Prepaid Return Label Enrollment for Professional Sellers


Not a fan of the seller having to cover the label for remorse returns. Why is the seller liable for this again?

Auto-accept, just add an exception that with buyer remorse returns, the buyer gets billed the heavily discounted return label fee.

Already expecting a boat load of A-Z cases as I’m taking out the maximum deduct now on every single return which I suspect everyone else is doing aswell. If anything, this system seems to be a more negative experience for the buyer than anything…


When a customer receives leaking bottle of shampoo smashed upon delivery paying to get it back is poor business management.

  1. It’s a total loss
  2. the return postage killed any profit anyway
  3. so they are happy & we don’t need to deal with a sticky wet box of goo if it comes back.

All business needs to expect a percentage of loss, everybody just handles it the way they deem is best for themselves.


I have a product that is made with a 4 mm steel bar it has a low return rate but the returns I do get say that it is defective 99.99999% of the time nothing is wrong with my product. Now I feel like this will double or triple my returns.


Add your re-stocking fee or handling fee information to your return instructions which are sent with the return label.
In addition to that, we also detail how the refund amount is calculated (purchase price less re-stocking fee or handling fee and net refund amount) in the email that goes to the customer when we approve the refund amount.


Excellent question brought up when this policy first was announced and never answered.
This is another of the death-by-a-thousand-small-cuts for booksellers on this site. I ship from the West Coast and returns by UPS from the East Coast are double or more the cost of original shipping for the book. Sellers are put in double jeopardy for getting bad feedback from buyers when the buyer has unexpectedly high return shipping deducted from their order. Otherwise, we’re eating a shipping fee that is too high and completely out of our control. As usual, there is zero information to the buyer that this is an Amazon generated, no refusal, policy.


I agree. It cost $2.80 mail a 1 pound book. The customer kept it for 3 weeks, read it, underlined and bracketed it all the way through and returned it as No Longer Needed. Instead of USPS return, all that is available is UPS. It was $5.80 for the return. I charged the customer. I’m expecting negative feedback any day.


We are currently set to vacation and down graded to Individual. When we get back in the states we will go back to Professional. We have not enrolled into the Prepaid Return Label program and today’s email says to enroll expires today. We do not wish to enroll so haven’t


When we start up Professional again, will we be automatically enrolled?
Most of our packages are 4-8 ounces and go USPS First Class in small boxes. We want buyers to return in the same box. If enrolled in the program will Amazon return postage labels charge us the same postage?

And will the label be small enough to fit on the small boxes so as to not incur higher shipping costs with a bigger box? We print our labels at 75% for about 80% of our orders


For about 2 years, I have no control over return requests. However, sometimes people request even after 18 months and their returns are approved.


I wish Amazon would make the buyer actually enter credit card information and buy a return label instead of seller’s deducting it from the return. Buyer’s get confused that their return is less than what they paid. This would be so much less confusing if buyer’s actually paid for the return.

Also, buyer’s should have to put in at least 10 words when returning items for “not as described.” It’s such a cop-out return to get a free label and doesn’t help seller fix their listings if something really isn’t as described.


I do.

On the 'bay where I’m selling as-is electronics that I know are working (usually clearance or discontinued, good 'ol arbitrage) - or really as-is, “For parts or not working” motherboards that only POST on the 4th Tuesday in February during a full moon?

Free shipping upgrades all day every day.

You get FedEx 2-Day, and you get FedEx 2-Day, and you get FedEx 2-Day.

Here? lol, forget it. Some yokel will claim “wrong item received” and send me a bottle of water back on my dime and I’ll be SOL. First Class Mail so I can have an extra buck or two left over from all of my other combined sales after covering the ~5% of my customers that try to rip me off out of pocket.

Sold an oooooooooooold discontinued tape drive on the 'bay a few years ago. (AIT-5, IDE, for those curious). I knew it was working, at least well enough to read/write the only tape I still had for it.

USPS crushed it, my first and only damaged shipment thus far. Customer was courteous as all hell. Especially considering the sale was “No returns”. Sent me a picture of the unopened box, clearly flattened by one of the 70 lb Chewy boxes I thought only shipped FXG, and then opened it to reveal that the inch of foam padding inside tried its best but the drive was…smiling like the Amazon logo. One sentence message “Was this insured?” You bet it was homie. Gave them a full refund, filed the USPS claim and waited a few weeks for my check. No headache.

A-Z Claim probably would’ve been closed before I had the time to refund them.

EDIT: To be fair…I’ve had one Amazon customer that was probably not human.

Sold a Super Smash Bros for Wii U GameCube Controller. “Collectible.” Customer asked for sig. con. I obliged, already priced more than high enough considering I didn’t realize I’d had a ~$100 item on my hands as a “spare.” USPS lost it. I (stupidly) asked them to wait a day or two while I filed the U-PIC claim. I could’ve just said “Please wait until the end of the delivery window in case it turns up.” which would’ve been “by the book.” They obliged! They even inquired with their local PO for me, because I received a phone call from their postmaster!!! It was actually lost. Dude was actually so patient that I forgot about it until I got the U-PIC approval e-mail. Sent them their full refund with an apology.


Respectfully, I thought everyone was doing this already?

I don’t remember selecting the option, but one day it was announced we were enrolled, and we adapted.

Returns for lack of a good reason are a minority but can still be dealt with ethically with shipping costs taken out. I’ve never had a complaint from those. We minus anyhere from $10 to 30% of an order from the return for wasting our resources and incurring shipping costs.

We also fought and won two Safe-T claims when people sent the wrong items back in an attempt to scam. We did so by videoing the opening process of the return package

I only thought to do so after noting the first time we got a return from a known bad actor on here.


Another slap in the face for sellers. This is clearly not in the best interest of the seller. I want to make my own decision with return requests because most of mine are buyer’s remorse.I don’t think it is fair for Amazon to make this decision without involving its third-party sellers.

I wonder sometimes if Amazon isn’t trying to weed out third-party sellers. It seems that way to me but again this is just my own opinion. This is going to be ugly for sellers who sell to Bay-dropshippers without their knowledge. Sellers are forced to go through multiple channels to get their products the buyer when the original buyer is a Bay-dropshipper. Maybe Amazon should do away with its gifting program. This would solve this issue immediately.

Amazon and Bay are both involved in unethical activity when they knowingly allow dropshippers to remain in business. I guess it is all about making billions in profits each year. Gotta keep that share price sky-high.


I agree, the buyer may not be so eager to return if they had to pay out-of-pocket. Amazon is doing whatever is necessary to keep Prime members happy. But, on the other hand, they are not fulfilling their promise to get orders to Prime members in two-days. This has been gone with the wind way before the pandemic.


This is such a terrible move, Amazon. Just paving the way for buyers to abuse us sellers even easier.


mods, what am i missing here - this notification feels more like a reminder than a change or update of returns policy status quo. amazon issues auto return labels to our buyers regardless of reason. 99 out of 100 returns are buyer faulted codes from their own admission in the comments, yet they receive free labels already and have for as long as i can remember.

being a cynic i naturally look for the “angle”, the motivation whenever a person and especiallly a corporation sends me correspondence.

please rest my cynical mind and tell us why this post has absolutely nothing to do with any future correspondences that might be planned on this forum, explaining at a later time why the Safe-T Claim Policy will be ended as part of amazon’s updated policy for free return labels for all, regardless of 3PS return policies or buyer remorse discretionary return reason given?

something just feels off here. not understanding why this was posted? was intention, just as a reminder, or …?

I’ll not be surprised, if the other shoe should later drop re: safe t’s


Under Amazon’s new policy, I believe they would authorize the return with a prepaid label. We authorized the return with a return shipping (unpaid). This is an example of the customer is at fault, but they chose prepaid label reasons for the return. With all three of my examples, I normally authorize the return but not with a prepaid return label. The customer made the mistake, they used return reasons that were misleading.


When I was enrolled into what was the New Prepaid Return process, I was very concerned and against the new policy procedure. I listened to some of the sellers that actually Beta Tested the process and waited to see how it would work.
As one said, it takes less time and less stress on my part.
I just used the Approve Returns which MEET Amz Policy.
Any out of policy, I still can approve or not.
I just wish Amazon would quit sending Priority return labels for books.
So sometimes, very rarely, I just refund and do not eat any other cost.


Our seller fulfilled orders have been a prepaid return label for at least 2 years.


How do you know the exact price of the label you are giving them?


Am I missing something??? What exactly is NEW?? Please spell it out for me!