Prepaid Return Label Enrollment for Professional Sellers


That’s what I was referring to with how it’s just going to tick off the buyers. As when the FBM seller takes the 20% deduction, yes, the buyer can file a A-Z case but it’s a auto-lose for the buyer as the FBM seller has the right to hold 20% of any order regardless of it’s value.

As-for Safe-T claims, I wasn’t even aware that FBM sellers could still do that, I thought it was (and has been for quite some time) been limited to FBA sellers?

I’m honestly surprised Amazon even still has Safe-T clims to begin with, they seem hell bent on just cutting any Amazon loses as even in a return case, they make money (those Amazon fees aren’t all returned to the seller despite 100% refunds to the buyer).


now, in 2020, fbm sellers can only file the safe-t-claim by following the ridiculous protocol of waiting till amazon issues the buyer a full refund.

using that scenario, insures fbm seller takes a loss on the return, because we didn’t deduct for original shipping and waited till amazon refunds.

its an All or Nothing Policy based upon increasing the FBM Stores Chances of Receiving An Atoz And/Or a Negative Seller Feedback if you refund deducting for either Original Shipping + Return Shipping Costs or Restocking + Return Shipping.

the Only way to file the Safe-T after the change made last mid 2019 is if you wish to Concede your original shipping.

so the options in 2020 for FBM Seller are either;

  1. go all in debiting a buyer faulted return (and thats when/if they mark it honestly) for full cost of postage there and back. which ups the odds of Atoz considerably.

or 2) wait and let amazon issue full refund and have a 50/50 shot (these days) of being re-imbursed the debited return label cost. take the loss, but likely not get an Atoz filed.

Safe-T-Claims, good for sellers. IMO the suits at Amazon didn’t realize how the original Safe-T-Claims would be used. Once they figured out FBM sellers had a no risk way to recoup shipping costs back from frivolous or unscrupulous buyers, and FBA sellers paid returns fees for $5 bucks regardless of reason.

They scrambled to nix that deal for FBM. My opinion, Amazon probably started seeing an Exodus from smaller FBA stores back to FBM.

they had to stop that trend…


If you’re smart Amazon will pay. Just don’t get greedy.


I get the same with a lot of home an gardening


What if the cost of the prepaid label is much higher than the amount you charged for the item bought? Is there anyway we can disable this feature so we don’t start getting charged over the amount customers paid?

It seems to me like bad biz when you have to explain to the customer that "yeah, btw we issued a $00.01 cent amount to your account because back n forth shipping costs and 20% restock fee’s do not cover the amount you paid for the item itself…Bad feedback/ A-Z claims…


It is all meaningless. I have had customers who changed their return reason several times until they hit on a return basis that included a free return label. You can be sure Amazon does nothing to help third party sellers, only to help themselves first and their customers second.


The pre-paid labels “appear” to be charged immediately in the statements view (as a negative red), whether the label is used or not used. You would be then hoping that amazon in the background will get the math right. With my experience in FBA and their background math, it “NEVER” adds up in your favor.


So…after being forced into this program, and hating it, I opted out of it months ago, filled out some excel file, submitted it, and got approved to let me handle my own returns, which I have been doing since. Does this new announcement make the approval I got not that long ago null and void?


How did you manage to opt out? What reason did you write at the excel?


I don’t see that in the statement view… can you please post a screenshot so it is more clear?


that function exists. I’ve always had prepaid return labels for seller fulfilled orders.


if your packing a shampoo bottle in a bubble mailer I would believe it but if your packing this item in a box…then either one of 2 things are happening…either you or an employee aren’t making sure the cap is tight or your packaging is wrong. Shampoo bottles don’t just open and goo all over the place and thats just probably 1 of your many item you sell. you call it a total loss but it isn’t. Unless you get the item back that is your assumption…not fact. I used to be just like you …refund anytime a customer said something was broke and didn’t work…then someone told me about this scam with the returnless refund…now i have had 1 item returned out of over 30 as i now make everyone return the item. THEY DONT RETURN IT!!! thats the scam they are playing. anything they purchase under 10 dollars they just file a return request due to damage as they know they have a chance to get a full refund automatically thru the system as sellers like you do the returnless refunds automatically. as for #3 they are happy…of course they fooled you and got a free item…wonder how many people they have told about your settings. and as you say “we don’t need to deal with a wet box of goo if it comes back”. even your inside brain knows it is used to scam as you use the word IF.


Good day. Tell me please. My screenshot shows that I can provide return tags myself. Is it temporary or how to understand it ?? Will I always be able to upload my return tag and provide different addresses?


This is frustrating and not at all going to improve anyone’s experience. I was just notified that a customer has been automatically issued a return label from my account because the book arrived damaged. I have no interest in paying for a damaged book to come back and would normally just send a new one and let them keep the other one , which is why I have a 100% perfect rating after 17 years. Now I have no communication with the buyer- they have to go through all the trouble of sending back something and then feel like they didn’t have as good of an experience.
There should, at the very least, be a 24 hour opportunity to communicate with the buyer first before they are just automatically issued a return label. The new messaging system makes it almost impossible to communicate with a buyer after their item is shipped so I cannot even contact them now properly to tell them not to bother.


Do you have an Individual or Professional seller account?




You can still enter your own return instructions:

So you can start it with something like…

Please contact us first to see if we can resolve your issue…blah blah.

Also mention to pack well as damaged item upon return are subject to a 50% restocking fee.

You know… cover your bases.


I don’t understand then why yours is like that and we don’t have that option. That is not fair at all.


This is Amazon, we can probably all mention a dozen things that aren’t fair on this platform.
but it is what it is… if they have a pro account perhaps the roll-out has not effected their account yet.


Totally agree!

If Amazon insists on automatically sending prepaid return postage, all sellers should be reimbursed by Amazon with the Safe-T option if the customer just made a mistake or ordered the wrong item. As it stands, only FBS members can have return postage refunded.

I sell audio cassettes and about 40% of my cassette customers order cassettes thinking it is a CD because of lower prices even though it clearly says the item is a cassette. The seller should not be responsible for the return shipping costs. I even have customers return cassettes even when the item was only produced in cassette format. I have listed at another site for 9 years and have never had anyone request a return for a cassette yet, at Amazon, I have 2-3 a month.

It finally got so bad over the holidays that I now send out an e-mail to anyone asking them to confirm that they know they are purchasing a cassette. About 10% don’t reply so I have to cancel the orders and about 35% said they thought they purchased a CD.