Petition to Jeff/Executive Team regarding FBA Issues



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Isn’t that irrelevant though?
According to the FBA Lost and damage policy it really does not matter whether they were received or not.
At this point they should be deemed as lost in transit, hence be reimbursable.


Anyone else received the FBA Boost email? I wouldn’t need to “Boost” my FBA if my items were checked in right and not lost or had to open endless cases for them, but hey that’s just me.


You obviously have not received an “Ineligible for…” response to a shipment with missing items. They don’t reimburse for those. They consider them exempt from that policy and it’s hard luck, no inventory and no reimbursement. That is why I started this thread, I have lost hundreds of dollars (and I am among the lucky ones) many have lost thousands because of this.


I cannot seem to find an exemption in that policy. Where exactly does it say this?


It’s not something they have spelled out in a policy update. They just rolled this out as a way of dealing with some shipments around this time last year. Certain shipments that showed shortages were labelled “Ineligible for investigation, etc…” and no reimbursement was granted. In fact there was no way of reconciling the shipment in the first place, you would have to open a case in a circumspect way. The Reconcile tab was not available.
Unless it has happened to you you would not know about it.


I just finished emailing someone on seller support. I sent a box in with 4 items weighing 5 lbs in total and they lost it and said I sent an empty box. They took a shot my metrics. Now they refuse to reimburse as they already did their automatic investigation.

It blows my mind because they’ll say they do multiple checks at various points but then flat out say sometimes things do get lost.

I asked them that if they ever thought that if something got lost during the earlier checks, the rest of the checks would just say the box was empty? Why I would send an empty box to just lose on shipping? I sent them a picture of my receipt from UPS showing that one shipment I made that day with the weight of the box.

What I find exasperating is that 38.88% of my shipments will have some sort of missing inventory. I express my concerns that if every time I send something, there is a chance it will go missing.

Then they say they strive for 0% errors but then say

“Millions of products are received and sold on as we follow decisive standard procedure to make 0% errors. However, sometimes accidents do happen. This is not an excuse but we want to tell you that we strive to be the earths most customer centrist company by eliminating those small errors. Once again we apologies for all the frustration caused to you in this regards and we hope you’ll give us another chance.”

To finish me off they say,

"This Policy has made it mandatory for us seller support associates to not work on any units that have been marked as ‘Ineligible for Investigation’ by our Fulfillment Center. I hope you understand how we as associates cannot conduct this investigation as this policy is being evoked strongly and adherence to it has been made vital. "


While I kinda see the point of view of Amazon not really knowing who is lying and trying to game the system and who isn’t, it makes me wonder what someone could do to 100% prove they sent items to them.

I’m thinking I’ll just record myself packing, labeling, and taking the box to UPS in one long unedited video. No way can you argue against that.

If they argue that then perhaps Amazon is in the wrong business.

I’m a small seller so I can definitely do it but for those of you with big businesses, I wish you luck.


Please add me onto the petition. There need to be better processes in place.


Wish we had seen this post earlier. We have had an unbelievable increase in the number of discrepancies in the units received.
I have never heard of an account being closed because of this - truly disturbing.
Has a petition been filed?


We had this same issue with no resolution despite many attempts to discuss with Amazon-


I Mad Cat


Completely fed up with missing inventory and false shipment issues.


I would conservatively estimate that 20% of our shipments have had issues over the last 8 months, and this was at 1% before. This is intolerably bad since we can’t reconcile properly. Fix this, Amazon.


I agree, any issues I used to have (6+ months ago) were either my mistake and I acknowledged that, or they were genuinely missing, was reimbursed. Recently if something goes missing, they say I am in the wrong and no reimbursement. I also get a TON of shipments where they say stuff was in the incorrect boxes, which I highly doubt as I scan in each item individually or count them out if a lot are the same ASIN. There is something going on in the warehouses (or at-least some of them) causing issues with inbound shipments.


YYZ4 keeps losing my products. They lost one earlier this year for a small mount which they reimbursed after months (even though I was auto rejected initially), then recently they lost about $1500 worth of merchandise (FBA15CQLD2ZB) at the same FC (YYZ4). This of course they don’t want to reimburse me as their auto investigation says they are right and Im wrong. This FC (YYZ4) have also not checked in ANY product in a recent shipment worth over 10k for weeks, crossing my finger they don’t “lose” some or the entire shipment. No problems ever at any other warehouse. I’d like to add my name to the petition.


Is there really a petition floating around? Should we start one online? I would be more than happy to sign.


It is a waste of time, just like this thread. Amazon does not give a hoot about 3P sellers.


True, but…

There were some good tips sprinkled through the last few pages.



The MODS, Seller Support, and/or Business operations/management teams are well aware of it everything we write here.

They are just choosing to ignore us. :rage: