Please FIRE the person that changed Seller Central


I honestly believe that all of the tweaking with things like this is rooted in Amazon’s recognition that its preferred paradigm - scrimping on support costs in any fashion that can be found - has run afoul of two prevailing trends:

  • the ever-increasing degree of difficulty that webpage developers face in attempting to prop up compatibility with this and that web-browsing software suite

  • the ever-increasing degree to which users deploy dumbed-down versions of those web browsers, in their daily routine, via resort to Mobile Devices that cannot support more-robust software suite’s inherent capabilities

Amazon of course could up its game by wielding its mighty coffers to ensure the same quality of performance from its programmers that it demands from the OGC and its upper echelons of management - i.e., nothing but world-class talent will do - but that level of talent commands the type of hefty remuneration that Amazon has long demonstrated a great deal of disdain to employ in what it obviously perceives to be more mundane matters of concern.


One of the more irritating aspects of this move is the fact that no announcement is in the Big Box for Amazon News.
Is this not news? It is truly a surprise. So now along with all the other scrolling and clicking we get to do more scrolling and clicking.
Not an improvement for those who use the Forum.
As an aside, with no news clip or blurb, how do new sellers find the information existing on threads?


I so totally hate it. We don’t sell on .ca or .mx, and still those 2 marketplaces occupy a huge amount iof space.


Do you really think the big issue is the forum widget is gone? Jesus. The entire seller central is and has been messed up ever since the change. Idiots in charge are making these changes, and sellers have no idea on how to check important information for their accounts. Why do they insist on hiding all the important stuff and putting worthless info at the top of the page. My seller central is nearly a complete blank white page with no important information at this point.

Again, the idiot that did this, or idiots need to be fired. Did they happen to ask Sellers if this was a good change?

Sellers are the ones that use seller central, we need all the info that used to be there for quick glances at keeping our accounts in check.

We need a reset or this thing entirely changed. This is not just about the forum widget.


I’m disappointed that the take-away from this is that the forum link is missing.

I think the overwhelming consensus is that Seller Central is evolving to become less ergonomic, less useful … more cluttered.


@StoptheMadness and @Bad_Brittnie, @SEAmod was responding specifically to @Maximus_Profitus and @Shelf_Cleaning_Capit, who both asked about the Forum link missing from the main page. I linked to Susan’s announcement about that change in reply, and then she responded directly to Maximus.

I don’t believe that her response was meant to reflect all issues noted in this thread.

And I know y’all know, but for others: NO. I don’t work for Amazon. :roll_eyes:


This is true … admonishment taken … :sunglasses:


What? and ruin the surprise? Surprise! :star_struck:


That did lighten my mood so thanks.
Of course I am now waiting for the next surprise.


Its good business practice - buy getting rid of the link, less sellers will see what is HOT in the forum - out of sight out of mind - which will mean less traffic into the forums and fewer new sellers finding the forum.

I bet the Mods lobbied for this, it will make their jobs easier (until some of the get fired).


As Susan says later on in the thread, you can bookmark the URL direct for the forum, or if you are lazy like me, when things get messed up, I just type seller forum in the search window and bring up a old thread with the link to the forum.

But, this doesn’t fix helping new sellers find the forum to begin with. The forum does need to be prominently featured on seller central for the benefit of new Amazon sellers in my humble opinion. To remove it as a central feature on the page would be a mistake of monumental proportions akin to Russia selling Alaska to the United States.

And BTW love the moniker . . . Hail Maximus, we sellers who are about to die in the Amazon graveyard salute you! :smile:


I wish they’d send those guys who in charge of the SC lay-out to FBA center to fulfill those 3 week pending orders…


I highly doubt it! If Amazon is anything like the typical gigantic bureaucracy, there is 90%+ chance this seller central change took place without the forum mods being informed of it first. And the latest trend is to beta test things by fielding them, so thank you for beta testing this seller central change . . . I hope it is just a beta test, still open to a few changes?!


I think if seller’s hate it, Amazon sees that as a success. Amazon kills anything the sellers actually find useful


…seems to be the real reason behind the move…


Well, some of us are a little bit jaded . . . they might want to shield the innocent optimistic young venture capitalist entrepreneurial folks from that kind of negative influence.

To be fair . . . I think the thinking was to centralize all help stuff under the “help” tab . . . so intuitively a new person would find help there.

Us jaded old folks just find change of any kind difficult . . . a seismic shift of desktop view is a cataclysmic event reserved only for every 3 year Microsoft upgrades . . . this was too much too soon!


This doesn’t change the need to have it put back to where it was, as Shelf put it…


Thank you my fellow jaded old man who doesn’t like change! Cheers to you! I agree!


This is like kindergarten and we are being dazzled with bright shiny boxes!


Every couple days it seems like another part of the UI disappears. Today it was the forum section. At what point will it be just a blank white page?