Prebiotic fiber supplement was a dietary supplement and then changed to OTC medication and listed inactive


I recently started selling a fiber supplement. This is a private label contracted through a manufacturer. Amazon approved the product as a dietary supplement in October 2019. I shipped 600 jars to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Two days ago, the product was listed as inactive and now states I need to get approval for it as an OTC Medication. Unfortunately, to get approval, you have to have an invoice dated within 180 days and a COA dated within 240 days. In October, I was within the window. Now, I am past that window so I’m concerned that Amazon will not approve it. Because of this, I have 600 jars of product in Amazon fulfillment centers that I can’t sell. Any suggestions? I have not been able to talk to anyone to explain my problem. I am just getting automated emails.


If your product is not an OTC medication and is truly a supplement, open a case with Amazon seller support to change the category of the listing. Ask them to transfer this case to the captive catalog team. That would be my next step.


Thank you very much for your prompt response! Do you believe that they would “reapprove” it even though this product was ACTIVE on March 19, 2020 and now it is inactive with a COA over 240 days old and the Invoice is over 180 days old? My biggest fear is that I’ve been stuck between a rock and a hard place. Have you heard of sellers having to ship their items back home because Amazon refused to approve after initially approving?


If it is recategorized as a supplement you would not need that.