product is refunded through Amazon. Thanks again for your business. Kind regards, Sandy

Has anyone dealth with this same situation? Thanks


My family is from Omaha. What happened to the Big Red? This is more disturbing than Amazon’s new policy :slight_smile:


Just got the first one today :frowning:. Good suggestion, thanks!


I retired out of Offutt AFB, so the Husker phenomenon we are still adjusting to. I find myself rooting for a return of the good old days and the return of a winning record, however, as a general malaise falls upon almost everyone in the state after each and every lost. Makes me kind of depressed too! It really is a cultural thing unlike any other I’ve ever witnessed. Give the new coach a couple of years to get his own team together . . . he seems like he has potential. I’d stop firing coaches and see if one can actually get his (or her!) act together in a five to eight year span or so. Not sure I understand why they are paying two fired coaches and the new one . . . that seems strange to me, but it is Nebraska football :joy:. We are still of the mindset that Saturday during games is a fantastic time to go shopping! Don’t tell anyone . . . they might run me out of the neighborhood. When I went to a men’s “retreat” with my church and they blocked of several hours for the husker game I realized this was a different level of football devotion entirely . . . usually you go on a retreat to get away from it all . . . these people are not going to skip a husker game even when they stink! It is the closest thing to a major professional sports team in the state (Creighton basketball too, but Husker football reigns supreme). Life goes on despite Lincoln’s college football games and Amazon’s business practices. I think we’ll continue to make it work. As I’m not a pro seller, this one doesn’t impact me. I’ll probably plan to limit my sales intentionally to just take it easy below the pro level and enjoy a bit of extra income on top of retirement and not try to grow so big. Steady average of a couple of books a day and if I hit 40 or 50 books for a month, I go on vacation for the rest of the month. The luxury of not having to rely on the Amazon business income allows me not to stress out as much about some of these things . . . but it still bugs me . . . I want to see Amazon be a better platform for both customers and sellers (and for Amazon too) and some of these things just seem counter-intuitive, like they haven’t really been gut checked at a common sense level . . . that they are knee jerk reactions reacting rather than responding to problems with temporary fixes rather than making real improvements for the long term. I appreciate the info here from Sundance on tweaking the rules for no return refunds on lower dollar amount orders . . . I think that is one of the best things I’ve gleamed from the forums to date. Cheers!


Don’t forget the College World Series :):grinning:


Well how can they expect us to grow and become a large volume store when all they ever do is penalize us for everything? How can we grow if we’re always eating the costs of everything? They won’t even back us up against those customers who hold sellers hostage with negative feedback threats!


We sell Live Plants. If a plant gets caught up in the shipping delays and is dead by the time the customer gets it, we don’t want it back!!! Why would Amazon issue a return shipping label?


I agree I have several that say “item defective” I provide the label… when I get it back its still SEALED!!! So how can it be “defective”??:thinking:
I report them to amazon…


I don’t understand. When I go to authorize a return request it looks the same as it always has. No mention of Amazon approving the request or providing a return label. I’m worried that Amazon is providing the customers with labels and I will not know the cost of the labels to deduct from the return amounts in the instances that I need to do that.returns


some of our athletic wear items ship in sealed transparent bags - buyer returns marked too big/too small, with bag never opened.

even when we have multiple of the item in stock, i’ll typically only show quantity of 1.

buy boxes get competitve. when your competition thinks its your last one in stock and you’re winning the buy box a lot of the time or priced lower than they are normally, they will sometimes order it or have a friend buy/return 30 days later, thinking that will get you out of their way.

I don’t race to bottom. IMO, better to Match the FBA offers in buy box.

FBM sellers who’re not J.L.'s, and have price matched the buy box, will share time in buy box rotations.


My question was genuine. Why do you assume it was not?


Tell me, please, what you wrote to them?


Great idea. We can write that if you want it for free, then write a message.


Is there any way to simply offer an automatic refund for certain options, or at the very least, give us some sort of time period where we can provide alternative resolutions?

I would rather let buyers keep and dispose of the broken item for example than to pay return shipping for an item that is now worthless.

It’s bad for sellers because it costs money unnecessarily. It’s bad for buyers because they have to go out of their way to repackage it and ship it, then wait longer for their refund.

Edit: I now see this is an option with ‘returnless refunds’. Do you still receive notifications and such when this occurs? Seems like an easy thing for a buyer to abuse with multiple orders.


I was under the impression that the seller was charged for Priority mail on return labels; has this been changed?


Sorry, @frostpocketfarm you are coming in 25 days after the last post.

In the auto-auth program, buyers are given USPS for items weighing under a pound. UPS labels for over a pound. Unless the return address is a PO Box. The USPS is used. Which will cause the price of the return labels to be very, very high.


I have done this many times but customers still return and I get charged the return label cost. I have even spoken with Amazon about this to no avail. After a return has been authorized and the label issued, unless the customer actually reads a message to them it is a done deal you are charged for the label when it is used.


@buddybooks If the buyer uses the label, the seller gets charged. If it was a buyer faulted reason, the seller just deducts the return label cost from the refund.