Prepaid Return Label Enrollment for Professional Sellers


I have come to realize it doesn’t matter what we say in this forum…Amazon does what it wants and us chickens just cluck about it. Save your energy and just take it as it goes


Note: the Returnless Refund option on Amazon is really good.
You can set your own rules up.

Auto Refund
if “order is under $10” ( you select what ever value you want )
If the Return Reason is “Damaged upon arrival” There are about 60 options and you can add as many as you want.
You can even select the rule to apply to only a specific “Category” if item.

if a customer’s return request matches all your criteria then they are auto-refunded.


I got off the free shipping - free return shipping train.

Now sales better reflect my actual costs, and Buyers pay the same total cost (or less if they buy multiple items - multiple sales have increased). And I’m no longer providing a free rental service.

If it stops Buyers from buying when they are on the fence, that is good. I want fewer returns.

Oddly, I now also feel like I’m engaging in a fair sale, which has improved my attitudes towards Buyers. I feel less stress!


I left FBA because the total cost of returns (all fees) reached 10% of revenue. Getting more sales via PRIME is bad when the cost of obtaining them exceeds the benefit.

I spent thousands of dollars getting everything removed from FBA - that saved me money vs. letting it sell out and continuing to generate that 10% cost.

Best decision ever.


According to policy the maximum handling fee on return that is still in new and unused condition is 20%.


Just another open door for Amazon scammers :disappointed:


And this is a change HOW? This has been this way for us as “Professional” level Amazon Sellers account since we first began.

To the one’s who are now included with the rest of us, welcome!

Prepare to accept that Amazon does not recognize fraudulent Returns claims, so the “Return Reason” is ABSOLUTELY MEANINGLESS. Buyers routinely choose a Return Reason that will automatically charge the Seller Return Postage, whether or not that reason is accurate or even valid.

Perhaps the big change is that Amazon is removing any Return Reason that does NOT automatically charge the Buyer?

Just part of doing business on Amazon… :frowning:


wait i thought they are already doing this. at least for me …
Am i missing something i thought it happed like a year ago … they sending labels for 99% of my return requests …


This is really insane. And I share the same concern about the “just changed my mind”. Sellers will be eating the cost or having to go through more work to deduct the label cost. Further with Amazon Authorizing the return automatically, how many inaccurate website descriptions, are really seller changed their mind. How many wrong item sent are actually I ordered the wrong size. I read the details and send an email questioning what is inaccurate and normally the request goes away once they realize the have to pay return shipping. Buyers will force the system and leave Sellers eating the cost along with tons of work to straighten out the mess.

How about this one from last week??
Qty: 5
Return reason: Item defective or doesn’t work
Customer comments: not the size we need
Request received: June 09, 2020

Wow, they ordered 5, would be authorized by Amazon, but clearly the buyers fault.

Reason: Item Does Not Meet Customer Expectations
Details: The item has arrived, but it was not as expected. The customer is requesting a pre paid label to return this item, please contact the customer.

This was a drop shipper…

Or this one:

Qty: 1
Return reason: Item arrived too late
Request received: June 06, 2020
I am sorry there is problem with your order. , I have authorized your return request. It was ordered as well as shipped on Friday the 5th, and arriving on Tuesday the 9th. I show the following regarding shipping for this order: Order summary Ship by: Mon, Jun 8, 2020 to Tue, Jun 9, 2020 Deliver by: Thu, Jun 11, 2020 to Tue, Jun 16, 2020 Purchase date: Fri, Jun 5, 2020, 11:29 AM PDT


If a crime happens often enough, it makes sense to make that crime legal. Less complicated…


subtract the label cost from the refund your issuing, usually ours is $3.42 and we take it from refund and all good.


We always deduct the return shipping label cost. We do NOT absorb the return shipping if a customer changes their mind. Only for legitimate mistakes on our part will we refund the return shipping.

We also do NOT refund for original shipping. We are in business to make money not lose money.


What if the buyer leaves you a negative feedback because they dont want to pay for the shipping?


Same here. I was against it at first, but now I realize that it is saving either us or the customer return freight $$ almost always. Their return label price is 99% of the time cheaper than it would have cost us to send a return label.


We provide excellent services and Premium Quality Products. We do not run in fear of poor customer feedback. Amateurs do that. And, it’s never happened.

The only incident was when we accidentally withheld the original shipping on an order where we shipped the wrong item. And the customer was reasonable an rational and politely asked why we did that. We refunded the original shipping upon seeing the mistake and it was not a problem.

This is not to say that Amz customers are all reasonable and rational, they are absolutely the worst I’ve seen on any platform. But we will not run in fear from psychotic, irrational buyers when we bend over backwards to provide excellent products and services on all platforms. We don’t treat Amz customers any different than any others.


Are you saying YOU would deny the return?
That your would make them pay for the return label?

  1. You can’t deny them within 30 days for anything by Amazon policy (so that’s out)
  2. You can deduct the cost of the label from the return anyway.


What am I missing? This has been the case for me for at least a year now. Customers who initiate an in-policy return are issued a prepaid label by Amazon. What is changing exactly from the current policy?


thank you, I never have that many products, (just much less than 40) so I have down graded my account, thanks for your support and assistance in my questions


WORST THING POSSIBLE IS RETURNLESS REFUNDS. I will now tell you why. Of all my return requests…over 90% are under 10 dollars for the simple reason that they know many seller do this 10 dollar threshold returnless returns. Of those over 90% return requests under 10 dollars…when amazon sends them the prepaid label I have received 1 in over 6 months and I had 31 return requests and that 1 return was request before they received the item and they kept it for 29 days befpore shipping it. you see it as a headache…I see it as you allowing them to scam you. Poor business management. You have a responsibility to your business to protect its assets and you are failing if you think that is good.


You can list as many items as you want, you can sell as many items as you want as an individual seller, you just get charged .99 for each item you sell plus the normal Amazon fees. So for 39.99 you would have to sell about more than 40 items to equal out more than 39.99 in .99 each fees to make it worth paying that professional fee. There are also other advantages to having a professional account. But, I’m finding advantages to the individual account. I’m finding it easier to do manual price comparisons, for example. It is apples to apples with the postage settings the way they are . . . it is a lot easier to see how your price compares to all of the other sellers as an individual seller. Of course professional sellers have other options to integrate auto pricing software options. It is a pro con thing. Small scale though, definitely skip the pro account. I think even upwards of 50 60 sales per month isn’t worth it as that isn’t necessarily going to be sustained. I upgraded previously when I hit 40, but I didn’t always hit that mark every month. It is a pro con analysis and a judgement call.