Please for the love of all things holy OBLITERATE "Get an answer now" Auto-search


It drives me freaking nuts on Amazon Seller Central when I’m filing a case for a very specific issue when Amazon WASTES processing power on redundant, ridiculous, and 100% irrelevant help pages.

Go to the specific section to report specific common problem on Amazon:

Type an ASIN in description

Amazon “OH NOW I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THIS SELLER IS ASKING” > Chrome proceeds to lose it’s freaking mind and take 4 min to load bad suggestions

What is infuriating is that I’m being forced by Amazon to waste time to open a freaking case log, through a day, because the help page is MORE poorly programmed than before.

Come on Amazon freaking help us here, all we want to do is list products.


Don’t know what exact answers you were looking for.
You must have been in the wrong direction.
The help page is with more contents than before but you can just click the “get support” to access the former familiar pages,hope this is help.


Bookmark this…

Go here:


you’re talking to an algorithm trust me this website is a time consuming mess facebook is releasing a new platform soon. I stop selling since i coudn’t speak to another humain AMAZON WILL NEVER TAKE YOUR SIDE ONLY YOU’RE MONEY, offering nothing in return. amazon only represented 10% of my sales and yet took 30 hours of management a week.

good days are over


I’m selling $15-20k a day, with 20% profit margin. Amazon is good. Some bad stuff comes with every business.

Try to get a hold of a “HUMAIN” on facebook, hahaha good luck.

Talk to a rep on eBay, it will feel like you’re in court and they’re the judge, jury and the plaintiff.

Amazon has tons to offer, you just have to learn how to adjust and deal with it.


we sell on the bay , but you can at least talk to a person , and most times they will side with seller if you have a legit concern or problem with buyer , so much better


in fact it is pretty easy there is no fees you get direct contact with customers promote your Store for free and not time consuming. I’m in the refurbishing buisness profit margin are ridiculously high. The more things get fixed the more money so 30 hours a week on Amazon is a waste for me. I have the lowest price on all my listing and yet they promote their Prime ghouls. No defense against Bad rating because of poste Canada and covid situation…


Sounds like a very very time consuming business model with no real scalability, should look into selling fewer products 1000x times, for high $ value, rather than bust your back trying to outperform yourself


Amazon support us the worst! Zero knowledge!!
I can never get a correct direction from seller support team. They required lots of training. Amazon is super powerful now so they have little regards for sellers. I can’t wait for a real competition!!