Please Help. Account deactivated in Australia


Hello. I am hoping someone can help me understand what is going on here.

I have been selling through FBA on the US marketplace for sometime and also recently opened and account for Amazon Europe. Both the US and Europe accounts are totally fine.

I also opened an account for Australia and had been paying for the Pro Merchant subscription. I had paid for a few months, however had not yet listed any products or done anything at all with the account. I just had it open and was paying the monthly fee.

Then all of a sudden I received an email from Amazon Australia (that was in Chinese language oddly enough) saying that my account has been deactivated. I have copied out the first part of that email below (translated to English of course):

In accordance with Article 3 of the Amazon Business Solutions Agreement, we have disabled your Amazon seller account. Your product has been removed, and the waiting order has been cancelled.

Why does this happen? We took this action because we were unable to verify the credit card on file in your account. Please see the relevant Amazon “Amazon sellers Code of Conduct” ( policy) of.

Your account was disabled by mistake? If you think there is an error, please submit a description. Your description should include the following information: - Evidence or examples proving that you have the right to use the credit card on file in your account. How to send the required information? Submit this information to [].

So as requested, I sent an email to Seller Performance that also included a photo of myself holding the credit card on file, as well as holding a copy of my passport in the other hand. The credit card has both my name on it and the name of my business.

I also attached a copy of my bank statement which is linked to the card and the statement clearly shows the dollar amounts that have been paid to Amazon for the Pro Merchant subscription.

I received no response to this email, so I then sent numerous follow up emails, trying to work out what is going on.

It has now been almost two months and despite numerous attempts to contact Amazon to work out what is happening, I have had absolutely no response.

Because my account for Australia is deactivated, it also means I can’t login or submit a case or anything like that. The only option I have to to keep emailing the Seller Performance email account… however no one has responded.

Does anyone have any advice on what I should do next?

I really want to sell in Australia, however at this stage it looks like it will be impossible. I wish that Amazon would at least just respond to me and let me know what is actually happening.

Many thanks,



Is there anyone who can help me with this or provide advice?

Your support would be much appreciated!