Petition to Jeff/Executive Team regarding FBA Issues


what happened with this? They’re doing the same thing to us… saying items not received, yet those same items were sold a month ago… lol.


I posted this a bit earlier and Funky replied so I thought I would post it again here to show he knows his stuff.

“I am a new seller that noticed I had 18 orders of an item back in December. After some digging I see that all 18 orders were cancelled but never returned to my active FBA inventory. This is strange because I’m simultaneously fighting a case against the shipment these items were in for “incorrect quantity (of this item) in shipment”. I sent in 23 of this item and not a single one was received. Very frustrating because this is over $2000 worth of sales. I guess I am just wondering why they would place the 18 items into inventory, allow them to be sold, cancel the sales and then say all 23 items were never received. When clearly someone scanned in at least 18 of them…”

“There is no other evidence these items ever existed. I find it hard to believe that Amazon goes with the same “inaccurate quantity in box” canned response for all mistakes. Seems like they try to pawn everything off on the little man. I only had 23 of those items. It would have been impossible for them not to have been in the box. Argh!”


The only way to get Amazon to pay attention is to get CA in touch with the Amazon customer.
I reached out to Amazon asking for permission to contact all Amazon Customers who purchased our products over the last 3 years. In CA residents (like many states) are required to pay sales/use tax on out of state, online, purchases that are delivered to their CA residence.
So CA claims my company owes the tax.
I say - wait - Amazon owes.
Bottom line is the CA resident should have remitted tax on their CA state return.
I believe this is the weakest link.
IF - IF a large group of high volume sellers begin to request Amazons permission to communicate with the Amazon customers concerning verification that the purchaser (Amazon Customer) paid sales and use tax - and if the didn’t “we” are going to bill them.
Amazon will step in. It would be millions of Amazon customers. The black eye it would cause Amazon would motivate them to step in. But we (sellers) need to get organized and send requests to Amazon legal at the same time. That will get Amazon’s attention.
Just one guys opinion…


Yes, same deal for me, I got the “Investigation Completed - shipment contents counted and confirmed” message, when I try to reconcile for 2 SKUs, See below. Capture shipmente, $1220 (wholesale price) worth of inventory lost.
I have all the documentation, invoices 7 tracking numbers to prove my order arrived at Amazon FC in full.
So far they are refusing to reimburse me.


Sorry to hear that. It’s truly infuriating…


For now i never had a real problem with FBA inventory
but wish everyone here good luck!
hope everything gets resolved for you guys!


I would like to sign


I’ve also been complaining about this for years and basically nobody cares. I’ve even complained in person to very senior Amazon staff - people who are one level down from Bezos. Nothing changes.

I’ve had instances recently where I believe that our shipment has been fraudulently changed by Amazon staff after the goods were received. I.e. the “lost” items were removed from the actual shipment displayed in Seller Central. I say this because we use the APIs to continually check shipments to find out when they are closed and as part of that it checks the count of items. For quite a few shipments the count of items sent changed dramatically well after the items were shipped. Clearly we didn’t do that as sellers can’t alter the shipment once it has been shipped.

We also need a second petition that Seller Support is not fit for purpose. I’ve been raising cases about things like this for years, cases about bugs, about feature depreciation, lack of documentation, incorrect documentation the list goes on and basically I get absolutely nowhere despite constantly re-opening the case.


Amazon just lost my items. I saw them listed in the correct place for a short while and then they were removed. I sent a message about it and they said to wait until the reconcile date. Now they say they finished the investigation and I sent the incorrect quantity. Can’t they see the messages I sent about the missing items? Isn’t there a record that they were listed for a brief while? I will not he doing business with this joke of a company anymore. I think the people who work in the warehouse and in seller support aren’t fit to be working. I don’t even think they read the messages I send about issues. If there’s an issue with the way the company is run I think the only solution is to not give them your business. I doubt they care about a petition but I signed it anyway.


When you submitted the request to Reconcile your shipment, Amazon automatically opens a case in Seller Support. If you are Professional seller, you should see it among your Case ID’s.

Yes. Since they vanished after being received, it should be recorded in your Inventory Event Detail and Daily Inventory History Reports. You should be able to determine the day they disappeared, and from which warehouse(s).

You could also review your Inventory Adjustments Report to eliminate the possibility that they were lost and/or damaged.

They’ve been harder on me than most other sellers. But, I would never blame the warehouse workers. They work extremely hard and follow strict security procedures.

Since the records were modified after the fact, it would take someone with authority to change your shipping records. I put that blame squarely on the FBA Operations Team.



Totally second your post. We have been dealing with the same. Have brought it to management’s attention and basically told that the process is not a perfect one due to the volume received. If this is the case, then they need to take financial responsibility and reimburse sellers for losses. We were starting to doubt our manufacturer at one point because of the number of receiving discrepancies. They now confirm weight on each carton prior to shipping, yet the discrepancies continue.


It happened to me in December 2018 and twice this year. I contacted them - no result. I lost money on the two of three shipments. I would sign petition too.
I am trying to understand what Amazon getting from doing this to us? Sell our items and keep money? Actually they keep losing my best selling items… As result BSR drops down because items are out of stock.


IT will be our first and last shipment sent to amazon for fulfillment, they claim to have received incorrect quantities. The weights of the shipments sent doesn’t agree with their responses. Either they steal or don’t know how to open packages and break up multipacks.


Frontier Farmacy.

At this point the warehouse has either broken, misplaced, incorrectly categorized, incorrectly marked, or even MADE defective ALL of our 600 unites! It’s our first order and we have yet to make money! We had high hopes Amazon, we cant help but hope that it will still work the way it was promised to. Like $16,000 into crating a business, 2 loans, and all of our savings, high hopes… We even took the money from our babies physical piggy banks because we needed it, to invest into the business… :frowning: We were displaced after hurricane Irma and lost everything. We have nothing, and yet amazon has still found a way to TAKE from us.


Just had this happen to me. First I was sent an inaccurate “Inbound Performance Alert” in January in which they also charged me a fee to relabel an already correct label with their ASIN! Then once I submitted an investigation they retracted the alert and refunded me the fee. Now the same ASIN was sent to FBA and was originally accounted for but then later updated as not received. Now in March I’m having to provide invoices for another mistake by their warehouse. I sincerely hope they fix these enormous issues in their FBA warehouses, I’m a small business and can’t imagine losing thousands of dollars like a lot of the poor folks on here have already experienced. Amazon, please help your sellers!


i’m having an issue with FBA, sent 2 packages to BDL2, They were delivered on March 25th. One package was processed immediately, the other one it’s been 10 days and nothing. I can’t reconcile until April 9th. I don’t understand why 1 package was processed immediately but the other one ignored.


Ross, you are way way way to early into the Amazon receiving process to complain. It just takes longer than what you think it should. You have to just be patient and probably once April 9th rolls around they are going to push that date back farther, so on April 9th it will then say April 23rd for a reconcile date.

It doesn’t work the way we think it works, it works the Amazon way. Your second box is probably being routed to a different fulfillment warehouse and this is causing the delay why you are not seeing it show up. On my last shipment it was a full month until all were accounted for. They were off by one unit and then finally just when I was going to open a case it resolved and showed in my inventory.

I know it is hard but be patient.


i’m fine with waiting until April 9th, I just don’t understand why if they were delivered at the same time one package was opened 10 days ago but this package was ignored.

Why do they push the date back to April 23rd?


You are thinking of the way you would do it, check in both boxes and then move one box to another warehouse. This is not the way Amazon has their software set up. They are not going to check in the inventory until it arrives at it’s final destination.


so now 10 days later and still no update. Over 30 items in the package missing. It says I can reconcile tomorrow, am I most likely screwed now like everyone else? I do not understand how they can say the box is empty.