Prepaid Return Label Enrollment for Professional Sellers


As part of our effort to improve the Returns process, we are extending our Prepaid Returns Label program to all Sellers. Professional Sellers will automatically be enrolled starting June 15, 2020 as part of our Selling on Amazon policy

With the Prepaid Return Label program, we automatically authorize all returns that fall within our returns policy, and provide customers with prepaid return shipping labels on your behalf. We reduce your processing time by only sending you return requests that are either outside of Amazon’s policy or exempt from this requirement for manual review.

For details, visit Prepaid returns for seller-fulfilled orders in Seller Central.

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The Manage Return page still nothing changed? When will Amazon provide prepaid label for seller fulfilled return? In our manage return it is still only Amazon will provide Unpaid label for this return


May I ask if there is any intention to re-extend accommodation for multiple return addresses (RAO - Return Attributes Override), as was the long-standing norm before last October, or if @James_Amazon’s assertion in the below-linked post from Nov`19 - that functional RAO, eminently capable of best-serving the larger needs of the Buyer Community when properly exercised by the Seller Community, had gone by the boards - remains the plan going forward?


I do not understand. What is the improvement?

The Amazon Returns Policy has special rules for Jewelry returns, which we follow. To do so we have had to manually authorize returns as in the past automatic returns have not correctly applied Amazon Jewelry return rules (for instance, the Amazon Jewelry return rules do not allow returns for worn jewelry, yet the automatic system has not historically asked buyers if they are returning items unworn).

Has that been fixed? I see no mention and wonder if anyone has more information.

I am concerned this “improvement” will lead to increased unhappiness for buyers who will think that Amazon policy no longer requires following the unworn rule, and who have a negative experience when we must deny ineligible requests.

We will continue to follow the Amazon Jewelry returns policy as written, like we are supposed to do.


Does this mean that sellers are responsible for return label costs even when the buyer just changes their mind? Why no option to issue refund with no return on a case by case basis? I often want items back but if an item is damaged in shipping I really don’t need back a broken glass object or bottle of liquid that has leaked and would rather just issue the return but don’t want to issue returnless refunds for buyer remorse.


There has been a recent trend of Amazon announcing new policies after they go into effect.

I often have to adjust prices up to cover the cost of compliance with new policies (unfortunately). Without advanced notice, I have to put my store on vacation while I make the adjustments.

Has Amazon announced that in general they will no longer give us notice on significant changes? I must have missed that :frowning:


While this is certainly happening all too frequently lately (:face_with_raised_eyebrow:), in this specific case, Amazon did send an initial warning email on May 18th, a reminder email on June 1, and another email at 3:50am ET this morning. :woozy_face:

I know that you are a conscientious Seller who would act promptly when notified. Are you certain that yours is an affected account? :thinking:


@Vanderbilt_Gifts The seller just needs to deduct the return label cost from the refund.

Even if the buyer has started a return and received the label, you can still issue a refund and send them a message that they do not need to go through the hassle of returning the product.


@JwsMarket, in this case, when does Amazon reimburse you for the unused label, and how do you track this? :thinking::sweat_smile:


@papyrophilia The pre-paid labels are not charged until used (show tracking). The return page does always show that the “Tracking status Package has shipped” as soon as the label is generated. I wish they would fix this as we always have to check the tracking on the carrier’s site.

New PrePaid Label Question

had this policy intend to expire that we are being notified that it will not ? ?


@Major, no. They don’t mean that they are extending a timeframe; they mean that they are adding more Sellers on the Professional plan to the program.

It does sound confusing. Some of us (:raising_hand_woman:‍♀) had escaped it before today! :sweat_smile::unamused:


Can an Amazon rep confirm this please?


I have a couple of questions regarding the pipe that we sell.

  1. We wrap the pipe in foam and then put it in a poly bag and send it through the USPS. UPS charges an “Additional Handling” fee if it goes through their system because it isn’t surrounded in cardboard. The fee is somewhere around $15.00. I’m afraid Amazon is going to give customers a UPS label and then charge us for the “Additional Handing” fee. For many items, the return shipping would end up costing more than the entire order in this situation. Does anyone know how to keep Amazon from issuing UPS labels for the returns?

  2. Some of the items we ship are very long, about 97 inches including packaging. For these items, we have to send them through UPS on our account which has a length variance and gives us an extra 1 inch. If a customer returns one of these items through UPS on Amazon’s account, they are going to cause the over 96 inch length charge which causes an additional $125 + minimum billing weight of 90 lbs I think it is. If it shipped on our UPS account, these charges wouldn’t happen because of the variance. I am really concerned of hundreds of additional dollars in charges per instance being charged because a customer returns it to us on Amazon’s UPS account.

Any suggestions?


@TNValleyProducts, great question on #1! Amazon usually considers convenience for the Buyer rather than cost efficacy for the Seller, in my experience. Hoping someone with experience answers soon. :crossed_fingers:

For #2, have you checked Ineligible items for prepaid returns? There’s a length + girth exclusion that might apply to your item. :thinking:


It says that “Items that weigh more than 150 lbs, have a length greater than 108 inches, or have a length + girth greater than 165 inches.” will be excluded. Our items don’t go over those, but they do go over 96 inches sometimes. That article has a length to request an exemption, I’ll try that. Thanks.


We just get to take the heat when we charge them for their “free return”. I see more negs in everyone’s future…


Put in your return instructions that any prepaid label fees will be deducted from their return. I don’t know how many customers will actually read it, but better than nothing I think.


thing i cant understand since covid started in like march - alot of mine are showing as hazmat returns [ most are incense ~!! ] like wtf


Why do you issue return labels from UPS instead of USPS for books and media when USPS media mail is much cheaper and that is what we use to ship media? I have one pending right now that the customer just doesn’t want it anymore and was issued a prepaid ups label that cost more than the item. After original shipping and return shipping I will still lose $$$ on this transaction and the customer will receive zero refund.