Policy update: Updates to the seller-fulfilled returns refund workflow


To deliver a better returns experience for customers, on September 30, 2020, we are making updates to the seller-fulfilled returns refund workflow. When customers do not receive a full reimbursement for their returned items, they want to understand why. These updates will make it easier for you to process refunds and provide customers with visibility into the restocking fees charged. You will also be able to grade the condition of your returned items.

Items returned within Amazon’s return policy and in original condition will no longer be eligible for restocking fees. Only items returned out of policy and/or are in used or damaged condition will be eligible for restocking fees.

Guidelines for charging restocking fees are based on the item condition and product type. In cases where you would like to charge a restocking fee due to a damaged, missing, or a materially different return, you will be required to grade the return item. Restocking fees greater than or equal to 20% will require you to upload a photo of the item. The new refund workflow provides you with the capability to calculate both the restocking and shipping fee directly in Seller Central.

As a reminder, you are still required to issue a refund within two business days of receipt of a return. If you do not take action, Amazon may default the grading to “Sellable as New” and auto-refund the customer.

To learn more, visit Guidelines for charging restocking fees in Seller Central. Additional details on the new refund workflow will be available in Seller Central at the end of September.

Check the news section of Seller Central every Tuesday for policy reminders and updates that help us ensure all sellers and customers have a great Amazon experience.

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Are shipping charges allowed to be deducted from the refund on items returned in the same condition?

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Uh, they better be. To bad because too many customers know how amazon works and use that to their benefit not realizing that it’s not amazon but another person at the other end.


This policy is another in a long line of ones where Amazon allows sellers to be abused.

You allow FBA items to be opened, used and returned

This stuff costs a lot of money


What sins have we committed that lead to these changes?!

:woman_facepalming: And what on earth is the purpose of the photo?!

ETA: I appreciate the heads up, Amazon, although only two weeks affects order already in progress.


They want us to delight Amazon customers by stopping to charge restocking fees


offering all items for free at all times :roll_eyes:
(and that’s the polite version of what I wanted to say)

I don’t understand why they punish all 3Ps instead of holding offending accounts accountable. If a Seller has been abusing restocking fees, then deactivate that Seller. Don’t hobble all 3Ps. :expressionless:


wow amazon, way to take more money out of our pockets…how bout making the customers pay for their own label…that would make this a fair change. Buyers remorse returns are going to start costing a lot of money now. thanks.


Now we cannot recoup the cost of shipping and handling for orders that have free shipping by charging a restocking fee. - Thanks Amazon you are now becoming as bad as Walmart


Are they going to block us from Charging a restocking fee when a customer claims defective but ships you something you did not sell I have 40 such returns sitting in my warehouse just from the last 2 months alone


Thanks for the 15 days notice, why not a 30 day notice?? I am being to not like Tuesdays on Amazon.


I still say there is a class action law suite to be had over Amazon keeping the tax money on returns.


@Great_Lakes_Chemical Are you talking about the sales tax not refunded if the seller withholds restocking and/or the return label cost? A product or service was still provided. If not allowed by the state, I am sure their attorney general or consumer protection agency will smack Amazon on the hand.


same reason all sellers address had to be publicized - because there area few crooks out there (which amazon knows there address)
seems that amazon is on a mission here to kick 3p little ones out of here.

just as amazon is giving for customers - amazon is banging up their 3p sellers = a shame


Does this mean Amazon itself will stop the administrative fee they charge on all returns? This new rule should apply to Amazon too. Fair is fair.
Just sayin.


what about safe-t claim will this be changed too?


I think that falls under materially different. Take a picture and prove it.
Send picture to Amazon and they will inform you what to do. Most returns claiming defective usually are, but a different item is fraud. They are using the US Mail system to commit Fraud.
One of the problems I have been having lately is the “ arrived broken”.
The items I ship, I carefully pack with packing materials all around the box that also has styrafoam inserts around the item. There is no way these items break in normal shipping. The Box ok, product broken puts up the red flags for me. I am AMAZED at the bad condition they come back in.
It is almost like someone took it out of the package, damaged it and put it back and claims breakage on arrival. If the package was not damaged, and you know you packed it carefully, took pictures and it ends up in this condition, something is off. Does anyone else have this problem? It is happening more and more.


Gosh!!! I sure miss the OLD Amazon. It is constantly becoming the “Seller Unfriendly” Amazon! I wonder how it would affect with-holding the return label fee for such as “ordered by mistake”?


So this goes into effect Sept. 30 but it will be the end of September before we receive more details? Yee haw…can’t wait for what other little changes we will learn then.:worried:


Our main problem is with buyers claiming Defective or Inaccurate description etc, then return the item and it’s in perfect condition or the box hasn’t even been opened.