Poll : Are you tired of long-term pending orders?


I have never had so many long-term pending orders taking up my inventory, why does Amazon
allow this ?


Because Amazon likes Buyers better than they like Sellers. :woman_shrugging:


They could be verifying payment which can sometimes take a few days on ‘flagged’ orders


A few days is one thing. A couple of weeks is ridiculous.


I’ve had orders pending for up to a month before. No skin off of my nose as long as that isn’t my last one and the sale actually does complete sometime rather than just being unavailable for a full month when someone else may have bought it.


YES! why cant they just let it go through or not! No one else does this, and none of us want to wait and wonder if a sale is or is not going through, for days on end. What if its your last piece? Lots of times these orders just don’t even go through, messing up your inventory and causing a loss of sale if you had limited quantities to the next person. Plus if you want to go on vacation, or close at all, you have to deal with the pending. Would rather lose the order if it cant go through right away. Especially this time of year. Not sure why they keep this around, when everyone that’s shopping online should either be able to pay immediately or just don’t shop!


Orders can be in pending up to 21 days.

For FBM, this is where orders sit when there’s an issue with the payment method. Amazon gives Buyers 3 chances to get the payment verified: at purchase (1), purchase + 7 days (2), and purchase + 14 days (3)…and the last one also has 7 days to work out, so that’s 21 days.

FBA orders can be in pending for payment issues OR the following:

  • For an FBA order, the buyer has qualified for free shipping and the order is waiting for all of the order items to be gathered.
  • For an FBA order, if the order is for multiple items but one item is out of stock. Even if Amazon chooses to split the order and send the in-stock FBA Unit(s), the order will still show Pending status.


My longest FBA pending order was 2 months. It finally went away after I contacted AZ about it.


Pending orders whether FBM or FBA does not bother me at all. The don’t affect me in any way


Add to long FBA delays, International sales to countries where there are low Amazon shipment volumes. Amazon does freight consolidation to reduce costs.


My biggest complaint with long term pendings (some longer than 21 days) is when a buyer contacts me. “Where is my book” “Why hasn’t it shipped” and then Amazon cancels or refunds the order because they missed the delivery date.

Makes me very put out.


On behalf of handmade, in particular “one-of-a-kind” sellers, I will say it sucks. Holding an item hostage up to 21 days is silly.

I mean this is 2019, what stained sofa of a website lets you check out without saying, oh no honey your card ain’t good, this don’t work for us.


With amazon custom, when an order is pending status, I get constant emails from customers asking me what instructions they left and that they cant see what they wrote. I’ve even had customer support ask me to tell the customers what they requested. And that makes me wonder if customer support even knows how to check that data themselves. Ultimately, its highly frustrating for customers. So I hope they fix the issue for the customer and that I stop getting the same redundant messages. Its kind of ridiculous if you ask me.


As long as it isn’t one of my most popular items and the last I have left, I put up with the pending orders, don’t even think about. I’ve noticed lately that many that pend for a few days instead of just the hours or two, end up being deleted.

When online sales were young and most people wanted to pay by check through PP, we were always having to wait around for the payment/order to go through. Now I don’t take anything other than electronic payments. I came in to package up an order and found I have another pending so thought I would see what the pending thread is about. I have had what is for me fantastic sales today and I don’t mind if something pends for a little bit. but not too long as this item I am about out of.


With over 20k items with no product depth and all long tail, I really do not sweat it. Odds are better of it selling if it is already pending, than if it is not.


I am actually grateful for pending orders. I appreciate that Amazon does the work of verifying payment before passing an order on to us. Back in the day we sold on both the Bay and Amazon. The Bay marks the item as sold and then the seller has to work to collect the money, allowing 7 days for the buyer to pay then another 7 days for the Bay to solve the issue, all after they have already taken out their fees the first day the item is marked as sold. Saves me time and hassle for Amazon to handle the billing rather than me trying to get a response from the buyer. This is one reason why I prefer Amazon.


Exactly. Bay is much worse in this than Amazon…


I have found a direct correlation between orders that were pending for a long time and buyers who claim INR later or abuse the return system. But I get too few of both for it to be a valid correlation just based on my data. Anyone else see this correlation?


I think the seller should be allowed to say how long they want the order to stay in pending. If you’re willing to wait 21 days, fine. If not, you should be able to cancel the order. Maybe it’s your last item, or only item. Why should some deadbeat customer who has a bad cc or one of these “business buyers” who haven’t had their credit verified with Amazon yet be allowed to hold up someone’s inventory. That is OUTRAGEOUS.


I do not see any correlation but there are too few orders.

In theory, one would expect buyers who are temporarily overextended to be at greater risk for being a problem, since some people for whom this is a bigger purchase might expect greater value, or be more likely to attempt to steal the product, but I have never actually had such a case/