Please confirm that there is a valid credit card on file, and provide the requested document(s) in .pdf, .png, .jpeg, or .gif format


Hello. Immediately after registering, my account was blocked, followed by a request for a utility bill and a request to verify my credit card. All data was provided, but the problem has not been resolved. I ask experienced sellers to help in solving this problem, since surely everyone was in such a situation. Thank you for your understanding and active participation.


This is standard, your account was never not blocked.
This process can take up to 45 days, don’t send new information or anything that they don’t ask.
You must only send what they ask when they ask for it. Contacting them will cause you to lose your spot on the verification line and be sent back to the beginning.
While you wait I recommend you check this thread Slow account verification? 11 things to do while you wait


Thanks for the answer. It is not entirely clear to me whether my documents were rejected or not. If the document feed window is active again, do you need to load them again? Do I understand correctly?


No, You’re not understanding correctly

If you sent what they asked you leave it like that and wait.


Did you get an email rejecting your documents? If not, WAIT


I certainly do not mind waiting, but earlier the Amazon said that he would no longer answer my letters about this. What should be done in this case? Or will the message be there anyway?


If somebody says that they would not answer your letters, do you continue to write?
If somebody says it’s my turn to speak wait while I think what I’m going to say, do you interrupt?


You never provided that information.

It means that you either have a Debit Card or Pre-paid card, or the utility bill was not acceptable (Not a valid utility or not in your name)

When Amazon says they may no longer reply, they are not lying. they may no longer reply, and you have used up all your chances.

Is there a chance they could reply? Yes
Is there someone at Amazon you can contact and talk to? No


How long were the documents checked in your case? And you always answer that way when people turn to you for help?


Most people in the forums will help you gladly. Maybe a bit of tough love because we are busy (I check in the mornings while drinking my coffee and during the days whenever I get a break), but other than the person that creates the post nobody “owns” the thread and anybody else can answer and likely give you better answers than I can.

I like to help in the forums because the forums have helped me greatly, and because they are the best way to learn and keep up to date with Amazon’s policies. I’m by no means one of the most experienced sellers of the forums, nor do I have any delusions to claim it. I’ll help when I know something, and I will tell you quickly when I don’t. If I see a post that I don’t know the answer to or that it’s already solved I don’t participate on it.

My process was fairly quickly. Maybe 3-4 days? But that was before Covid and, while I’m new-ish on Amazon, I’ve been selling online for many years and had lots of experience from Walmart.con (just as finicky) and had some knowledge on how to handle these companies.


45 days seriously? Thought it was more like 45 minures (if accepted).


Last year when I did it it was 3-4 days on the dot. I don’t doubt that +10 years ago (or when you did i) probably was 45 minutes. I think that it’s gone to these crazy wait times just due to sheer number of people applying. I don’t even know if it’s personalized any longer. Last March I still spoke with an Amazon guy (he was useless) but I still spoke with a person over the phone, and discussed a bit over how selling on Amazon worked, went over the documents that were needed, and what not.
The current delay stories are unbelievable (here is this thread from last June for instance)


I will cover the most common reasons, in no particular order, for your submission to be refused. A lack of response likely means that you are in a really long queue and they have not reached your submission yet. Amazon can take as long as 45 days to respond to your submission.

  1. You did not send the documents that they actually asked for. Many people send bank account information, landlord contracts, etc, instead of a utility bill that amazon is asking for.
  2. Your Name does not match exactly across all the documents. If one includes your middle name then they all need to. If you married and your last name changed and your documents do not match because of this then you need to fix that then resubmit the documents.
  3. Your Address does not match across all documents. North may be spelled out in one and another may simply use N instead. This does not match for Amazon.
  4. Your Name on your credit card does not match your documents. Or you are using a debit card that does not act like a credit card when Amazon places its penny hold on it to confirm it is valid.
  5. Not sending all pages of the document
  6. Utilities are in someone else’s name
  7. You have not sent one of the utility bills that they specifically asked for. This bears repeating as I see it so often on the forums.
  8. Sending screenshots
  9. Sending .docx which is not accepted
  10. No valid credit card on the account
  11. If you are an international seller from outside the US, is your credit card open to international charges?

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