Prepaid Return Label Enrollment for Professional Sellers


same here. even though our return policy states the obligation for cost of return postage for seller faulted or buyer faulted reasons.

it seemed amazon bots were recognizing when buyers were clearly marking buyer faulted codes and not issuing auto prepaid labels, but the stopped working about a year ago, at least we had the safe-t claim available to recoup against blatant buyer misues of returns policy.

but then last year amazon issued update to safe-t-claims process opening FBM Sellers to Atoz Claims if we were opposed to paying for free returns for buyer discretionary reason codes.

i don’t see how this latest post here about auto return labels for all orders is any different to what most of us have been experiencing with debited accts soon as item has been received back.

my skepticm fears this was only a preview to be later attached to notification of amazon changing or removing safe-t claims as a means.

I believe Atoz’s have possibly been on the decline for many FBM Sellers since they introduced the Safe-T Claim.

… and as such, fewer sellers feel the pull, the need to run for cover before being suspended from one too many Atoz’s for not refunding buyers in full for discretionary returns.


I’m with you… did I just slide through a worm hole or something? I wondered if anyone else was going to bring this up. This already happened a year ago. Welcome to the party guys !!! It sucks. The return system makes the wrong labels all the time. They make First Class labels for items over 13 Ozs all day, every day, and they show up here with crazy money postage due as a result. Had one today for $35. It is just stupid! The worst part, Amazon gives you this exception list file to submit like they are doing you a favor, but the only control they give you is a way for you to tell them which items to want to gift away while you are giving them all their money back. They have idiots sailing this ship!

I have mailed them many times to remove First Class and all I get back are auto-responses to self help files that have nothing to do with the issue. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next one were instructions on how to make a good Pizzal. Frustrated, can you tell?


This I do like! Thanks so much! I had no clue this option was here. I’ve already set my own rules up!


amazon cs i presume been receiving a lot of complaints from unhappy buyers who are no longer get free returns because they ordered wrong size, don’t like the color they ordered, ordered by mistake (my personal fav), or the "bought elsewhere for less return reason codes for buyer responsible for returning.

this is the amazon way, when pendulum swings too far to buyer side, they issue seller benefited returns (for a while), and when i use the term benefit, i mean just being fair that buyers should be obligated when they return for remorse or their 3 yr old press buy now, whatever.

apparently the pendulum has now swung too far back the other direction from buyer complaints and so it goes, this back and forth returns policy.

watch out for the end of the safe-t-claim i fear may be next notification to follow this post.


good option for the under $5 buck an item stores, but not so much for $15 and over items.

unless writing a book how to go out of business in 30 days or less? Ha


Absolutely correct! I went a bit higher than $5 on the return rule, but I’ve only had 3:sweat_smile: return requests since January or so, so I think I can handle it! True that, though, . . . and appropriate warning . . . I’m not the most savvy business person in the world, I’m still working on turning a profit more months than not! :blush: I give too many books away to friends. I did have a string of fraudulent return requests late last year, but they stopped when I started exercising a bit more caution when orders came in that looked fishy and I haven’t had an issue since (knock on wood).


I think this is a really bad idea. As others have mentioned regarding breakage. Sometimes a Buyer will get an entire case of light bulbs (30) and there is one broken bulb. We contact the Buyer and find out the extent of the issue and issue a credit to cover the damage. With this policy, this creates the potential for the Buyer to try and return the entire case and maybe the Buyer does not pack it well and now we get back an entire box of broken bulbs and we paid for the freight both ways. Also, the Buyer will send us a picture of an issue they want to return, we just issue a credit, no return required. We respond to all our return requests within 24 hours. I do not see any upside in Amazon’s new policy for our company, only downside.


Oh boy! Another way to eat into what little profits we already make selling on Amazon, now we get to eat all the return shipping cost!! Hooray!! (sarcasm) If Amazon really wanted to improve the process they could cover the return shipping cost for its sellers. I sell items that range between $12-$18 dollars. Anything over 1lb I automatically have to pay for priority shipping which is currently at $7.02 that’s already have the cost of the item I sold! If I have to eat the return shipping costs that you guys will automatically approve now I’ll be taking a loss on every order!! Furthermore, for all refunds if I deduct the return shipping costs from the customer’s refund they will leave me negative feedback!! Why doesn’t Amazon ever support their sellers instead of just making them eat the cost of everything?!


20 yrs ago, online stores were easier imo to compete, since most everybody was new or noob stores. since big boxes have long since moved operations online either solely or in tandem with their B&M Stores, the clear advantage goes to large volume stores.

smaller mom and pop shops, harder n harder each year to compete due to first and foremost the Cost of Goods to a shop buying 100 or 1000 widgets pays more than the corp buyers ordering 100k items delivered by 4 semi trucks backed into their unloading dock.

the other side of this advantage the high volume sellers enjoy is very little concern paying for returns. go back to first advantage of lower wholesale cost of goods, and even when they build in a percentage of returned orders into sales pricing, their gross profit still exceeds the smaller mom and pops.

after 5 years on amazon, its become clear to me, small sellers of private label or hand-made, or exclusive right to sell contracts (rare for small stores) are the business models to use to make consistently good income.

even those selling in the $100 and up range, if they’re a smaller store, they can be put on the ropes if 20 returns come back next month and little to no cash reserves.

navigating the amazon water and keeping your raft afloat for 12 months or longer deserves a pat on the back just for that small accomplishment. seriously!


It’s a horrible idea but Amazon won’t do anything to help its sellers out this much I already know.


Do you guy know how to enroll it? I asked Seller support but they seems don’t know how to enroll as well.
Also, can you see the label/tracking # for customer return Amazon gave to the customer?


they naturally would prefer we were all larger volume stores.

No matter how much has changed in past 20 years, we will often be reminded of

Free returns policy no matter the reason for returning Is The Motto Bezos Built this behemoth upon


Yeah, it just doesn’t make any sense, it’s almost like the Amazon team deciding these changes doesn’t actually know how the system works at all nor is any ‘down the road’ impacts looked at.

I’m FBM so this change is more-so just an annoyance as now I’m going to have more upset buyers.
All that every FBM seller is going to do is just slap the 20% deduction they can take on every single return.
You could always do that but prior to this change, sellers were more prone just to only take the to/return label values so they came out even on every individual order. However now, every FBM will just be taking the full 20% so the profit/loss average doesn’t negative.

$15 item return = $3 deduction but a $8 to/return shipping loss = $5 seller loss.
$800 item return = $160 deduction but a $30 to/return shipping loss = $130 seller PROFIT

Aka: Good Amazon customers get screwed to cover the idiots and scammers. Congratz Amazon on this broken system lol


booooooooooooo booooooooooooo booooooooooooo booooooooooooo

we can solve most technical issues with customers before we have to issue a return label… thanks for taking out yet another leg we can stand


…and lets not forget about the fba competitors also having the ear of amazon’s policy makers. i keep going back to Why question, what was reason amazon felt need to post what amounted to nothing new, it was merely sort of a re-emphasis a policy already updated last year; auto return labels issued for all.

i’d bet some of the complaints about fbm seller deductions on refunds IMO had to include the fba only stores section of the gallery.

bcuz it does suck paying the $4 or $5 bucks on every return to cover the FBA Return Fee thats in place to offset labor costs of warehouse workers time to check a return back to stock.

they have to pay that fba return fee regardless whether or not amazon elects to not also debit the seller cost of return labels.

amazon not going to pay for a warehouse worker to check the 3PS item back into commingled stock bins. thats one of those little “extra” fees new stores rarely factor into when calculating profits for FBM vs FBA. FBA Returns eat up small seller profits especially if you’ve got a target on your back from competing stores who view you as “in their way”.


You pay return shipping upfront and then you would deduct that amount from the refund. But don’t worry, buyers will always lie and pick a return reason like item not as described, etc. Something that puts the fault on the seller. Just assume you will always be paying return shipping and refunding 100% and build it into your pricing.


I have tried to apply to prepaid returns exemption, but failed, the processing report said-Title, version or column header is invalid. Seller support were unable to help, they didn’t understand what happened.


Make improvements, not excuses. Seek respect, not attention.


but there is still the chance for seller getting the Atoz claim filed for deducting that $160 (20%) Restock Fee.

When Safe-T Claim first went into effect; i’d typically deduct our original shipping from a buyer faulted refund then (before the Safe-T Claim updates shot this down) follow that up with the Safe-T Claim for the return label debit to be credited back.

Only 1 claim ever denied and zero Atoz’s, Everybody Happy. But, Amazon.

IMO Amazon prefers all 3PS be FBA Sellers.

But the Safe-T, which first was thought to be a bad thing, turned out, as MavDak explained back once upon a time, the Safe-T Claim was the Friend of the FBM Seller.

Sure was, FBM’s were avoiding Atoz claims And Not Losing Money on frivilous returns

I suspect Amazon is planning to shake up the Safe-T once again… hope I’m wrong.


This is an especially bad policy for your business! I’m sorry. Maybe you can ask for a lightbulb exemption like for some other categories of products (hygene items and the like)?