Prepaid Return Label Enrollment for Professional Sellers


I agree, from a seller perspective, not an improvement. I won’t sign up for this as a non professional seller. I don’t know that I will go back to pro with policies like this either. I usually preferred to issue a refund and allow a customer to keep or give away a book on the rare occasion that their was an issue. Returns I found too much of a hassle and when the profit margin was already low on a particular book, paying return postage could potentially make me go into the red and I just assume refund the order and call it a loss rather than deal with the return process on top of a deal already gone bad. Unless I felt the customer was trying to pull one over on me . . . then I would authorize the return and not issue a refund until receiving the return, BUT I liked the flexibility to make that call myself rather than have it automated. I’m glad I still have that flexibility now as a individual seller instead of a professional seller. Goal is to get the right product out so there isn’t a need to worry about returns to begin with, but it is inevitable with the sometimes impossible to please or dishonest customer to have some returns to deal with.


I also don’t understand what is the improvement and why this enrollment needs to be applied by force to all sellers and not each seller to have the option to either be enrolled or authorize himself, as it was before. I don’t think this new method is convenient at all for many sellers and it will create problems.


This policy is total BS. Customers will abuse merchants as if we are FBA. The whole point of being FBM is to control the return process and curtail the scammers. When this rule went into affect last time we had 100% returns of return requests vs only 2% or returns using the normal method when customers have to pay for their returns. This is highly counterproductive and will result in unhappy buyers and sellers. Amazon once again shows it has no regard for the small business.


If it wasn’t forced, no one would sign up for it. It is an improvement for buyers I think maybe, except I don’t think it is for my customers because they usually get a refund instead of having to hassle with a return.


Sorry but i know sellers here that would like this enrollment and would be convenient for them the authorization directly from Amazon. But not ALL sellers. Some sellers have multiple return adresses and also they prefer to authorize their own prepaid labels.


would that be legal to deduct the cost of the return-label from the purchase?


When a buyer goes through the return process and chose a buyer faulted return reason, they are told the label cost. We have been on the program for over a year. We just deduct the label cost from the refund and include a note on the return.


how do I make my account not a professional seller, I looked and it seems that my account would be cancelled, with the setting I have, I pay 39.99/month…please explain if you don’t mind


@TNValleyProducts There is a process to exempt SKUs from the automation. It is SKU by SKU. But you can just upload a file.


I get the same thing on PVC pipe returns. No idea why.


@acuprooos8 You can switch to the individual plan

Amazon offers a selling plan comparison.


Hey Jws… I took a look at that, but it doesn’t look like my items fit into their exclusion categories. For instance, they say for the exclusion the item needs to be over 150 lbs, 108 inch in length or over 165 length + girth. Those are the UPS absolute maximums. You can still get into major money without reaching those maximums, however. For instance, if you go over 96 inches, you can get into hundreds of dollars in extra shipping charges. So, I don’t know if I can get them to exempt some of my items? Not sure what to do, I guess I can try and see what happens.


I guess I’m already enrolled in this program. It’s been happening for a year now.

What I can’t understand is why Amazon’s return label prints out so LARGE. The non-techie buyer does not know how to reduce the size of the label and it is frustrating to them.

What I do is right-click and save the label to my desktop and when I get ready to print it, I change the size of it at that time. I receive packages back in which the label covers the entire front side and more. Amazon really needs to fix the label so it will print out on half sheet.


@TNValleyProducts I would definitely try for the exemption.


looks like i would not sell at all here as an individual, if i downgrade from prof to individual, looks it does not exist,besides a prof seller


@frsystems1 We see the whole page labels no matter how the buyer gets the label. It appears most users have their printer settings to fill the page and not actual size. Really only an issue with small boxes/envelopes.


It is extraordinarily rare that a buyer reads any messages from me, even if they ask me a question and I respond.


Does anybody know if the labels issued will be “Pay-On-Use” or Pay when they are printed?


As an individual seller you can only list up to 40 products i think each month, or 40 listings.


Yes, I do it always unless the item is defective and it is truly my fault. However, when they want to return it to just return it because “I don’t want it anymore” I take a 15% restocking fee and the label cost.