Petition to Jeff/Executive Team regarding FBA Issues


I wouldn’t give up yet. See what the report tells you?



Its a bunch of inventory stating sellable I don’t see the items in question on there though:( am I missing something?


Yes. The codes.

Inventory adjustments



Transfer to holding account
inventory found LOL
But not the quantities in question…


I give up they gave me a answer saying they cannot investigate it as the units were sent to customers now…seriously??? :expressionless::hushed:


Search your orders by that ASIN. Go far enough back to cover when these units were received. Take a screenshot of whatever you find.

Assuming your sales didn’t match what they claim, ask them to provide the order #'s.



There still more to it. I’ll PM my spreadsheet.



I reopened the case for a grande finale :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::weary::speak_no_evil::see_no_evil:


It’s not over, until it’s over. :grin:





I just did some digging and I finally realized why many Sellers never get a response or are given the run around!

If you open a case with Seller Support either via call in or post on line, you have to keep your initial contact case open!

Each team in Seller Support has a certain number of days to respond and close your case. I’ve found that secretly, Seller Support closed my initial cases and Quote “Merged” them with cases opened at a later date. Then secretly they mark the initial case as answered! Few days later, the merged case is marked as answered and the timeline restarts all over again! So you never get any resolution.

What this does is send you in to a case purgatory and you run the risk of never getting an answer or straight answers because the initial concerns were documented three to four cases ago.

How about adding this, for those FBA and FBM sellers who can never get any resolution!


Just had 3 boxes from the same shipment be checked in and all units from all 3 boxes were deemed our fault - as if we send empty boxes to them? This is quite the racket they’ve got going on.


Can we all get a lawyer together? Arbitration is fine. I have started taking video of all my shipments, I can prove the shipments were sent and there is tracking and drop off receipts. What is amazon doing??? We have never had this type of issues before! We had zero to maybe two emails with “problems” before, If they lost our inventory they always refunded us! Now they send a “problems with your shipment” email claim they have “investigated” and they don’t refund!!! we have started taking videos of all our boxes, whenever we can… but I cannot ask our suppliers to do that! I will not let this go! Count me in!


Going through the same issue. Called seller support today to see how they are going to handle the lost inventory case we’ve had. Though I had another one I had to send to investigation just recently. Besides invoices and shipment plans, I really hate having to go through a he says, she says match on inventory, I wish there was a better way to knock it home that Amazon FBA processing is far from perfect.

I guess I just have to assume problems will spike in the holidays, vs the beginning parts of the year.

We will see.


I’m not sure if there is anyone else facing this issue, but there are items (after the correct number of received) in my inventory that are just magically disappearing. There are no warnings about it. These items don’t even show up in your inventory adjustments as lost / misplaced, so you have to manually figure out these lost items through the inventory reconciliation report and report it to seller central. So, I was told that I have to manually check each ASIN to make sure there are no missing units.


They are losing more and more of my books, very frustrating.


Right. Despicable “tactic” used by Amazon.

Items that vanish after being received into inventory, will generally show up on your Inventory Event Detail and/or Daily Inventory History Report.

You might see a (minus) - number received, on the Inventory Event Detail. If you narrow the date range between when all unit were accounted for, and when they suddenly disappeared, you should be able to figure out the day the vanished, and from which warehouses using the Daily Inventory History Report.

As soon as our shipments are received, we start taking screenshots of the shipments and the FBA reports. This way, if they disappear, we can prove that they had them. If they choose to ignore irrefutable documentation, which they always do, we take screenshots of the case and put it all aside.

Someday, someone will bring them to justice.



Getting the same run around from the Amazon team. They cite that because they cannot find units in their respective spaces, everything is accounted for. So despite us sending an invoice citing our products purchase, a shipment showing the same number (spread over three packages), correctly packaged shipments for two other shipments coinciding to the invoice and time, and confirmed weight (minus 2 lbs roughly for product), we still are not getting the resolution we need to process this. Not to mention supporting info for lost products in the same month.

If I am going to get blanket email statements saying I am at fault for something I am not, its only clear that we have to include the FTC if we have to agree to this high cost of arbitration. Effectively weeding out small claims court issues.


My company and I completely back this. 100% We have been dealing with Amazons internal finance and accounting team for over 3 months to receive reimbursement for approximately 3k dollar value of product that was removed from our inventory by Amazon’s system. We received partial reimbursement but I call everyday for updates. The amazon reps often hang up, or avoid doing the work by not doing the task they are required or doing a partial job. Many of our reimbursement requests have been cancelled due to improper submission from amazon reps and because the internal team declines requests based on “concerns” we have already addressed with Amazon (multiple times, like I said this case has been ongoing for 3 months).

Side note** We requested help to fix our listings because Amazon reps were consistently adding duplicate listings of our products on our account. It caused clutter and we had approximately 10 duplicate listings created. We contacted amazon to fix the issue, with a very detailed and clear email. The amazon rep got back to us they would be happy to: DELETE OUR REVIEWS. I am not kidding… We believe the rep did not speak any English because the rep did not acknowledge what was in the email and out of nowhere seemed to think they should delete our reviews.

In what world are Amazon employee taught to delete reviews? One of the most valuable assets for a seller. I understand sellers asking to delete negative reviews but this wasn’t that. The rep deleted all reviews, including our highly rated reviews. We are working on this with amazon for the last 1 month. Our sales have dropped significantly due to these issues. We have been selling on Amazon for over a year and never experienced anything like this before. We were a top 5 product in our niche. We have since fallen off the first page.

I know this is kinda unrelated but I hope it helps and gives people an understanding of how Amazon has been treating us and probably other companies.

Tbh, it feels like Amazon is sabotaging our business. How are we supposed to focus on expanding our business when our time and money is caught up in Amazon related issues.


Count me in VB_VFS