Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate


We are looking for some help after dealing with a recent Asin hijacking. We had one of our asins hijacked on Cyber Monday. Nothing we have not been through before, we contacted seller support and the seller on our asin and requested removal. The next morning when we awoke we had 5 orders for FBM for Asins we do not own. We did not see them on our inventory listings, but the orders were processed and attached to Asins as though they came from our offerings. As we only sell our own brand on Amazon we quickly contacted the seller and notified him that we were hijacked the day before and were unsure if the issues were related.

As we do not sell FBM, nor do we have these products to sell, we cancelled the orders. After cancellation of these orders we received an account at risk flag for pre-fulfillment cancellation rate. We have contacted seller support, and seller performance but I feel as though we are just waiting to be shut down. Wanted to check with the group to see if there is anything else we can do to keep our account safe throughout this process. We did previously sell some FBM asins over 7 months ago with a 100% fulfillment rate.


How do you cancel orders if you’re not FBM?


Hello @FEHU_LLC,

Pax here to provide some information for your inquiry.

After reading your post, it seems you have taken the proper actions in notifying us proactively as to the reasons why you had to cancel orders. Doing so helps avoid having your account go under review. It will be a good practice to continue, should any other situation that could affect your metrics happen in the future.

Regarding your account health, the cancellation rate is calculated over a seven day rolling period that recalculates with a couple-day delay. Therefore, your metrics should reset and your account health should improve.

Have you been able to locate or pinpoint the root cause of how your ASINs were altered and how you received FBM orders? Perhaps finding the source or method of how all those issues occurred may help you devise preventative steps to keep this from reoccurring.

I hope my response provided you with some guidance or helpful information.