Petition to Jeff/Executive Team regarding FBA Issues


Thanks katarinya,

we emailed with the customers and they really did not receive the item.

We had in the time frame about 400 like that.

Besides the buyer getting annoyed, amazon keeps the pick and pack fee that was about 2500$ so far. Because they blame the carrier, but as it turns out it was just not one carrier.

My guess it has to do with data transfer from FBA to the Carrier and the carrier is receiving the wrong data.

It slowed down significantly, but it is still ongoing. We went from 2-3 a month to 80. Tried to raise the concern with Amazon but nothing came out of it.

Seems that is just a part of doing business with FBA.

Thanks for your input.

I was sure this must have effected several sellers, but you are the first one responding to that.




They are so bad now. This is ridiculous. We received email confirm received in full in most of them. Then this happened after they transfer item between their center.


That is precisely what is happening to our shipments. They will overcount on a shipment (exactly doubling seems to be the most popular miscount), then list those items as lost in the reports when the phantom units do not arrive at the FC. Instead of reimbursing with cash for the “lost” items that never existed, they will then modify a different future shipment containing those ASINS and state we shorted the shipment for the exact amounts that were overcounted previously. They will then reimburse us with product (which in reality are the units from what they reported as “shorted” shipments). In the end nobody is out any items, just lost time and some frustration. Mysteriously the overages and shorted shipments never appear in out inbound problems report.

In our case it always evens out so this just seems to be the convoluted way they are accounting for miscounted items when they are first receiving the units. There must be a reason they do it this way that I can not wrap my head around, but then again I don;t work there and their entire operation seems extremely complex.


Fba has been getting worse; just want to let out a slight rant.

Buyer bought a collector item, he then returns said collector item.

Amazon declared the item “Customer damaged” followed by reimbursing us. Despite this they also returned the item to us.
Item is all sealed and bubble wrapped like we left it… No RA/:PN label

Week later, another buyer for same item complains he got a bundle without the factory seal, and is missing some of the items.

Tldr; Amazon returned us a unit that was untouched, and sent a customer the ‘customer-damaged’ item return.

This also isn’t the first issue we had this year with FBA, Earlier this year we had two occurrences of someone receiving an item with another seller’s FNSKU label.

Is Fba starting to get careless?


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Add us to the list of stores that is having lots of problems with FBA. The hardest part for us is that we are entirely handmade so all of our hard work and time is just “lost”.

Shipment FBA5NGMXK8 on 1/6/18 to LGB8 - 33 items lost and not reimbursed
Shipment FBA5R1DZ6G on 1/26/18 to DFW7 - 3 items lost and not reimbursed
Shipment FBA15BX39CGN on 2/20/18 to LGB8 - 5 items lost and not reimbursed
Shipment FBA15BX1YBXY on 2/20/18 to DFW7 - 11 items marked delivered and never checked in
Shipment FBA15BX3GCVF on 2/20/18 to TPA1 - 2 items missing and still marked receiving
Shipment FBA15BYHVKG4 on 2/25/18 to LGB8 - 23 items lost and marked closed
Shipment FBA15C2915QT on 3/8/18 to BWI2 - 24 items marked delivered and never checked in

That’s a grand total of 101 handmade FBA items and hundreds of hours of work that I’ve lost and I’m devastated. So many of my items are now FBM and people aren’t buying those because they’d rather have FBA items so I’m losing sales too.

I reconciled the shipments and the ones that were just missing a couple, they came back and blamed me for shorting them. I pack every single order by hand myself. None of those were missing items. I know that because I print off exactly how many labels I need when I’m packing the boxes.


They did get one right. :roll_eyes:

None of the shipments you listed have reached the Reconcile date. Let us know what happens when they do?



They’re not getting careless.

They’re on a mission to get rid of us.



My :heart: goes out to you, it truly does.

I have a line of handmade baby toys, and can understand the pain of losing them.

Check Amazon Warehouse Deals, and eBay. Many sellers are finding the inventory Amazon “stole” listed.



Fully support, my last FBA shipment was off by 66/108 units…auto reconcile stated that inbound box contents were reconciled and confirmed as missing…I especially have had issues with the Joliet Warehouse in Illinois MDW2.


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The partner carrier damaged my inventory. They said they sent a message to Amazon who never informed me of it or investigated it. Additionally, Amazon never realized their issue until about a month later when I opened a case. Then told me multiple times in the last 3 weeks that they have closed my case for the same reason everyone else has listed here. I called 6 times in the last 3 weeks and have asked for a supervisor. I really just want them to stand behind their guarantee. Additionally, they took my money for the shipping and now I am out my inventory. This is wrong.


Same here just wasn’t aware of the extinct but it is very evident that some one can count why do we single item if they cant count any way Is there a program that keeps up with damage and reimbursements ?


No, just some procedures fellow FBA sellers published.



Yep I support this… and would also support being paid back for items returned in damaged condition. If the buyers return damaged goods, they should not be refunded.




Oh_My_paw, boy oh boy I really feel sorry for you. To me this simply seams like Amazon is stealing from you. What else would we call it? THIS many mistakes on their part, it’s just not right, and then they say, “We are in charge and you have no recourse.” It just seems like flat out theft to me. We small sellers, we are not sending in bad counts of our inventory over and over. We make a living on this platform, it just doesn’t compute that WE are the ones over shipping and under shipping our inventory. Especially those of us who pack our own boxes. We can’t be screwing up this often, this much. No the error HAS to be on the Amazon side. I feel real sorry for you.


FBA just lost a $2500 PC (I have purchase documentation, etc.) but nothing is done. Also, the number of issues requiring investigation on my incoming shipments has hit an alarming rate. I almost feel like this is theft. I wonder where my $2500 PC went? It didn’t disappear. Somebody has it. I have to ramp things down. No money in this line of products if Amazon loses my items. Super disappointed.



Sellers are starting to be suspended because of these BOGUS claims.

And, yes, it is theft. In your case “grand larceny.”

The electronics categories in FBA have been particularly hard hit.

Was it lost inbound, or after it was received by FBA?