Prepaid Return Label Enrollment for Professional Sellers


Does this mean for my seller fulfilled returns they are automatically approved by amazon and then Amazon immediately sends the buyer a label? Or do I still have the option of sending the label and authorizing the return myself?


How does one know the cost of the prepaid return label seller will incur? Is it listed at the return summary when seller authorizes the refund after they receive item back? Or seller must look for it and if so is there an easy/quick way to see it?


Do you have more instances of customers fraudulently claiming their return reason is something that is not their fault to receive free return shipping? If so, how do you counter act this if at all possible?


I was automatically enrolled in this program a little over a year ago and I noticed an increase in returns and it took awhile before it whined down.

It depends on the reason of the return as to whether you can deduct the return shipping fee. I usually state in a note to the buyer that I will be submitting your refund less the return shipping fee for returns like "brought by mistake’ etc. (buyer faulted).


My experience has taught me to label everything. When I ship out I label the item indicating that the customer needs to retain all of the packaging material for returns. The item must be undamaged in new condition for a full refund. If I ship USPS the prepaid label is USPS. If the order ships UPS or Fedex the prepaid return label is often USPS. Since we began offering the prepaid return label it has been much easier to track returns and refunds and we deduct a handling fee to cover the cost of return postage.

BE SURE YOU DISCLOSE HANDLING FEES. We had one customer raise a huge stink about the fee because “She wasn’t notified about the fee” and she left a 1 star review. Fortunately, the fee is noted in the email she received with the shipping label which she conveniently put in the box with her return.


Yes it should just say “label generated” instead of “shipped”.


I still only see “I would like to provide a pre-paid mailing label” or “I would like Amazon to provide an un-paid mailing label” in my return settings.

Where is the Amazon Pre-Paid label option?


There are a lot of things unaccounted for in this change. Seems like international sellers will find themselves in a pickle.


click on Amazon ‘Return Requests’ and then click ‘Edit Return settings’ on the top of the page


I’m in this menu but I don’t see the option for Amazon Pre-Paid labels. Is this ann opt-in only thing? We are a professional seller.


There is no such option. It is supposed to be done automatically via Amazon. The only options you should see are these.


Gm where do you add the handling fees disclosure so I can be ready. Is it in your return instructions? Plmk so I can edit and be ready for tomorrow… God help us as I have a lot of no longer needed returns. An was wondering how to do that so I don’t run into issues I don’t want to have to pay for the “no longer needed” reason when I don’t need to thanks


No problem. Go to seller central. Then top right settings. Then bottom left, Your Services, click on “Manage.” You should have the option to change your from professional to individual, which will get rid of your monthly 39.99 fee and you will now have an additional fee per sale of 0.99. Usually a general rule of thumb is 40 sales per month to break even to make it worth the professional sales fee.

See the module on selling plans in Seller University for more info:


I do not have that first option listed in your screenshot. I’ll open up a case with seller-support then.


Note: You would have to issue a return label anyway if it was automated or not if a customer wants to return an item. (It will be cheaper if supplied by Amazon)

When they request a return, the label is provided for them and the item is sent to you.
You will not be charged if the label was never used.
You still have the ability to review the return and deduct any fee you feel falls withing the Amazon return / restocking fee policies

Return FAQ:
Restock Fee Policy:


Thank you. I don’t often go to the buyer side to read the messages there. Not sure why sellers can only see these messages about selling in their buyer side (a game?). I missed these messages.

Theoretically yes, I am affected. Although my return settings haven’t been changed (yet), so I’m a little confused.

To sell in Jewelry one must have a Pro account, so I have one. I feel like I am paying Amazon for the privilege of increasing my cost of doing business on Amazon.

I did put my store on vacation so that I can adjust prices after I figure out the economic impact.

Lol edited to fix autocorrections!


It is not an improvement. It is what they want to do and the story is they are helping us.
In fact we are helping them. Perhaps, buyer care is improving but this is achieved through patronizing the sellers.
Today, in this world, influence/manipulation is everywhere, including the Amazon News!


You can list as many as you want (within the general restrictions that affect everyone). It’s that you pay a fee with each item sold (Pro sellers pay a monthly fee and not the per-item fee - both are in addition to the referral fee). But you are on to something with the $40, though, as it is the break even point for when it is less expensive to pay the Pro fee instead of the per item fees (40 sales a month).


Note: if your items are HIGH PRICE, that is one of the Available override options.


I did see that the label doesn’t get charged until the Buyer actually ships the item (not when the label is printed like for Sellers).