Petition to Jeff/Executive Team regarding FBA Issues


Why do you say that? Just curious? :smiley:


Out of curiosity, why would we not do something like this for more visibility?

SEAmod removed off-site URL


MOD Susan picked up the “torch” on this topic. While she only helped a few new FBA sellers, with minor problems, I do believe she brought our concerns forward.

Unfortunately, she’s part of the system, so that’s where it ended.

Sellers have also posted replies from Seller Support operations folks encouraging us to discuss important issues and/or problem, because they monitor it. There was one real “hot button” topic I was involved in, where the management team actually posted a response acknowledging us.


P.S. I know for a fact they read everything I write; whether on a topic or through the PM system.




I 100% believe the workers are stealing products. I have sent in many orders and 95% of them get there and are checked in with no problems but i have had many orders supposedly not be checked in, even though the weight and tracking number is verified. I mean i dont get it? How can they say its out fault if the weight and the tracking number clearly shows it arrived at their facility. Something needs to be done about this i just dont know if its worth it because they will win. A bunch of thieves but what can we do?


Because if you shame them publicly, you’ll have no opportunity to win any sort of lawsuit against them.



Same here. Every time I send in these one particular brand of earrings, they go missing. I’m talking four times in a row now, about 50 pairs of fairly high-end earrings missing. Not sure what to do anymore!


It’s not them.

As much as I hold against Amazon at this point, I don’t blame the warehouse workers. They work hard, and follow very stringent security checks in/out of the warehouse.

Besides, they can’t alter your records 2 weeks after the shipment’s been Received In-Full. I put the blame for that squarely on the FBA Operations team.

There have been alternative ways of “doing” something about us on this thread. Calling them a “bunch of thieves” has no impact, whatsoever.



Hey, guys, I’m trying not to get too excited, but… many of you said you found your inventory listed on eBay. I may have just stumbled on something here.

Let me know what you think?



Please sign my name on this petition.


It’s so refreshing to see someone pushing back, Funky. I wish for all the best to see this resolved over the longer term, and to see justice done by whatever means that is reasonably, or unreasonably achievable, based on what we know you are up against. You are a pioneer in following through what is really happening in the land of Az… I hope you can keep up the fight, and get the support needed to bring the corruption to the light of day. Thank you! for all of us, large and small, who feel insignificant and powerless.


They beat me on the IPI battle. They changed my numbers so I have no chance of sending my toys in for the holidays, or even sending the shipments I have sitting in my office.

But, they have yet to win the war. I and my “band” of righteous seekers will continue to fight for the justice we all deserve.

Thank you for your support.



Hey Funky, I don’t think you’re done yet for the holiday season. You’re numbers didn’t look that far off of 350 and it appeared that you were inching closer to the 350 number. All you need to do is get your score bumped up another 30 points (I think from what I remember) by September and you’ll be good to go for the holiday season.

Don’t give up. I think you can still get your numbers up in time for 4th quarter. :sunglasses:


I though so too, until the new numbers came out on Sunday. My indicators had turned green, and FBA Sell-through rate was up.

I was feeling good, and really expected to see the score go up. But, rather than trending upwards, after all my efforts, they dropped me by another -11 points. 12-points in two weeks. For no apparent reason, whatsoever.

So, now I need 44 points. Couple that with their taking away 1/3 of my storage space with non-existent inventory, my chances of selling my toys this year are “slim to none.”

Two days ago I would have agreed with you. As of today, it’s obvious that Amazon is not going to let that happen. :angry:



Why did @SEAmod edit my post 24-days later?


If they started treating us honestly, they wouldn’t have to worry about it. Would they?



funky do you need 140 days worth of inventory in stock? All of your numbers look great, but I can say your “days in stock” is about 3x higher than us. I don’t know your business but less days in stock may help? If it’s possible.


Nobody know where this number is coming from. If you have the answer, we’d love to hear it.


P.S. I already had it down to 100. It’s now sitting on 109.


Based on my account it’s your inventory value divided by your 30 days sales. That tells them how many months to move your inventory. I think. Based on my 30 days sales and inventory I have there, about a month and a half makes sense to me. For my account. This is what I assume anyway


Define inventory value?



IE the retail value of all of my inventory at FBA. Then what are your monthly sales. I think, but i’m not 100%, but it makes sure based on my account (or looks right). Example. 1 million in inventory, you sell 500k a month. You have 60 “days in inventory”.