Petition to Jeff/Executive Team regarding FBA Issues


Are you saying those sellers made bogus claims or that Amazon is making a bogus claim?

I am the OP from one of those suspension threads.

To be fair, we were not checking the inventory count on all our items. However, we knew we were dealing with reputable local (as in US and Canada based not China) suppliers AND that if there were any issues, it would be limited to a small handful (or just 1 unit) missing from an order. This combined with the fact that we used to check orders from many of these same suppliers in the past gave us confidence that the problem was not on our side when we had to open reimbursement claims for the huge surge in missing inventory (since about Nov 2017). This led to our suspension recently.

Anyways, we are back to checking everything now (additional time and money), but if the alternative is a permanent ban, I don’t see much of an option here other than quitting Amazon altogether. We chose to play ball, even if it means acknowledging that missing units are from our suppliers cheating/miscounting us, when in all probability, I think it is the Amazon warehouse where the majority of inventory goes missing.

Time to videorecord myself boxing inventory and handing it off to the UPS man it seems.

Also selling a $2,500 computer sounds like a nightmare. I stopped selling anything over $100 even because the rate of returns from customers for all kinds of reasons was not feasible.


I have similar issues, but a slightly different twist. I am the manufacturer, I put the FSKU label inside the clear container so it is visible without having to disrupt the packaging and cannot come off in handling. Complete master cartons of 20 units disappear only to show up for sale under my listing by International Coffee & Books. They are not authorized to sell my products and they had to open the packaging, cut off my FSKU label, apply their own, reseal the package and send it to FBA.

I petitioned the first time it occurred but International Coffee & Books undercut my price and sold it all out during the time the case was being researched by Amazon. They never did resolve it.

The second time just happened. Amazon again was notified with copy of their policy regarding new as being unopened, not defaced, etc. It’s been 3 weeks and nothing has happened other than getting the solicitous email that the concerned team is still looking into it.


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Sign me on.

Shipment FBA15BZ9YD1G, items received in full with email confirmation, changed to received 0 later
Shipment FBA15BYWGC77, received 6 out 7, then “Investigation Completed - shipment contents counted and confirmed” refuse to reconcile.


Sign me up. Currently have a shipment that has been “Delivered” for 1 week @FTW1 - not received even a “Received” email let alone a Checked-In email. I have absolutely no idea what is going on with the shipment. ID: FBA15C76R0JQ if anyone reading on here cares enough to investigate.

Another shipment in the same plan to SMF1that was supposed check in in full and then somehow 1 of them was lost.

The previous plan an entire shipment was checked in however was lost in the warehouse for 3 month until it was finally added to my stock.

Seller Support is absolutely and utterly useless the only thing they do it tell me it can take 14-21 days, to process stock. Which is fine however 7 days in and I am still waiting for an email to say they have even received the delivered goods!

I had a listing screwed up for over 3 weeks which support couldn’t fix - constantly being told expanding time lines of when it would resolved and the “crack” specialist teams only response was “delete the listing and re-add” even though they did that themselves and it didn’t resolve it. (I ended up deleting the listing and the parent variant and various other trial and error attempts which eventually fixed it).

I have another shipment to ship very shortly and if this kind of crap happens again i’ll seriously consider ditching Amazon and FBA altogether and return to direct selling.


Hello all! This is super frustrating…I found taking a picture of the boxes (while in the shipping box) content before shipping helps to avoid the dreaded " this is closed" " you didn’t send this". What I find is that when I am told there was only 25 out of 30 in a box, I usually ship 4-7 boxes at a time…I send the pictures and zoom in of each boxes content…usually my book is showing and than all the boxes or all units are refunded…it’s annoying, but until it’s fixed or Amazon modifies inbound receiving…this trick is more to the sellers who feel wronged.

2nd thing- we make mistakes and so does Amazon. What people don’t consider is what level, when was this new associate hired…what level of the learning curve are they…you say this doesn’t matter but it does…if you ship in oct early November …expect for these warehouses to have temp workers or new associates in level 1…of level 5. A new hire that’s there for a busy X mas, Level 1 associates makes mistakes everyday. So it’s silly for Amazon to believe that 100% of the time the investigation comes up moot and closed alreadyanf on their side as sellers not sticking to the shipping script,…it’s not right and I see both sides,take the picture. do it.

Take a picture folks…it’s fast…it proves the point to Amazon that you didn’t just guess the weight and send 5 books but said there was 49 and your box went from 7 pounds to 45. The picture of your contents…even if it’s a single unit you can see in the pics that was “lost” “or not sent” even if it’s multiple units in that box…at least you can prove you sent something…You usually win all the contents of the box missing items…if they missed 1 unit and were willing to close the case…than they are willing to open the case and resolve if you prove what was in the box…"…Amazon does a fruit from the poison tree approach…if one thing is wrong it all maybe wrong…prove one unit prove them all.


Did you consider placing a test order from them at the time?

Place a test order this time?

I am still wondering where they got their name from :smiley:


I started taking pictures, too.
With units in box, and a pic of the box when sealed.
Also always get a drop off receipt with the weight on it.
Then: keep up the hopes that whoever receives your shipment has somewhat of decent work ethics.


I ordered my product from them both times, took images of the what was delivered and image of a new unopened package for visual comparison. I also quoted Amazon’s own definition of what qualified as new.

It’s a clear case being slow walked.


Began selling on Amazon 1999, started FBA 2011. Just last week Iost over $1500.00 in inventory due to “Investigation Completed - shipment contents counted and confirmed” This is getting ridiculous. Please add my name to the list. Thank you.



Some posts on this thread say that Amazon has a secret list of authorized resellers
and wishes to force others out by stealing their merchandise. This might make sense for
Amazon to do this for new products, but what about used products, like books?
Are new products more likely to be stolen than used ones?


I posted this recently.

It includes lots of things we’ve done to document shipments from the beginning of our “tenure” on the FBA platform; 8 years ago.

If you read my experience with a member of Jeff’s Executive Management Team you’ll realize that nothing you submit will be accepted.

I’m not suggesting you stop. Although I’ve lost most “battles” over my “sabotaged” shipments, I’ll keep collecting the documentation, and opening cases with Seller Support.

Every time they close and/or delete my cases, I’ll take screenshots of that as well.





Now Now we should never use the word stolen. But it in a more airy way as my merchandize grew wings. Then all of the sudden poof it was

seriously I would say a lot is safe but I do not have the numbers or heard what you are speaking about. I can see fingers getting sticker around Christmas.


This is still going on?? If it’s not fixed now what makes you think Jeff will take time from his busy day to fix something other people were hired to do?


Why not?

I’m one that calls a “spade a spade.” Amazon stole your inventory.



My guess is Jeff told them to fix the problem of losses for FBA or your are fired. So, the solution to the problem was to just steal from the sellers, problem solved. That is what they are doing, when you send in 100 units and FBA claims you sent an empty box, and FBA actually received 100 units, that is stealing your inventory!


FBA has been going off the rails in the last 10 or so months for us. No way Im going to pursue international. Our pallets of products cant ship due to needing a BOL but the Que tells us our pallets have already shipped when they are just sitting on our dock waiting for Help to uncross their wires…again. Just plain stupid. Shipments being “received” that haven’t even shipped yet,inventory that they actually received taking 1-2 weeks (almost anytime of the year) or more to go from their dock to stock and once in a while products go missing. Someone needs to tighten thing up.


I got the “Ineligible…” for a shipment of 6 items I sent in. Box weighed 10lbs. They received 0. I opened a case and was told ‘tough bananas, no items were received’ and that I could go no further and to drop the issue. I asked how a 10lb box could contain nothing, I was told to move on - ‘it was counted twice and the items were never received’. Imagine my surprise when 5+ weeks later I get the “Amazon has shipped an item you sold” email and the item was one of the 6. So I checked my FBA inventory and there are 5 in stock. A few days later another sold and I have 4 available. So after being told they received none and that I was wrong and they counted twice and the zero count was accurate, magically they appear in my inventory 5 weeks later. It’s beyond belief…

Here is one of their responses: "Amazon Apr 09, 2018 09:17 AM
Greetings from Fulfillment by Amazon,

Hi Sir/Ma’am. This is A____ from Amazon Leadership team and I received your escalation request regarding Shipment ID: FBAXXXXXXXXX.

Please accept my apology for all the inconvenience this issue has caused. I totally understand that you did not ship empty box for your shipment but it shows that all units have been missing.

I can confirm based on the tracking information you provided that your shipment was reported as delivered, however, when we received the package, we automatically conducted an investigation for your shipment and confirmed the number of units at multiple points for accuracy. We have completed an additional check in response to your request and we have no record of receiving the units in question.