Pls help - Multiple Negative Review given by a Seeller


I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you.

Contact Seller PERFORMANCE, not Seller Support. Provide them with the email from the Seller about the listing they want you to remove as well as the information about the negative customer reviews obviously coming from the same. Also make a copy of this for Seller Support. They will be able to verify IP addresses and see that it is the case.

Note: Seller Performance, Seller Support, and Customer Support do not talk to one another. Also, do not tell SS and SP that you sent the message to the other department. If you do they may say “They will get back to you” and wash their hands of it.


What gives you the idea that the police would care in the least that someone got a bad review on Amazon? Even a hundred of them? It’s one thing if someone in their town keeps asking for refunds because product supposedly doesn’t get delivered as that is theft and mail fraud. But bad reviews, hardly. You actually called a Chinese seller in China to tell them you would get the police involved? Yeah, I can see some police from Smalltown, USA wanting to deal with a Chinese person because they left bad feedback. You yourself must be Chinese or somehow fluent in the language to even be able to talk to someone there, and maybe Chinese folks are a bit more scared of the police than those from the US. Your story seems to be full of holes ans it is not believable at all.


Contact Jeff


I would send that to amazon but it will be hard for them to do anything. They have policies. Not common sense. We had a seller give 19 bad reviews n we had to go back n forth with amazon about it until i showed them time stamps. They issued reviews 2 days before they received the item and since it was FBA item amazon knew exactly when they received it. Just keep pushing them and opening up the case


How do we contact Jeff? Thank you for the info.


But when a seller has to do a test buy in order to prove you are wrongfully selling on their product then they have the right to leave negative feedback. They can also request a refund since it is not the right product. Chances are the seller has sent a warning to this seller and they have chosen to ignore it. And it is taking Amazon a lot longer to get around to these complaints so it is easier for a seller to keep buying and keep leaving negative feedback. I am not sure what the products are but I bet that Baltos is doing something wrong. Not all sellers will complain when there is an wrongful listing which confuses things for some sellers. Exact match means just that–exact in every detail to include packaging, where it is made and so on…


THank you, Yesterday, WE called the Seller Support & they can clearly see but they “Cannot do anything”

They mentioned to email to Seller-Performance which we did.


Hi TZTOOL, don’t you think a feedback as " Malicious seller selling bad goods,"

They have not yet gotten the item &we have few related to us, but Seller Support we guess cannot read the Amazon policy


We were never warned, how do you know that we were warned?



Do not hesitate contact ASAP.
He is the only one who can help in your situation.


Hi Sewingoodies, " Thank you" will do it now.

Many Blessings & hope you are getting too many orders:-)


If you knew this was a competitor then you knew that was a warning because you are doing something you shouldn’t be.

The negative comments from seller are:

1- “Malicious seller selling bad goods”

2- One star service

3- Very bad service


Just so you know, no matter what the issue a seller cannot leave another seller feedback when they are competitors in any way.


Yes, but… he bought with multiple names & “when one does not do unto others” till now one do not think anyone will do that. Also, w/ multiple name one does not know it’s the same seller as he seems to have multiple accounts as w/ one it did not show he bought twice.


We send the email & thank you again my friend


You need Jeff take care of you as you always do to you customers.


Hi Baltos

I don’t know your problem is review or feedback, you can tell amazon support" Malicious seller " it should not be in reviews(it is only for product). “selling bad goods” it can’t be in Feedbacks(it is only for logistic and service)
My experience I know it is very hard to fight however please try to contact amazon support everyday and create a new support again and again, maybe you will meet a good support person who can help you to remove it.


Thank you TZTOOL, The feedback are so obvious as even ebay does a better on removal than frustrating sellers if they work hard like you & everyone here


Thank you PetMassive, We have send all the ASIN #'s w/ explanation.

Much Blessings