Policy Violation



I recieved notification of Policy Violation.
I’d like to delete it as soon as possible.
I tried to search it with Asin 13JL7NC on Amazon on line shop, tough I could’nt find it.

Would you show me how to withdraw this complaint?
I have already informed it to the other party, asking to make sure of ASIN number and let us know.



You cannot delete a “Policy Violation”. That will stay on your account forever.

It would really help us if you could copy and paste the violation email into the thread so we could see what you got the violation for…?

If it has to do with the listing, FIRST. CLOSE and delete this listing immediately. What were your “SEARCHING” The ASIN. the policy violation or what the violation was for??

Your ASIN is not in the right format for Amazon.com, Please provide the corrected ASIN as well.

WHO is the “other party”? In a policy violation AMAZON is the other party. Rarely if ever do they disclose who filed a complaint against you.


The other party, I mean an organizaion
that gave me notification of Policy Violation E-mail address is enforcement@mojang.com



Ok… so are you saying you have infringed on their copyright, and AMAZON has given you a warning??

Please post the notification of your violation! It would really help us to help you.

IF the violation warning did not come from Amazon, this is a whole different matter.


Post your message you got with the policy violation
We can’t help until we know what is going on. The ASIN is not valid, are the numbers correct?

Just to check, did you receive this through your Seller Central messages, or was this a random email? Who is the other party involved?



Mojang has been reporting counterfeit catalog pages for months now. They will not retract the complaint or allow you to relist that product. The catalog page is gone forever.

This is just a policy warning, but let that be a wake up call for you. You need to review all of your products and listings to be sure you are not selling any other counterfeit product.


Thank you for quick answer.
I got it on seller central,performance notification, and e-mail from notice@amazon.com


if you google enforcement@mojang.com who was identified as the IP complainant, you’ll find a lot of stuff that this is from Microsoft/Mojang re copyright/ip violation of Minecraft related stuff.

If the OP is selling anything to do with minecraft, I’d take it very seriously.

If on the other hand, she is selling unrelated she’s probably ok to take it less seriously.



We have removed your listing because of a rights owner complaint about an item that infringes their intellectual property rights. Your listing will remain inactive until you can work with the rights owner directly to resolve the concern.


To maintain a trusted marketplace for buyers and sellers, we take immediate action to address rights owner complaints regarding infringements of their intellectual property rights.

What you can do

  1. Contact the rights owner directly to resolve this dispute:

Talia Grunt

  1. Once resolved, advise them to contact us at notice@amazon.com to withdraw their complaint.
  2. Refrain from listing items manufactured by this rights owner until you have resolved the concern.

What happens next

If the rights owner contacts us to withdraw their complaint, we will reinstate your listing on your behalf immediately.

Please remember that additional complaints about your listings may result in the removal of your Amazon selling privileges.


Ok, so they have a copyright or patent on the item.

Unless they give you specific permission in writing that says you are an authorized seller, it is my understanding that you may not sell those items on Amazon.com.

That said, it does not mean you cannot sell them elsewhere, like on the bay…

However, THIS ASIN is still not valid… When you go to amazon home page search, it brings up no results. So this may mean they have deleted the catalog page entirely.

The “additional” part refers to continuing to sell items held in ownership by this manufacturer. You do not need to anger them again. They can have you suspended if they keep reporting you are selling their things without permission.


I see what you are saying. When you search for that AISN it says that that product was not found in the Amazon catalog. Contact Amazon and tell them that is not a valid AISN and that you need to know which of your listings is in violation.


This is beginning to look like a phishing trip.

I hope you didn’t click on any links in the original email ?
I have never heard of mojang.com being connected to Amazon in any way.

Go to your Seller Central page at Amazon.com. Is the little flag at the top left “red” ?
Click on it and any policy notification from Seller performance will be there, If nothing is there, this is just a scam by someone.

You could forward to Spoof@Amazon.com and report it.


No I don’t think it was real.

I do not think Amazon would let anyone else suspend their sellers. Nor send that statement. Amazon is very proud of their own handling of any “problems”. They are not going to let mojang.com use that form letter. Now did mojang, copy a real Amazon letter and just use it? I don’t know. But that letter/email looks fake, along with the ASIN.

OP, did you create the listing you are asking about ? Or did you list against an exsisting catalog page. That would help clarify this a lot


Do you think the email is not real?? And therefore the ASIN is not real??? They said they received it in performance notifications…


Thank you,

Would you show me which section of Amazon I have to contact to tell it.

Is my notification of Policy Violation still remainning in my performance of Seller Central?

Is that OK?


Yes, it is real.

Amazon sends policy violation emails like this all the time. And this is not the first seller to get one concerning fake Minecraft product. The last seller was selling key chains he had purchased from a chinese supplier.


Keep in mind that Amazon doesn’t tell you about all of the items in violation. Just a sample. You still need to go thru everything and get all of them that has anything to do with Minecraft.

Then you’ll need to have the IP owner withdraw their complaint.

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