Policy reminder: How to address A-to-z claims


“When I buy a item and something is wrong I wanted to see what reps would do. I called and the first thing the rep said was lets open a A-Z claim for you… yea reps first choice is always a-z claim”


I have had that reoccurring dream also. Last month I bought a full box of mason jars with lids from amazon (not a seller on amazon), it was listed as no returns and nothing saying parts were missing. I was fine with that until I got them, several of them were missing lids. I had to get a supervisor on the phone to get compensated for an incomplete order! And only then when I suggested they to cancel my prime account immediately. If we had treated a buyer like that, our seller account would be closed fastest than you can say “Jeff Bezos”


Do you know if they are using a form other than “missing/lost” mail at usps website? I’ swear I’ve filed about 30 of these in the last 6 months and EVERY SINGLE one ends up “expired” with NO results. Interestingly 95% of the “lost” packages I shipped were “lost” when I shipped from my post office down the street. I’ve started taking my packages to the Main Post Office in the city and my “lost” claims from customers have dropped from 1-2 per week to 1-2 per month. I had one date in December I shipped 47 orders, 14 turned up missing. 14 from 1 day. All shipped from my local down the street post office. I filed a complaint with the postmaster consumer affairs dept which they in turn did NOTHING, and then TOLD the manager and post master at my post office and even gave them my name resulting in half my mail being destroyed or soaking wet for weeks. I’m curious if there is a better method for doing this that doesn’t get my own mail destroyed in the process?


I am having so much fun with this, hahaha! I just read the first couple of responses and it’s all clear what’s happening…

So all seller complaints about amazon reps doing sh***y jobs and siding with the buys all the time while disregarding their own rules and policies, has brought us to this point. They are educating us, SELLERS, instead of their own reps! Ironic thing - most of us already know all that, but it takes lots of time, nerves and efforts to go through the steps to protect sellers. Very often without a logical solution, while it SHOULD NOT happen IF the reps bother to use their brains and take time to see through the cases.

We need customer service rep education, not sellers! Many of these issues posted in the forum would not have happened if they did their jobs right!


This is only SLIGHTLY off topic here, but I am appealing to ALL sellers on Amazon that have ever had an INR claim.

PLEASE for EVERY ONE that the PO has shown they actually delivered the package START REPORTING all of these to the Postal Inspector.

The PO is NOT that incompetent that they lose TEN TIMES more Amazon packages than they do shipments for eBay and other sites, including my own websites.

ONLY by reporting these con artists, liars, and outright thieves will the Feds gather enough complaints about particular “buyers” and be able to investigate. If we all sit in silence and use the “Well, that’s the way it is on Amazon” excuse NOTHING will ever change.

Don’t get mad – GET EVEN by reporting, reporting, reporting…


I am not sure what’s happening at your post office, I can only relay what’s going on locally here, and our delivery supervisor is incensed that these claims are happening ,as it makes it look like USPS is NOT doing their jobs. When I reported the first few (at the coaching of my business neighbor down the center here) our USPS manager told me to keep a log, including all the reasons Amazon gave for granting a claim with a delivered package and print out all of the claims these folks open so USPS has hardcopy back up if and when that individual is contacted (we DO use Amazon shipping). I do know the first customer was contacted because they contacted US by phone begging us to 'call off the dogs". So my guess is when they are contacted it’s not a kind afternoon courtesy call. In your situation I don’t know if someone internally is taking this out on your because they can - because they were angered? Not sure. Your post office should be working FOR you not against you. If there is a way you can bypass the office that was causing you such grief I would absolutely be sure to do that. I don’t know the volume of mail you ship and I’m not certain if you have a carrier come to your place of business daily. We are always sure to keep a very open communication with our carriers and have a very close relationship with most of the lead team members at our post office (there’s more than one ecommerce seller in this center, so we all do our best to communicate openly with all of the carriers and their staff). It’s funny how this doesn’t happen often (if at all!) with UPS - never did think about that until this morning. My suggestion is to try to get better communication with your local office, if that’s to no avail, try shipping from another postal hub. Frustrating, and I’m sorry you have gone through this!




It’s simple, ALL my tracking numbers show AS DELIVERED. . so why does Amazon think they can just give away OUR money?

Thi sis like a frying pan to my head!


Umm… that’s not the way it just worked for me. An A-Z was opened and granted while I slept. I never was given the chance to address it. Had I been, I would have refunded the customer immediately with no hit to my metrics.

Amazon policies are rules that Amazon ignores but third party sellers must abide by.



I always refer to this policy when sending them information about the claim to avoid having to appeal it


I also agree, just had a customer message me first of March that they never received package since Nov. Went to look back and see what was going on and discovered that the invoice NEVER had an address on it. My messages also show I tried to contact the customer 3x’s back in November without reply. When they contacted me in March they gave an address so I was going to ship the product, but the next day and A to Z claims was approved and his $ returned. That goodness I saw it the day that I was shipping his product or I really would have been pissed.




Neither scenario on the last one. We used Amazon’s shipping , and we never even received word that an a-z claim was filed until the claim was granted. We were communicating with the customer Monday afternoon and we received notification of the a-z granted claim Tuesday afternoon. That is what I do not understand!


A coworker didn’t KNOW to resolve a customer concern, forced an A-Z claim and it was closed in buyer’s favor. It’s EXTREMELY important to answer customer concerns. Amazon give us every opportunity to resolve problems before there’s a case. Ughh.


The sad reality is that Amazon covers for customers who just want free items and there is NOT even a telephone number so we can tell the Amazon reps how blind they are and how with this the only thing they do is damaging the network + kicking us out of here (which is what they really want).


see attachment that a-to-z- of amazon is a fake broken system
the customer manipulating the a-to-z-but amazon doesn’t care make a claim #1 (see attachment claim -return reason: "bought by mistake-we have paid a free ups label to got back all but -never got it back -5-days a part (8 days ago ) he make a claim # 2 return -return reason: missing parts or accessories- ) we have paid a free ups label to got back -we never got it back -after that he make a false feedback see attachment -he make a fake a-to z claim to -amazon (the 3rd type of a claim see attachment)- that it is different item amazon- & w make appeal of the decision. but amazon -fake a-to z - a full refund as a price of fake amazon broken


Amazon wants to totally keep the seller out of the circle and only please the customer. I think that is fine to a point, but Amazon has created an environment where the seller is always at fault with not recourse. You can appeal an A-Z but you will most likely be rejected by the computer bots. Amazon is the best platform to sell on, of which I am thankful. However, the growing processes that have been created are always negative to the seller. I wish things could be like they were before.


@Amazon_News This policy reminder seems to be quite ineffective - if you read the posts in reply to your reminder.


Completely Agree!


Ironically I’m friends on social media with 3 of the girls that work at my local post office-NONE of them handle my mail, and 2 are front counter retail, but either my carrier is being pressured by the post master or is in cahoots with the post master to destroy my own mail. I can’t do carrier pickup because Im somewhat rural and the ONLY time they can do pickup is between 9-10am and not at all on Saturdays, and I just can’t cut off my orders for the day that early. I typically drive into the city about 10 miles away and mail from one of the post offices there. I’m friendly with the front counter employees, and rarely get lost items when shipping from there. I typically ship anywhere from 10-25 items a day - small potatoes in the big scheme, but in a town of 3000 people, I’m one of the few shipping that much every single day.

When customers inquire about lost/missing orders, I ALWAYS give them the option of sending a replacement, or issuing a refund. I also let them know that I WILL be filing a claim with the post office and they MAY follow up with them to locate the package. Honestly I haven’t yet heard from anyone saying the post office has followed up, but maybe they think at this point that it’s an issue with my local post office. I keep track of everything - from what stamps I use, what size envelopes I ship in, what labels look like, what post office I mail from, I get receipts showing weight and time mailed, etc. I leave NOTHING to chance if I can avoid it. My general policy is trust the customer, make them whole… unless I can prove you lied. LOL I’ve only “lost” 1 a-z claim in the last year, and the customer flat out lied.

I’m gonna start keeping a log of my daily incoming mail I guess. Document that disaster. I was just hoping maybe you had another avenue of combating the usps lost mail system.


just a suggestion.
use a SCAN FORM, which will show the original scan at the post office who receives your packages. In the event of loss and damage, that puts the pressure on THEM, as they are showing they were in receipt of packages that were suitable for mailing. If they lose or damage them, then it’s in your best interest to report it to not only the local post master, but also file a claim with USPS which they do take seriously. Then file for package damage for all shipped Priority mail and be sure you are reimbursed.
I’ll message you privately so not to jam up the feed here.