Petition to Jeff/Executive Team regarding FBA Issues


First thank you for this post…they make you crazy thinking you are the only one with an issue and then they do not do the work to investigate rather they do a simple look, ignore facts and reply with an answer a 5 year old could make up. They use such confusing statements it is almost impossible to understand.

I have been fighting since Aug. 2018 … how nuts is that?

My first shipment to FBA i was asked to split the inventory into 3 locations. One received everything in perfect. the other two received only one unit per line and closed the ticket. (I assume so a manager could do good on a metric). each box had a label stating " Sold Separate" contains X # of line ___ ( all under the instructions of FBA team)
To make things difficult the policy is to not allow suppliers to file an issue for 21 days… in the mean time FBA . During that time the total box Qty was shipped to some customers when they purchased 1 unit…$40-$50 units!!!
Some 20 cases opened and reopened requesting visual count, weight and reconciliation to shipped orders all i get is a run around. I have even made 3 direct request to give this to the Jeff Team and each time i have been blown off with we did the look and find nothing wrong. I finally completed a full reconciliation (less the weight of boxes in their w/h… several hours of work… They need to find the product or pay me the more than $3000.00 of lost and mismanaged goods…
Has anyone found a resolve???


The way you sent it in, would it leave any interpretation for a worker to assume more then one unit goes with each order?


I wish. The master box was packed according to FBA instructions (I talked with them before I packed it) Each line on the ASN (entered on their site) was packed in its own box, each box had a large sticker in bold red print “Sold Separate” Contains X units of Line 1,… and so on for all the lines on the ASN … All lines were received in with a count of 1 despite the ASN amount or the Physical Amount (later I was advised that their receiving process requires them to count contents of each box. That clearly did not happen!)

They also failed their shipping process. They shipped the whole box for some orders. When the actual weight does not match the unit weight in the system they must count and validate… they did not, instead they over wrote the weight in the system. Consequently customers could order 1 unit and be shipped 3 ( I have photo proof, with the sold separately sticker on from customers) This is on units costing $28 to $50.00 each. Costly errors they do not want to take ownership of.

I am not an idiot or making an erroneous claim. I have more than 40 years of experience executive level experience in logistics and supply chain. I am a 6 sigma level, Texas A&M Quality Trained, Inventory Master. Collages hire me to teach companies. I have managed hundreds of contracts into the Automotive Production manufacturing for Ford, Chrysler, GM, Delphi, Mercedes and others. Each contract comprised of thousands of SKUs in inventory and direct orders. I wrote the founding


We’re observing the same underhanded tactic that was described previously here:

  1. Warehouse checks in far more units than would ever makes sense (e.g sent one case of 100, received one case of 500)
  2. Occasionally, you will be hit with an “inbound performance violation” as a result of the additional units they made up.
  3. They then use these excess units to offset other units that have actually been lost, stolen or are otherwise missing.
  4. A few days later all of the excess units show up within the “Inventory Adjustments” report as “Inventory misplaced” (because they never actually existed).
  5. A reimbursement is never issued for the “Inventory misplaced” items.

My reconciliation efforts today have identified over $8,000 of merchandise that we were not reimbursed for, with about 60% of that being from these phantom overages.

Please add us to the petition.


Define line, and what did you put on the labels? I’m having trouble trying to visualize what you did, and why?

Who did this? Was it Seller Support, or did warehouse personnel close your Shipment?

Going back to the previous poster, did you expect Amazon to put your bundles together? “Sold Separate” would seem indicate you thought so. Which FBA team told you do it this way?

If you want things shipped to customers in a set, you put them together and put a “Sold as a Set - Do Not Separate” label on the unit, if in clear poly bags. With glass bottles, your units should have been bubble wrapped and put together in individual corrugated boxes, with “Ready to Ship” labels affixed to them.

You don’t ask these people to forward your case to Jeff. You send him an email

Which instructions did you follow, and who did you talk to?

You cannot create your own case-packed shipment. These are previously put together by major manufacturers, and each case-pack would have it’s own unique UPC code.

What is an ASN, and what did you put in red on it?

It appears they did what you asked. You told them it was “Sold Separate.” You didn’t do anything to prep and label your units as directed. FBA workers do not have to read anything on labels (other than Sold as a Set and Ready to Ship), nor any notes you pack inside and/or on the outside of your boxes.

That might be so, but you needed to understand and follow Amazon’s clear directions. Did you even look at Seller University, and/or topics on prepping and labeling products, or assume you already knew it all?

You need to put in a Removal order, and have whatever is left in FBA returned to you. You need to package and label your bundles appropriately, and send them back. In the meantime, close the listings so no more orders will be shipped to customers.



Susan, can you please help us with case 5545238411? We have invoices and carton weights to prove we shipped the right quantity. We can’t get anywhere with Seller Support.


THANK YOU the best news is the email where to send my concern!
I put the “Sold Separate” sticker on the box to be clear. These Items all have unique GS1 barcodes. Each ‘same item’ was packed into one box…then all boxes were packed into a ‘master box’’ (not a case pack) and sent. you can see them at …if you like.
ASN is the “Advance Shipping Notice” or On Line Packing Slip they have you fill out for the shipment. Each product listed on the ASN is a ‘Line’ item…
My ASN to these two warehouses had multiple lines of product… thus '6 units of line 1, 12 units of Line 2" …matching the Packing List. EVERY line was received in as ‘1’ despite the ASN stated quantity…FBA process states they must verify count when it does not match…
I viewed their on line instructions and I called them to review the process before shipping. I followed what they told me and confirmed with them I did it correctly after this problem occurred. FBA told me the process was followed correctly.
Yesterday I received notice that the receiving warehouse receives in the unit sent and then verifies physical count with visual inspection compared to the ASN quantity sent…if it is different it is flagged and stopped before stocking.
The BOTTOM line is… no mater what, my fault, their fault there was an issue during the receiving process… they did not verify the box count and resolve the discrepancy with the ASN… They make you wait 21 days to file a complaint…during that time they shipped product further complicating the problem.

What gets me incensed is they told me they completed open box inspections and they were correct!!! a out right Lie

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I have the same issue… they just blow you off and give a canned answer… Insist on speaking to a specialist on the FBA team…they ‘can’ email the warehouse and request a reconciliation… but I am not sure they actually do the work before they reply with ‘sorry it is your problem’


I reviewed your Amazon store prior to posting my response; which is why I knew what bundles you were talking about, and how to package them; including glass bottles.

We don’t use “Advance Shipping Notices.” We enter Box Content Information.

Box content information for FBA shipments to Amazon

Lines of products refer to the type of inventory we carry, i.e;, carry a line of clothing, or toys; for example. It is not an FBA term.

Packing lists are not sent in cartons to FBA. Amazon did away with them several years ago.

Yes. In this case they must have been totally “blown away” with the miss-information you sent to the warehouse. You sent them bundles, but had them packed as individual items.

As for FBA support… you took the advice of people who don’t sell anything on, FBA or otherwise, and who have no practical experience, whatsoever, rather than follow documented procedures.

They don’t know what an ASN is. They scan your barcodes, the quantity they receive is posted in the Shipping Queue. If the number units you sent doesn’t match the number they received, which often happens when shipments first arrive at Fulfillment Centers (FC), it’s up to you to request they Reconcile your shipment.

Reconcile your shipment

This opens a formal investigation into any discrepancies.

No. They received what you sent. Your notes and whatever else you packed within your cartons is irrelevant. If you noticed their was a serious problem with your shipment, you could have suspended sales of these units until an investigation could be completed.

Nobody is more critical of Amazon FBA than I am. Everybody who posted on this topic can verify that.

You seem like a really nice person. But, in this case, you are totally at fault for this. You thought you knew it all, rather than take the time to understand the process, and how to properly package and label your units.

This is a classic example of what happens when a seller doesn’t take the time to read all the material, take all Seller University courses, follow the step-by-step guidelines, and turns to Seller Support for help.

I suggested you remove each and every unit while you can, before any more of these bundles can be sent to customers, and do not send anything back until you know what you are doing.



You had 100k of inventory and did nothing? We would have sent a demand letter the very next day we received a refusal and then follow up with a lawsuit. 10k of inventory lost can be a mistake, 100k worth is abusive, dangerous negligence.


Funky…I DID NOT ASUME… I READ AND CALLED THEM TO VARIFY THE PROCESS…not cool of you to miss that in what I replied to you.
Terms might be different…ASN ect, But I followed the process their advanced staff stated… The one they told me what/how/and When to do…
One thing they did not do is validate the physical count to the Document I filled out on line for them to receive by…
I do not believe it, but lets say I am at fault… Piss away the inventory?
By their own process:

  1. If they find a discrepancy with the Qty Rec and the Qty on their on line doc. they are to stop and reconcile before putting it in inventory (I was told this is what the 21 day hold is for)
  2. Had they reconciled (to their stated process) one of the many times it was requested, this would be resolved
  3. when they Ship (by their stated process) if the system weight does not match the actual weight they are to stop and validate count and weight to the system…this was not done
  4. Items were and are suspended when I learned shipments (over Shipments) were being made…too late but I was advised that during a reconciliation shipping weights are considered compared to system item weights to calculate if an over shipment was made and I was assured that that over shipment would be paid.

My intent is not to find fault (although it helps) … I am SEAKING advice on how to fix or get this resolved…


An amazon warehouse here in Canada (I sell on recently lost my whole shipment of 30 pces of items. Only saying received ONE item. When the weight of the inbound box says otherwise and my own count as i label all of my items myself and count them before I ship them in. They have denied my claim for reimbursement due to an automated Reconcile i believe and they now won’t answer my ticket. I have never had this issue before. I have had them lose my inbound shipment before but I received reimbursement fast.


I did not miss anything. I’ve been in the FBA program for 9-years, and have sent thousands of shipments. I simply called it as I saw it.

If you READ, you did not comprehend, because you failed to follow the instructions and totally messed up this shipment. Then, you used the wrong source to verify it.

Terms are very important when talking to other sellers and/or Seller Support. It’s the only way we know what you are talking about. I had to piece it together using my extensive background and experience.

“Their own process” is simple. They scan the barcodes; manufacturers and/or Amazon as they are received. You are the one that prepped and labeled the units incorrectly. How can you blame them?

Line doc?

Yes. That’s how the process works, and we all live by it. None of us want them to hold off receiving our shipments for 21-days + until they complete a formal investigation into the discrepancies.

It doesn’t matter how many requests you make. They will do nothing until your shipment is fully received and FC transferred, if necessary. The process to fix it is to Reconcile your shipment. You knew there was a problem, but took no action to prevent the problem from escalating.

What stated process?

By whom?

Of course you are. You’re blaming Amazon, rather than take full responsibility for your own mistakes, which were many.

I provided advice on how to resolve it, twice. But, here it is again…

  1. Remove your inventory from FBA before the problem escalates.
  2. Learn how to prep, package, and label your units.
  3. Send them back.
  4. Follow procedural guidelines.

I have nothing else to say on this topic.



Thank you


FBA15FG7FDD4 Delivered but not checked in.
FBA15F20BH0T 15 out of 28 are received? Shipment is closed.
FBA15DR43S36 Lost one book will not reimburse. The list goes on, this is just recent.

Not to mention that FBA is sending some other sellers inventory instead of mine and I label my books! When I created removal orders for defective books, they come back to me torn and dirty. This was not a problem before. What is going on in those warehouses?


Yeah, same here. I fortunately have gotten reimbursed for these defective books after a lot of complaining, but it’s upsetting that they are switching inventory. They said it was probably the customer.

This is very very unlikely as the customer purchased a very low value textbook. It was only worth anything because it was in “Like New” condition and FBA. I have pics showing it as “Like New” and wouldn’t have listed it otherwise.

So when the customer returned it, saying it didn’t match condition description, I requested it back. Sure enough, it was covered in previous labels, “used” stickers, and bathed in highlighter marks. Am I to believe this student had an old copy of this old edition textbook and wanted a newer one so bad that he pulled a switcheroo? The darn thing is available for under $10 and I don’t see the student stores buying back old editions. This, along with other incidents (that I can’t evaluate as well as I didn’t get the copy returned), leads me to suspect some warehouses are pulling used textbook inventory from whomever they please.


May I suggest contacting several major newspapers? Some investigate journalist would love to do a story like this. Amazon only cares when majority of people read about this. Screaming and kicking inside this forum won’t do any good.


I’d recommend Project Veritas.



For those of us that are still hanging on, Amazon is back to attacking us with a vengeance. They’re again stealing our inventory, and opening false problems with our shipments. Now that they’ve published the consequences, the importance of getting those removed is much more important.

Cancelled, misrouted and incomplete shipments

Many know I’ve wondered why they were leaving our shipments in Receiving status for a long time. I now know the reason. Other than them removing units before they close them, I’ve uncovered a new “scam.” I’d been tracking the shipment, and collecting the screenshots from the day it left my office, and found where they’re hiding them; in an attempt to make everything look “hunky-dory.”

I will be posting my findings within the next few days.



We were just hit with this for the first time. Our shipment received November 30, 2018 was sitting in receiving status for over a month, however the listings were made active and all the items sold. Now, they have closed the shipment and hit us with “inaccurate item quantity”, asking us to admit we didn’t send the quantity we said and resolve the issue. Screw that. We can see the items sold via our transaction history and we were paid for them. If they were never received, why were they sold? We opened a case and asked to investigate, just waiting for their robotic response or someone from overseas who won’t understand a word of our email to call us.