Policy reminder: How to address A-to-z claims


All Amazon customer service reps should be required to read this. I find that most sellers know the rules and Amazon CSRs do not


EXACTLY! Thank you for laying the reality of the process out so clearly. Hopefully someone important sees this.


Instead of training sellers first, I think amazon should train their reps. Reps would just file a claim without reading messages or anything. And train buyers to respond to sellers messages to avoid misunderstandings etc.

I usually respond to buyers within minutes of receiving an actual notification on my phone that I have a message, something that amazon should implement to the buyer’s app.


why bother addressing A to Z claims. Really? The “agents” are looking for any reason to pay out the claim.
We are told to us Amazon shipping, that does nothing.
We appeal the claim, the child reading the appeal clicks the same response every time.
Not understanding this post…because even when you follow Amazon’s protocol, those lovely young people in India don’t understand policy.
I thank you for this post, but I’m very miffed that the information leads a seller to believe there is fairness in this system, there is not.
A fellow seller now reports all of them to USPS - weekly, he sits with his delivery supervisor and reports every buyer on every platform, that has taken free merchandise.
Some food for thought…


In the USA, that’s how it works. In India, not so much.
These young children have no idea what they are reading. The rubrik they use, simply tells them to “pick one” of the reasons to go against the seller.
And usually it’s that you did not give sufficient communication which is nonsense.
A neighboring seller has now started reporting these buyers to USPS weekly. Our local office is taking this very seriously. He has received some refunds (not many) but the end game is the buyer on the other end will have a problem with USPS, which IMO is a lot more difficult than a problem with Amazon.


In understanding that there are very young children “reviewing” these cliams, that’s a big
tip off as to why this is all happening.
They may “speak” the language but their understanding, comprehension and knowledge of the Amazon system just is not there.
They are more than likely told to pick a reason to simply deny the claim. Their job is not to go after the buyer, it’s to create a reason as to WHY the seller is wrong, (remember, most A to Zs are funded immediately - if the decision is reversed, they will then have to contact the buyer to reverse the refund)
Claiming packages are not delivered is against USPS policy. Amazon may not enforce it but the postal system is beginning to do so. Something to keep in mind when claims are paid and items show delivered. I’m sure just a few things are more unsettling than a postal investigator at your door,…


Hi, can you post a copy of this clip and paste? Thanks!


These claims are handled by a BOT , not a life person. After apealing again a bot resolved in favior of the customer ! I will speak about me , This month i have had 5 claims, i sell customize printing cards. The customer wnats to get a free product, so they get thier order and say that the printing was wrong. I keep a proof of every card printed by order number for claims so i respond to the customer with a picture of the card and what was printed. I tell the customer to double check what they entered in the order and see that we sent them exactly what they ordered. They never reply after this, then you go and place an a to z claim, minutes after their claim id approved and their money is refunded ! Amazon doesn’t even ask me if i want them to return the product so they get a FREE product and a refund back to their account. When i appeal i explain what is going on and minutes later another email saying they my appeal was not approved and that the customer will stay with the refund. What i dont understand is what is the purpose of appeal if their is no real investigation. Savy customers are getting away with free products using the a to z claim method !


If Amazon only knew how much money we have aside waiting for them to fix their issues, they would come up with a solution quicker.

Truth is, we sellers want to invest more and more in our Amazon Store, but amazon makes it impossible.
Sellers are scared. We never know when we will be facing another scam, and Amazon is not very effective in addressing them.

No one in their right minds will invest money in a platform that doesn’t even listen to our concerns. That is so sad, we could be selling twice or even three times what we sell know. But Amazon is not helping.


In response to your post, clipped and pasted below…

Claiming packages are not delivered is against USPS policy. Amazon may not enforce it but the postal system is beginning to do so. Something to keep in mind when claims are paid and items show delivered. I’m sure just a few things are more unsettling than a postal investigator at your door,…

…I find of great interest. Recently, in taking standard steps on our end to find where an INR package went (with Amazon shipping being used), the postmaster on the buyer’s end uncovered many instances of their filing INR claims, selling under multiple names on Amazon, and more. He told me that they have received many complaints about this seller based in in Opa Locka, and that our request has helped them move forward with their official investigation of this outfit, which also he told me included their moving multiple times, a clear red flag to postal investigators. Said when USPS is accused of not delivering items when they know they had, that this gives them firm reasons for launching official investigations. So, if everyone starts doing what your neighbor seller is doing, then it will eventually greatly diminish these fraudulent claims by buyers.


Question: When will AMAZON start following their own stated policies regarding A-toZ Claims? For instance shielding us from negative judgements regarding I Never Received claims for shipments purchased with Amazon’s Buy Shipping tool? Because I lost a claim AND the appeal for this very reason.


I hope, and believe, many sellers are now doing this.
Our postmaster encourages it.
My next door neighbor is up to her eyeballs in USPS issues. She made an eBay purchased, claimed INR. eBay refunded her, the seller went guns ablaze on her and followed it through. Postal Investigator went to her door and they are following through with this, she was stunned. I will quote her words “over $300 and they just won’t let this go!”. No, they won’t.

Once word gets out that USPS is investigating buyers, the new excuse will be item not as described. Knowing the “reviewers” don’t read the claims, they won’t request return, they will just refund. Different side of the same coin.


so i have a competitor that just opened an a to z claim and this guy is selling this exact same item. Lets see how this addressed. They managed to get the item taken down on our account because they said they received it used and this is a competitor selling this same item


Yes so everyone needs to report what is going on to their local postmaster, who with accumulated evidence can take it to the postmaster general who in turn can start cracking down of these grifters. A slow process but it needs to be done.


And if Amazon follows this policy, it would be great.


That was my experience with my first (and hopefully only) a-z claim. Amazon granted a refund before I even knew a claim existed. And then, even the usps tracking showed the book had been delivered, I lost the claim because I didn’t use Amazon buy shipping. Now it sounds like buying shipping thru Amazon won’t even guarantee anything.


the A to Z Claim is “the bomb” in the Amazon customer service rep’s tool box. They use it whenever they want to get high marks on the metrics.
I believe any time an A to Z claim is encouraged or opened by C/S, that representative pays out the claim. And the young children overseas who click “didn’t respond to customer, you pay A to Z” also get to pay the claim. I think you’d see a sharp reduction in claims opened - and claims paid.


I had a customer open an A-Z claim hours after I approved the refund request (my first claim so I was shocked). No attempt had been made by the customer to contact me (or has been in response to my queries). The refund reason was ‘damaged but packaging ok’, (it was pristine when shipped), so in the effort to keep the customer happy at all costs, I immediately refunded them upon seeing the A-Zclaim. Lesson learned DO NOT refund until receipt of mdse. when pertaining to A-Z claim or the claim automatically is rewarded to the buyer and it is non-reversible no matter that you followed the dispute steps nor that you had put the customer first, the customer is always right… but that doesn’t make the seller wrong! A small seller, my sales tanked for another 90 days until the metric came back up… BUT - if they follow that rule then why did Az allow the claim to be filed when the customer had not even tried to reach out! And guess what. Never got the book back. Lessons learned!


amazon would not allow buyer to file an a-z For INR (till many days will pass by) causing buyer to request credit form seller - and seller would advice them to file case with amazon back and fwd.
than buyer gets frustrated that seller do not want to help. causing in unfair feedback etc.

the current system regarding buyer claiming INR is very unfair. And unethical from amazon to kind of force sellers to use buy shipping for the “security” against INR.

Shame on u jeff.


When I buy a item and something is wrong I wanted to see what reps would do. I called and the first thing the rep said was lets open a A-Z claim for you… yea reps first choice is always a-z claim