Please FIRE the person that changed Seller Central


I would like a @SEAmod or moderator to explain to the sellers, how this is good for us, and
who had a hand in this awful change.

Are they trying to hide information so that we miss something in our account?

Someone has to be accountable to horrific changes that do not help sellers at all.

Sellers are the ones that use seller central.

Where are the mods when an actual issue is needing attention. Oh maybe they are closing forum post that are off topic.


Completely messed up, cannot even access the forum via Seller Central; it’s gone.


I don’t know who the person in charge was that okay’ed having 2 random worthless boxes up at the top and a MASSIVE amount of blank white space, forcing sellers to scroll down to see any relevant info… but he/she definitely doesn’t use seller central daily lol



ETA: @Shelf_Cleaning_Capit, see announcement. ^^^


Dear Amazon

The link to the forums is missing from seller central. That needs to be put back.


SEAmodAmazon Forums Moderator


The link to forums from Seller Central has moved from the homepage to help, found through a click on “help” and a scroll down the page.


They did a great job of hiding the access to discussion boards so nobody new would even know they exist


:laughing: See below for my mobile view. I really don’t need BB% in my face, but I sure could use something keeping me updated on my Seller feedback rating and any A-to-z claims (like in those blank spots).


It’s probably some guy with nothing to do, who decided to confuse sellers even more!

I bet they are laughing their heads off at our posts and the havoc they keep creating for us, almost on a daily basis…

Despicable …


It is inconvenient for sure, however it is worse that I can no longer see at a glance when something I should be aware of is happening.

When I log into SC I always look at the forum box. We will no longer know if there is a hot topic of importance to sellers unless we go out of our way to check the forums. Who has time for that?


Hello @Maximus_Profitus

I realize that removal of the forums widget from the homepage took you by surprise and I want to share something with you.

You can bookmark the link below in your favorite browser, and go direct to our forums, bypassing Seller Central altogether.

Once there, you can switch marketplaces between US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil through the marketplace switcher at the top of the page.

Otherwise, you will find a link to forums if you click on the “help” link in Seller Central, and scroll down that page until you see the link.



I think the plan is to fill the big empty space with a giant picture of Jeff Bezos’ face. :sunglasses:


All of my quantities are way off and items that were closed are now selling.


That is not enough. I want to see heads on pikes.

While we are doing that, can we add a few pikes for off topic posters?



True, this is a HUGE fail by the Amazon web development team.


Susan, can you at least see if we can have the ability to GO BACK to what we used to have?
Almost every “upgrade” has had this as an option.


Ok, got it! Thanks for the quick response.


And new sellers won’t even know we are here.


So true.


Who shall warn them about Mara and Amee and seller support?