Poll : Are you tired of long-term pending orders?


Nope, but then I rarely get INRs or returns anyhow. The pending order in my last post turned out to be for two of the same thing! Which sold me out on that one as well! Three items that I sold today I hit zero on them. And I had had multiple copies of them as some have been good sellers. Now the thought is how many more do I try and stock up with at this point since an order would take at least a week to get here, but some of them have been selling all along this year.


I’d say my only issue is stock when it comes to the long pending orders.


it should not be longer than 48hrs


This is one of things that people need to learn how to ignore. An order is an order. Who cares if it is pending for a half hour or three days.

The good news is, i notice that most of the pending orders do it end coming through.


How so?
My Bay items are listed as “immediate payment”.
I’ve never had a pending order on the Bay in the 10 years I’ve sold there.

Like others, I’ve had that happen here with my one of a kind items. Luckily the longest was only 5 days.
But I’m always left wondering how incompetent is a buyer that is trying to use an invalid payment method and apparently doesn’t read emails from Amazon.


In the past, I’ve had a couple pend for more the 21 days and had to call support to free up the inventory.

Right now I have 8 pending, most are the onezies, however, one order is for 5 units and another for 3. These are the orders I’m concerned with as it effects inventory more so than the onzies.

In the past you could click the order id and see if any shipped, now it doesn’t say it.
I did look at the partial ship email order id’s and see that 4 of 5 units shipped for one order and 2 of the 3 shipped for the other order so at least I know its not entirely a cc problem.


I’ve been on Bay for 11yrs… Only reason Bay had held payments was back when you could pay with a check / checking account. Most payments come through quickly on there… and also not held up for 2 weeks like on here. And for the past few years… if you wanted all orders to be paid immediately… you can set your preferences for that to happen and make the buyer really “Buy It Now”.


Any order is a good order.


Have to disagree with that logic. Because often times the long pending orders don’t end up going through. So that order wasn’t actually an order. And if it was your last (or only) product, you’ve potentially lost the business of someone else who was looking for it during that pending period, but you were out-of-stock at the time.


The Rare Order I get is never “Pending” more than 5 minutes…

I can literally start packing it while its pending…:heart_eyes::open_mouth:


You can require immediate payment on eBay. You just have to say so when you create the listing or set your preferences so all listings require immediate payment. Problem solved.


This is the only way we list on the Bay. But within the past couple months I’ve had 4 or 5 non-payment claims I’ve had to file. I don’t know how that’s possible.

We still encounter far more long-term pending orders that never transition to a sale here though.


The only time I have seen that is if you accept a “Best Offer” price. Then immediate payment is no longer required and can end up in non-payment status.


Nope. Normal orders. It confuses me. But not a biggie. I just file the claim, get my fees back, buyer gets a hit on their account, go on with life. :woman_shrugging:


Days or even hours after you shipped your sold item on eBay, you may get an email from them, saying buyer’s account is compromised. Then you have to open a case and wait for many days to get your money back. On Amazon, Amazon helps you filter out 99% of these buyers. You don’t have to worry about fraudulent buyers.


Cancel the order after 14 days.

This should be automatic policy


Interesting. Never happened to me though.


Sellers of mass quantity trinkets and widgets and what-nots are probably unaffected by this kind of nonsense. Sellers of collectible items, higher ticket items, one-offs and other merchandise that they have more of an investment in are very affected by such nonsense. Besides, amazon is in effect tying up inventory unnecessarily. We have to put up with it but we don’t have to like it.


Pending may mean you’re at your “Secret Quota”

They’re Letting it Ride in Case you become “eligible for a sale” again…?

I Sold 2 books in one day and have one pending because I NEVER SELL 3 books in One Day…

It’ll Hit or Miss by Tomorrow…and be GONE.


Collectibles and other one time stuff are not for Amazon. There is etsy, ebay and other speciality sites.