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I’ve never had any bad feedback before. I have been selling on here for over 3 years. I had 100% until this one I received today on a delivery I sent Jan. 13th (customer received Jan. 14th). Customer states he had a terrible experience. There was no terrible experience…he ordered a product, I shipped the exact product he ordered. I sent it very quickly as I had a full 14 days more to delivery the item.
Product was brand new in an unopened box.
He claims: Terrible experience and not giving an appropriate product. Never to deal with such a company and no offer to return the item with money paid."
The customer never contacted me for a refund or for any other reason. Now he states I am Fraudulent!
Is there anything I can do at this point? My guess is that he is setting this up for an A-Z claim.
He received his delivery a month and a half ago and now he complains?
thanks for any help anyone can provide. I know some will say just give him a refund but is that really how we have to deal with these issues?


Well, it is there to stay, and like others say, there is a first time for everything. Just make sure you respond to the feedback making the buyer like a little silly. I have no idea just what the situation was, but here is an example.

Buyer forgot to mention he wanted the item and a full refund. He opened an A-Z claim and was disappointed when Amazon told him it had to be returned first. :train2:


Won’t I get in trouble with Amazon if I respond with a comment like that? I would love to respond with how I feel.
FYI It was a new Littman stethoscope (the #1 brand in the industry) so I figure he wants to do the old switheroo with his old one and sent it back.


Like I said, I don’t know the situation, but I’m sure of this. Most likely he’s not following Amazon’s policies. Try:

Buyer did not want to follow Amazon’s clearly stated return policies. Buyer wanted Amazon to follow his policies, and this the result.

On a subconscious level, this takes all the blame off you and places it on Amazon. :train2:


I agree with SellC but add.
"Since we delivered this item in one day and we have not heard anything from you, we do believe you may have wrote this feedback on the wrong order. If you need assistance place contact us and we would be happy to assist you.


Excellent advice. Thanks


Except use proper English, as I have not done.
“We do believe you may have written this feedback on the wrong order.”


Welcome to Amazon!


I have had an issue like this before. Remember, whatever your communication with the buyer, its important it happens through messages and not over the phone especially the important decisive ones. I would recommend you contact Amazon to ask them to consider to remove feedback as the buyer never contacted you. Try to talk to them (Amazon) over the phone rather than sending them a message. Sometimes messages cannot convey what you exactly want to tell them.
If this doesn’t work, then reach out to buyer via phone call and talk to them. If the buyer indeed intended to leave a feedback for your product/service, initiate a message as mentioned above by one of the sellers. If the buyer left the feedback by mistake, request him to edit or remove it OR ask him to send a message acknowledging it as a wrong feedback. Once you get the message, contact Amazon and ask them to remove the feedback and show them the proof message from buyer to prove its a wrong feedback. They actually listen to you if you have proof.


Thank-you for your feedback.
UPDATE: I messaged the buyer a day ago and he responded that yes indeed he did leave the feedback for the wrong order. OOOPS he said.
Anyway, I have sent the email to Amazon to try to have them remove the feedback. We shall see if they do. I also asked the buyer to please remove it as well but no luck yet.
Thanks to everyone for your help.


Do not offer this advice. Amazon is quite clear on this – you MAY NOT call the buyer. You may not use their phone number for either text or phone call. The phone is provided solely for use by carrier if delivery must be arranged.


People buying on Amazon are not the brightest. I got a 1* feedback from the customer that was pissed we didn’t ship the order to his home address, but instead to his PO box, when he put in his PO box in the address…yet he still received it no problem…