Policy reminder: How to address A-to-z claims


I borrowed it from the forum. Sorry, I do not recall the author, so sure.


1- Customer claims item never delivered.
2- They claim they contacted us and we never replied.
3- They open and won A2Z Claim.

1- We provided amazon tracking number shows delivered.
2- We informed amazon we replied within 2 hours to the buyer amazon message.
3- Amazon email us they won’t reverse the outcome and we can’t do anything about it.

This happened with us 3 different times,

It’s whether one of 3 things are taking place
With all do respect

1- We don’t know how to appeal cases.
2- Buyers are trained to keep free items and get their money back.
3- Amazon Seller Support (Overseas) lack training or English or BOTH.

Please advise.


You left out how you used Amazon shipping and shipped on time. Because otherwise Amazon does not consider tracking as proof of receipt by the buyer.

Sadly it’s been so for a long time.


If you want to win AZ on “Package Not Arrived” then you can only choose Amazon Buy Shipping or FBA.
If it is a third-party distribution, it is basically impossible to win, this is the normal state.


for you and @Oneida_Books I know you guys are right, and it’s the rules we agreed to and signed to, but I’m just Ranting and hoping the day will come that they decide on case by case basis like the bay and differentiate between honest good sellers and the other ones and look at track records and bla bla bla, and all the good stuff that will only happen in utopia :slight_smile:


You’ve posted this before in other threads and I really liked it so I copied and pasted into a template for myself. Unfortunately I got the chance to use use it on a customer the other day…

I sent her this and she responded back that she didn’t have an option to choose Problem with order. I finally figured out it was because her order showed delivered on USPS website although she said she didn’t receive it. So, I guess you only get to choose problem with order if it does not show delivered?

So, she had to contact Amazon directly to open an A-to-z. She did everything right though, she said “Package didn’t arrive”. Amazon found me guilty and granted the claim, debited me and strike against my ODR. Yes, I used Amazon Buy Shipping. I’m appealing the case so hopefully they will decide in my favor and they can fund if they choose.


Amazon is so behind the other platforms in dealing with Sellers.
They honestly need to scrape the whole A to Z (Seller BAD) metric thing and start over with a more intuitive system.
I mean after all aren’t most of us in this to make sure the buyer is satisfied? Why punish the seller?
Better idea is to protect the seller, so when a buyer uses an address that says 2nd tree on left in address and we ship it and they don’t get it Amazon should handle that customer without involving us - Any human or Non-Human can figure this out -
Come on Amazon get with the times and protect the sellers and show us some respect!


It would be awesome if Amazon CC’d the party listed as the recipient on all communications initiated by the “buyer”. Buyer is in parenthesis because half of the time party listed as the recipient is really the one who did the buying, and the one trying to reach the seller. When the seller gets the message it’s listed as being sent buy the “buyer”, and all responses therefore are sent tho the “buyer”, meanwhile the recipient (who actually is the one who ordered the item) is left in the dark an initiates an A-to-Z.

It would also be nice if the A-to-Z team would say, “Hey, we see here that the seller responded your inquiry on such and such date, but it looks like you didn’t reply. Are you aware that they were trying to get this problem sorted out for you?”

Pipe dream, I know but the whole CC’ing the recipient seems pretty doable anyway.


Like you, I also hope that Amazon can distinguish good honest sellers from other sellers.
But Amazon will not, because all sellers can bring benefits to him, so Amazon does not need to care about the seller’s feelings.
When I understand this, it can only be sad and helpless.:expressionless:


“If the item was received, we ask the customer to start by filing a return request.” This is not the case. We have received multiple A to Z claims stating “Package didn’t arrive” and then the comments will say: “Customer received the item but it is defective and would like a return label”. You all should really start taking action against Customer Service reps who manipulate the system by doing this when all they have to do is simply help the customer open a return.


I wish Amazon gave sellers a chance to resolve A-Z cases without it affecting account metrics. It’s impossible to avoid cases half of the time.

Also, does anybody else have an INCREDIBLE amount of difficulty communicating with customers through the messaging system? It seems like every time we reply to a customer message, the customer replied back in a manner similar to never viewing our response. It feels as if we’re not even communicating with each other, and it’s gotten much worse over the past couple of years.


Amazon A-Z team never care the truth, they like “just refund” on case of seller do not know when the claim open .

But it looks like if seller appeal, Amazon will deny and told you the reason is that seller did not reply buyer’s request in 48 hours, even seller indeed had done.Or told you other unacceptable reason like "because your claim was increasing, so your appeal should be deny.


1000x yes; most A to z are similar to this - people just wanting to return or trying to ask a question.


There are malfunctions with the A-Z claim process. There has been an incident where the seller did not receive notification that a claim was filed. As a result, a customer that was likely defrauding the seller was issued a full refund and allowed to keep the item which was likely their intent. It is theft. After the seller contacted Amazon and it was verified by an Amazon supervisor that the seller indeed Did NOT receive notification of the claim, Amazon did not bother to rectify the situation in a fair manner. In addition, the A-Z policy should be changed to make it mandatory that the buyer return the product to the seller if the seller wants their property returned. This is the fairest and most logical process.


If a customer files an A-Z for items that show delivered, but not received, and you purchased your label through amazon buy-shipping tools, Amazon will automatically grant the claim and fund it, but you will not get a negative against your metrics, nor will you lose your money. However, if you did not use Amazon buy-shipping tools, and you do not have a signature delivery, the tracking means nothing. Not only you will lose your money, but it will be a hit on your metrics. Should issue a refund at any time for an A-Z, regardless of you having to wait for USPS to investigate, or for UPIC to have 21 days past the date, you will get a hit against your metrics and lose your money. However, if you are seller fulfilled prime, and item shows delivered, even though customer claims they didn’t receive it, again it is held against the seller regardless of buying shipping through Amazon. There are a lot of issues with this and Amazon does not protect the seller in many cases. So you have to protect yourself. If over a certain dollar amount, always request signature delivery. It may slow the delivery down and you may miss your delivery date because buyer may not be home at the time of delivery, but should they claim they did not receive it, Amazon will only protect you if you have signature proof that item was delivered. Even if USPS scan location matches the buyers home address, and item was stolen from their mailbox.


Wow, I couldn’t have said it better.


So basically, if you’re a thief, you can just order inexpensive items on amazon, then claim the item wasn’t received. Then file an a-z claim and get your money back.

I’m curious. Am I missing something? Are there any safeguards to prevent buyers from doing this all day? I’ve definitely seen customers get all their money back and know for a fact they kept a product. And even showing that proof to amazon in an appeal. It was declined. I’ve also seen amazon grant a customers a-z claim for “item never received” before the latest possible delivery time.


yes,I couldn’t agree with you any more!


You are correct…………………That’s the way it SHOULD work. :train2:


Interesting timing as I have been working on tracking shows delivered, INR, shipped on time with amazon postage. In the past and according to the az guarantee policy if an inr showed delivered, the customer could file an az immediately (they did not have to wait for 72 hours past the “deliver by” window). This appears to have changed after back and forth with buyer, and seller services. Greatly frustrated, the buyer demanding a replacement or refund immediately is going to effect seller feedback. Realizing the process is in place to protect sellers and buyers from fraudulent INR claims and pushed to refund rather than bad feedback. We shall see how the feedback is adjusted accordingly with the extended buyer “hold time”. Had CS informed the buyer of the new wait time, and corrected the written policy it certainly would have been helpful.