Petition to Jeff/Executive Team regarding FBA Issues


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Susan -
If you are still investigating these issues, we are also having issues with missing inventory. The FBA Shipment IDs are FBA15DGSQVDH and FBA15DGVW7KQ.
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Same here. Lots of shipments say “received in full”, then a day or two later items disappear and Amazon tells me I’m at fault. I’m not sure how they have any leg to stand on with that process. I know this is an old thread, but add my name to the petition.


Has anyone talked to a lawyer yet?


I sent in 43 pairs of shoes. They said they only received 27. I’m out over $800 dollars. Sign me up.

This is the 2nd time they have “not received” my inventory- I Miss counted and “didn’t send the items” The first time it was 4 pairs worth about $150.

I’m not sure what else to do. The only thing I can do is deduct the loss on my tax return…


Unfortunately you can provide all the evidence in the world and all they’re going to do is give you the same copy and pasted response over and over.


One thing you can try doing is emailing Jeff bezos directly. One of the Executive Seller Relations team members will eventually answer you (hopefully). I’ve had some success with that, they will actually investigate the issue, not just say they did like Seller support. However, the first time I emailed him I had to send like 15 emails before I received a reply.


I just spoke with Susan, she will get to your FBA shipments as soon as she can. At the moment she is having lunch with other hard to find individuals, BigFoot and Elvis …


I would like to report that I’m dealing with this issue now and its great to see a forum where others are in a similar situation. This is the 1st time this has happened to me. There was a discrepancy in the number of items that I had in a box. I received the automated response from seller support “I have checked and confirmed that units were marked as “Investigation Completed - shipment contents counted and confirmed.” When we receive shipments with quantity discrepancies, we automatically initiate an investigation on your behalf for the items in your shipment.” Amazon claimed that I was missing 2 of an item and 3 of another. I know 100% sure that I sent in the accurate number of items as I personally labeled and polybagged each one of them. I received an email saying that shipment was checked in full, then all of a sudden a few days later, units begin to get “lost”. I gave them evidence of my invoices and shipment information and it seems like they don’t even read it cause they never addressed it in their response and only based it off their investigation. I responded in having this case escalated right now and we’ll see what happens.


GPS tracking devices are as cheap as $15. Throw it in the box. Small investment for someone sending off hundreds of thousands in inventory. Someone needs to catch where Amazon keeps effing people over. I ship books FBA. Sent out a shipment of almost $500 in XBOX games for the first time to CMH1. Seems to have “vanished in thin air.”


What did the tracking say, was it delivered? Did you contact seller support and if so, how did they respond?


We had a similar issue, not exactly the same but you might make sure that the product really is in the warehouse depending in how it was shipped.

We had an order a couple months back to Amazon Phoenix FC that showed our order (2 pallets LTL UPS freight) were delivered and in the process of being checked in but never was completed. I went back and forth with Seller Support and they kept saying it had been delivered as indicated by UPS tracking but was in the process of being checked in and I could not start a reconcile case until after 30 days from delivery.

Turns out UPS dropped a trailer that was not compatible height with the receiving dock and after sitting for a couple of weeks they came back, picked it up and moved it to a holding yard where our inventory sat in the back for another 2+ weeks but we were only able to find this out once we were able to start the reconcile process.

We eventually got UPS to send someone out, change to a proper trailer for delivery and deliver it 45 days after initially showed as delivered.

Can’t blame it all on Amazon but it sure would have been nice to know it was not actually being checked in when we first contacted them :confused:


They just sent me a message this morning saying it was never received even though they checked it in on the 28th. 53 sku’s, $700 ROI. I told them to please further investigate, that items are indeed missing not “item unshipped”. Anyone have any insight?


You can’t sue them.

Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement

Section 19. Miscellaneous.

Amazon and you both consent that any dispute with Amazon or its Affiliates or claim relating in any way to this Agreement or your use of the Services will be resolved by binding arbitration…

They couldn’t care less if you did. The only that frightens them? The U.S. Government.



Been there, done that.

Stealing our FBA inventory and/or working to get rid of FBA sellers to start with comes directly down from the top.

I had all the documentation in the world. Jeff’s Executive Management Team chose to ignore it.



That’s an excellent suggestion.

However, that will work when dealing with an honest company. In the case of Amazon, all the proof and documentation in the world just gets ignored. I have a big box sitting in the corner of my office with all the information I need to prove it. It includes video recording and informal witnesses.

Since they’ve apparently starting harassing us and/or trying to put us out of business again, I recommend everybody do the same.

Someday, someone will bring them to justice. I intend to be ready.



Shhhh don’t disturb :wink: . He is busy building rockets.


Remember…That shipment of mine that they put under the incorrect ASIN… well they never put the items back in my inventory…:confused: Never reimbursed me onky for 1 unit … they stated they found unexpected units which are actually the expected ones … but I dont see them in any of my inventory… I keep opening cases they keep closing them with a canned answer… I need to know why they are holding my units they need to put them jn my inventiry under the correct ASIN…
:unamused::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I’m so upset! I just give up on it n eat the loss was supposed to get a call back no one ever called! An the cases just got merged and closed as answred :expressionless::unamused::sob::sob::sob:


They’re playing games with you.

They “mickey moused” around their mistake, and counted them as unexpected ones. Good heavens, they never make mistakes. At least none that I’ve ever see them take responsibility for. :rage:

Combing cases, and ignoring them is a common practice when they run out of excuses. :roll_eyes:

How are they coded in your Inventory Adjustments Report? You need to download it to see the details.



I was soo upset I gave up on it:( I didn’t look
Its probably not even there… They combined the cases and shut it without a resolution… I consider it a loss :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::sob::sob::sob:Will go look now… ty :pray:t2: