Petition to Jeff/Executive Team regarding FBA Issues


Once you are able to reconcile submit an investigation. Maybe attach the drop off receipts if you have them. Otherwise you should be able to find the details of tracking events, dimensions and weights online on the carriers website.
Per amazons policy your items are reimbursable when lost or damaged during shipping with an amazon partnered carrier.


Don’t be surprised if they push the reconcile date out again on you tomorrow. Amazon dos that all the time. They give you one date, and then when that date arrives you go to reconcile and low and behold the date has been pushed back to an even later date. I am just trying to help you align your exceptions to the actual operating procedure of Amazon.


ok the weights on fedex show that the box was 25 pounds when fedex received it. I only worry because reading all the past posts on this thread it seems like amazon denies every claim. It has already been almost a month I am skeptical that they will magically find the items on the last day.

Don’t be surprised if they push the reconcile date out again on you tomorrow.

Well they told me april 9th the first time, then they pushed it back to april 15th, will they push it back again?


so I can finally reconcile. Do I need to upload an invoice for each of my 34 missing products? They are all from different invoices so it will be a lot of uploads.


Update on mine: They pushed my reconcile date back a few weeks and finally processed most of my items into my inventory. I still had to reconcile one item and a few days later they did acknowledge it was lost on their end and refunded the items. It’s unfortunate but I’m guessing they push the reconcile date back because A) They can (lol, sad but true). and B) Their warehouse has to be so overwhelmed that they have no other choice but to get to it at their convenience. From my experience you just have to stay on top of them and eventually it should work out.


I got fired for complaining on here about same issues and even wrote emails to Jeff and called out to Seattle 6500 dollars worth still missing guess its time to get a free lawyer or send the info to my senators, congressmen, people running against our president as they want to break up these company’s Warren in Calif big on that or take it to the media or my governor he’s still upset they did not build in NY


Hi ,i have two shipments total of 230pcs that are delivered to MDW2 have tracking numbers and proof of delivery.Still my shipments are not checked in 04.06 and 20.06.I cannot reconcile my shipments,tried to work with seller support they don’t hive slightest idea what to do.They just copy-pasta there answers


So I’m back posting on this thread again because it appears that FBA is back to making the same errors and “losing” a lot of everyone’s stuff including mine!
Wanna make $600+ disappear? Send it to FBA!
Just had them tell me that 20 units of the 30 they received (see attached pic) have dissipated into thin air.
I got the “reconciled, case closed, do not reopen” message but have attempted to open a case anyway. I’ll let you all know what happens…


Have you tried calling them and asking the precise reason for deducting the 20 units after receiving them? Try to request a call back from a US based team member.


I’m waiting for them to even assign a case to this.


Assign a (new) case? Wasn’t there the original investigation case for missing inbound?


No. They designated it as a ‘problem shipment’ and closed it out on the recon day. I had to ‘submit for investigation’ which does not always end up creating a case.


We are having the same problem. Event details shows they received 10 units (in a manufacturer case pack), but the shipment shows only 8 items received. The reconcile date has completely disappeared. Seller support is trying to say only 8 units were received, but their event details reports show they received 10 units on June 21st, did warehouse transfers of 8 units on June 22nd and then on July 1, they put in “-2” units as ‘Receipts’. They did not receive negative units and aren’t addressing the fact that they just removed these from our account for no reason (not lost or damaged, just deleted them out) and changed our shipment details to show 8 units received. The shipment is now closed and all they say is we have to wait for a reconcile date before they will look at further… they are just too busy and need time ‘to get it right’. :unamused:

We have gone through and saved screen shots with all of the upcoming reconcile dates on all shipments with problems. We will have to send complaints on these so we will now have proof when the dates just disappear when we ask for reimbursements later… pain in the butt


So I got denied on both cases as usual…
“Request Results : Your request has been denied. The problem reported does exist for this shipment and no changes have been made. Another investigation request cannot be submitted for this.”
So I’m trying to override this and reopen the cases. I am attaching the invoices for the units from my supplier but am not sure that will help much.
The adventure continues…


Have you tried to call and have this addressed with a human rep from the US?
Make them comprehend that you have sufficient proof that there was a mistake at the FC.
Ask them how they can help you now. If they refuse ask for a supervisor.
Don’t let them get off the phone until it has been addressed.


since when has asking for a US rep worked for you, because that not an option they offer.


I asked for a call back of a US based rep, the Asian level 1 support then requests it and I get called back within 2 business days. This happens most of the times. Sometimes when it doesn’t and I get an email instead, I reopen the case and request a call back again.
Problem is, you have to be with your phone at all times so you don’t miss the call.


I cannot actually believe this has worked for you. I have NEVER been granted this request, even after several attempts with several different methods


Can you elaborate on your different methods?


other than a verbal and electronic request for this exact thing, multiple times, I’ve opened every different type of case imaginable and even called customer support and asked to be transfered…
Never worked