Petition to Jeff/Executive Team regarding FBA Issues


I agree with you. in the shipment before last I had 4 large boxes empty even though my weight is shown full.


I didn’t have an inventory index score before because I hadn’t had inventory in in a long time. I just checked and I have a score now.
553, by looking at you guys that is pretty good. Of course all of my products are smaller in size (tins of olive oil) and it would have been even higher except I got hit with a red in stranded inventory. I have been working on getting my listings to display properly since June 2nd, it has been quite a slog, and as part of that process they deleted some listings that actually had inventory, which they reconnected when they restored the listings so probably for a while that showed as stranded inventory. Or else I would have been higher. I can’t believe I am beating you guys in any metric ha-ha-ha.


Funny. I pictured your inventory in large tins?

Don’t know if you saw my other post; re: Restock Inventory vs. FBA Inventory. Both excess and stranded inventory turned green. My pathetic “red” FBA In-stock rate is: 63.87%… They think I need to restock 857 SKUs, but I only have 275 SKUs in FBA? They’re investigating.

Sounds like I should be selling olive oil? :laughing:



I can’t believe how this keeps happening…items missing from my shipments almost daily for a while. Then it stopped for a bit and has now started again, but again Amazon does not care…


Please add me to the petition letter. This happened to me too. Here is a summary of what happened to me, the primary steps I took, and the responses from Amazon (in Roman numeral).

I. Initially I waited several weeks until I could reconcile my missing inventory through the shipments que. However ny missing items were no longer eligible for reconciliation. So, I called in to reconcile. They denied my claim by saying the following:
Dear Seller,

Greetings from Fulfillment By Amazon.

Thank you for reaching out to us for shipment ID: XXXXXX3JN. I understand that you want to have the missing units of the shipment investigated.

Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.

I would like to inform you that we rely on the investigation completed by our fulfillment team as they do receive your units in real time and they always provide the accurate data and they update the status as “Investigation Completed - shipment contents counted and confirmed” only when they are sure about the quantity of the units received.

Further, as the investigation for shipment has already been complete with counted and confirmed hence, I would request you to cooperate for the same as we are working on our internal tool for better investigation on such scenario.

Units labeled ‘Ineligible For Investigation’ :

Once your shipment has been received, we automatically initiate an investigation on your behalf for certain products in your shipment. During the investigation, we will attempt to confirm the number of units received at multiple points for accuracy. If we are able to confirm the number of units received for a given product, the product will no longer be eligible for investigation.

The Fulfillment Center is sure of these units not being part of your shipment - after performing multiple checks for accuracy, which is why they made these units ineligible for investigation. This is also why you were unable to create the case from the reconcile tab of your shipment contents page, and instead, have manually written to us using the contact us page.

This auto reconciliation process usually ensures a seamless experience for your prospective customers when units ship out to them. To learn more, you can read the following help page:

When the units are received, they undergo the following :

1.) The units are first scanned in by looking at the labels. They are automatically tagged and received. This process updates the count in your inventory.
2.) The units are then sent to be stowed at the bin locations, so that they can be properly stored away.
3.) Before they are stored, these units are counted physically (1 by 1) against the planned quantity which you have sent us.
4. ) If there is a variation found in this counting process, the units are marked as ‘Investigation Completed - shipment contents counted and confirmed’. This basically means that an investigation has already been done and there is no requirement for another investigation.

Now that you have a brief idea of how the process at the FC is like, let me explain how we did a manual deep dive on the issue :

1.) We looked for any issues at the fulfillment center, relating to these units being sidelined for any prep activity.
2.) We looked at the possibility of the units being misplaced at the fulfillment center.
3.) We looked at the other POs which were received at the same time, to see if any of these units were possibly received across different shipments of yours.

In addition to the research performed by the fulfillment center associates I have personally gone ahead and checked the above events associated to the missing units and found that no adjustments were made for these units from the time frame since the shipment was delivered. However, I found the initial findings of the fulfillment center to be accurate”. This might indicate that, we have received all the units that were shipped.

If you would like to continue discussing this situation or you need further support on this particular issue, all you have to do is click on the “Follow up questions?” link below and we will review your new correspondence.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperating in this case.

Have a great day ahead!

Please let us know how we did.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?

II. So I re-opened the case and provided undisputable documentation and wrote this:

Of the multiple shipments I have sent to several different FBA warehouses over the last year the CMH1, Pataskala OH is the only one I have had an issue with. All three of my shipments to that facility had an inventory discrepancy. Each one of my shipments to that Pataskala OH warehouse was sent on three separate dates and I had missing inventory for each occasion? -Impossible!

There is either a problem at that facility or with the UPS logistics in that area.

I have attached proof of delivery for all five boxes showing PROOF OF DELIVERY. I have included a photo of my original drop-off package receipt which shows the VERIFIED weight of the total packages of 166.15 Lbs.

I will also be providing the same documentation on my other two shipment to this same facility which had discrepancies.

I am sure it is not a coincidence that some of my most valuable inventory is missing. The issues I am having are confined to one facility in your distribution network, and all my shipments with problems were shipped out and received in the Pataskala OH on different dates (MEANING THIS WAS NOT A FLUKE AND SEEMS TO BE AN ONGOING ISSUE WITH LOSS OR SHRINKAGE)

Please let me know the results as quickly as possible. I am disappointed I had to wait several weeks for Amazon to figure this out before I could even file a claim. I will most likely be required to file a police report for insurance purposes unless Amazon can come to a quick resolution with this issue.

III. So they closed my case again with the same canned response. So I again reopened and sent this message:

I am not satisfied with the results. Please answer these direct questions:

  1. Can you confirm that your FBA facility did indeed receive all of my units as UPS proof of delivery/tracking shows?

  2. If the answer to question #1 is yes, then how do you explain the weight discrepancy between my verified correct weight when I shipped (which is consistent with the expected weight of the product) and the lessor weight you document when you checked the items in?

  3. If all the boxes for each shipment was received as UPS proof of delivery and tracking shows, and if there was missing inventory when FBA received all of the boxes, then one or more boxes were tampered with, possibly empty, or just a label was delivered with no box. Can you describe what was recieved physically?

  4. How do you explain this similar discrepancy on all three of my shipments on separate dates to the same CMH1, Pataskala OH address when none of my other shipments to any other warehouses has any issues?

  5. Do you have security cameras or photos which can document any packages which had a discrepancy?

With all my documentation and the evidence showing I am being truthful and am not at fault, it seems to me that there would be a little more due diligence on your part and would you simply dismiss this issue. In your response you never said anything about my evidence and documentation I provided which clearly shows I DID DELIVER ALL THE BOOKS which were originally stated in my box contents.

I would like for someone to contact me directly by phone regarding this issue after they review all of my documentation.


IV. At this time the case is still under investigation, which is a step up from it being immediately closed.


Yeah, thought they had pretty much fixed this issue as things were going better the last few months. Then all of a sudden I get the “Problem with Shipment” email.

Funny that the shipment they reference (55 units) was received in full and marked as correct more than 3 weeks ago - a day after it was delivered to FBA. Almost all the items have already sold as well.

Then yesterday I get this… (see pic) It’s so far off base as to be ludicrous…

I have submitted a case for investigation, I do not hold out much hope for a useful conclusion tho’!


With all the light we were shining on this issue, I felt they had backed off somewhat. Things were going smoothly for us as well. We’ve been missing a few units over the past few weeks, and they’ve been reimbursed without issue.

I suspect they’ve been spending the time making sure that the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) will get rid of the rest of us still hanging on.

Nice to see you Rooster.



I’ve noticed that instead of fabricated problems with my shipments, my returns are all being labeled customer damaged even when after a removal order is completed, they come back to us exactly as they were sold…which basically is running our item detect rate and we are on a verge of LOSING a couple ASINs. It’s infuriating. And case-by-case the issue gets lost in the weeds as seller support keeps saying they don’t understand the issue. So frustrating.


This is a recurring problem anyone get relief?


I wanted to provide an update to my earlier post.

Amazon has reimbursed me for one of my three shipment with discrepancies. The other two cases are still open. (These two shipments still under investigation are older than the one that got resolved.) Also, as far as the compensation cash amount, I thought it was fair. About 50% of the salers price. Also, they only replaced two items with stock.

Here is the communication I received from Amazon:

Aug 03, 2018 11:27 PM
Hello from Fulfillment by Amazon,

We received your request to investigate items missing from shipment XXXXXXXXFW. Because we are not able to locate the missing items, we have initiated a reimbursement request on your behalf. A credit, either in cash or in the form of replacement items with the same FNSKU, will post to your account in the next five (5) business days.

Please note that if we have previously reimbursed you for lost inventory that is subsequently found, or otherwise determine that the reimbursement was given in error, we may:

• Use the found item to satisfy any future claim that you may have for that product, or
• Reverse the credit that was applied to your account

You can view the reimbursement amounts in your Reimbursements report XXX


For the cash amount, see Amount per Unit, Amount Total, and Quantity Reimbursed [Cash] columns in the report. For inventory, see Quantity Reimbursed [Inventory] and Quantity Reimbursed [Total].

Under circumstances where Amazon takes responsibility for paying you the replacement value of an item, we reimburse you based on the item’s value less any applicable FBA and Selling on Amazon fees. We consider several factors, including your sales history and the price you and other sellers list the product for on
If we determine that there is insufficient information available to establish the value of the item, then the replacement value is determined based on the default replacement value (…). In no event will the replacement value for an individual item exceed $5,000.

For more information, FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy ( and FBA Service Terms (, sign-in required).

The shipment is now closed.

Thank you for using Fulfillment by Amazon.


The Fulfillment by Amazon team

Thank you for selling with Amazon,

CXXXX CXXX. Seller Support


We support this! We’ve had so many cases where we double and triple check our shipments and Amazon claimed units were not received.


We’re going through this again with a number of shipments. If we provide proof that the products were shipped, and you refuse to take responsibility, we have to consider this theft. Has anyone gotten help with this? Susan, are you still here?


Add me as well Tattoo_Couture

I have had this happen several times now with mid-range priced items but the last time was a large sized high price item and when you contact CS they just send generic rhetoric about how you’re wrong, they’re right, thank you for choosing Amazon, Bye. The pkg I sent only had 3 items in it. I KNOW I CAN COUNT TO THREE!!! Not to mention the package weight was 13 lbs. and the individual items weighed 4lbs each, and when I dropped off at UPS they verified the weight. But Amazon actually told me that they don’t verify weight at check-in and even if they did it wouldn’t matter because the overage in weight could mean that you packaged a wrong item that didn’t match the manifest. So I re-opened and responded asking if the incorrect item was sent (if it was, I scanned it using the amazon seller app. so that barcode was designated to that item according to their system) but now 7 days have passed with no response to my last 3 seller help case messages!!




Hello all,

Same incident happen to me in Canada Ontario.

This is like do whatever you wish kind of situation.

It means someone is spending his life worth of savings in this amazon and suddenly the person will realize that Amazon Warehouse receiver has decided to miscount or not to count your unit/inventory and here you go…you lost all of your income in just a second.

Please if someone can tell the status of this petition and please let me know if there are any other Canadian fellows who are experiencing this situation.



Our typical “we found problems” emails were just one two a month and when its more is ALWAYS them. But these last two months we have 5 to 6 instances. Alway the same: Shipment is received IN FULL and 14 days later an email comes in reporting a problems and an investigation that rules in there favor and cannot be reversed… BUT THE INVENTORY WAS RECEIVED IN FULL TWO WEEKS PRIOR and trackig shows delivered, ETC And THEY CANNOT FIND THE INVENTORY ANYMORE we have never had 4-5-6 shipments with problems before! We have been selling for NINE YEARS! If a shipment was received in FULL that’s it, inventory goes into transfer, etc. What is THIS TWO WEEKS LATER CRAP? I have started taking screenshots of the shipments that show CLOSED with the inventory there in FULL, So when it changes to less inventory I have proof


I realize I’m just repeating here, but Amazon keeps saying they didn’t get my stuff. This includes an item that was so big IT WAS THE ONLY THING IN A BOX. And that box shows delivered but, apparently, it was empty because they say they never got it. Their investigation is complete and there is nothing I can do. Bye bye $150 toy!



Please sign me in for the petition.

I have lost few thousand dollars of inventory due to the exactly same issue in this thread.

In the latest, I have lost $5,500 worth of inventory in one single shipment.

I opened the case last night and got an canned answer in few hours:

Dear Seller,

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support.

After referring to your email I understand you concern is regarding Shipment ID: FBA15CWPL3Z5. I will certainly assist you with this.

When we receive shipments with quantity discrepancies, we automatically initiate an investigation on your behalf for the items in your shipment.

As part of this investigation, we perform a second, physical count to reconfirm the quantity of the items received. Items are marked “Investigation Completed – shipment contents counted and confirmed” when we have completed the investigation.

Please be informed that while processing this shipment, our fulfillment center team was unable to locate those units in the stock and hence, not added to your inventory.

Furthermore, once that the units are reconciled and confirmed, the product(s) become ineligible for investigation and our investigation shows that the quantities received for the following units have been confirmed at multiple levels of accuracy.

This means the units gone through auto reconciliation process performed by fulfillment center team. They have done all steps of investigation and provide accurate data of the received inventory. Items were counted physically (1 by 1) against the planned quantity which you have sent. If there are a variation found in this counting process, the missing units will be marked as " Investigation Completed - shipment contents counted and confirmed".

For more information about Reconciling Shipments, kindly visit our help page:

Please refer the help page “Reconcile your Shipment” for any FBA shipment related query/ concern.

Please see below the link to your Shipment Summary Report, where you’ll be able to confirm this information:

• Shipment ID: FBA15CWPL3Z5

The shipment is now closed. To view the shipment summary, see mentioned below link:

Please know that we strive hard to put in our best in providing assistance to help you make selling a better experience. However, there are inevitable circumstances where we have to express our inability to meet your requirements and expectations wholeheartedly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this regards.

Have a nice day.

Please let us know how we did.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?


After I research this thread, I have re-opened the case with the following:


I am not satisfied with this canned answer. Please understand we are talking about the missing inventory with the value over $5,000. I need to have the answer that is specific to this shipment.

My distributor xxx xxxx sent 18 units of Mate 10 Pro phones to the ONT8 which was divided in two boxes - Box 1 has 10 units: 14.3 lbs weight and with tracking number 9611417423669356302755 and Box 2 has 8 units: 11.55 lbs and with tracking number 9611417423669356293046. In your Seller Central portal, it shows that 8 units received. So we can assume that all 10 units in Box 1 are not accounted for.

Please answer the following questions with direct information to this Shipment’s Box 1:

  1. Did your fulfillment center ONT8 indeed receive the Box 1? FedEx shows the proof of delivery with the information of “Signed for by: LGANZER”

  2. If the Box 1 was received as FedEx proof of delivery and tracking shows, do you have the photo to show the content of the box? Was the box tampered? Can you describe what was received physically from the Box 1? If it was nothing, how to explain the weight of 14.3 lbs as shown from FedEx tracking?

  3. Please be advised that this shipment required the Prep of “Labeling” by Amazon FC. Can you confirm if anything received from the Box 1 made to the Prep area

  4. Do you have security camera or photos that can be used to document the discrepancy?

I have confirmed with my distributor xxx xxxx which is a professional distributor with over 35 years experience, they have a QA process in place to check every box before they ship out.

I strongly urge you to escalate this case to your supervisor and look at all the evidence I submitted because of the large amount of money involved here.



Hi Susan,

If you are looking at this board, please help investigate. The FBA Shipment ID is FBA15CWPL3Z5