Petition to Jeff/Executive Team regarding FBA Issues


Maybe everyone here should start blasting Bezos on Twitter. I am sure there are enough sellers here to actually make him finally take some action.


I am in. Global Discount Sales


Yeah same here. Every shipment of ours seems have to 1 missing, but mostly it becomes complete, just wait for a few days. There were only 2 instances for the past month that I have to file a missing case though. I think what they’re doing is that Amazon is taking 1 sample of the item per delivery but they eventually return it, as how come that there’s only a discrepancy of 1 most of the time?


Im in. We recover over $10,000 a month, sadly this does not include the items they claim were never shipped or count digital overages against us then once those disappear not get reimbursed for the items they claim were never shipped. Is anyone now experiencing fulfillment centers using the 6 SIDED BOX Policy against them on pallet shipments? We never had this issue before, but it seems as FBA centers get back logged they use that against us to account for why it takes over 4 weeks to receive an entire shipment(with the massive mistakes)LGB8 is the worst


He’ll just buy “Twitter” and prevent your content.

You can’t sue him. He couldn’t care less even if you did. All the lawyers on “Planet Earth” don’t ruffle his feathers. The only way to get to him?

Through the government.

Start writing to your State Governor and/or Attorney General, SEC, investigative reporters, high profile DC attorneys, Federal Trade Commission, FBI Fraud and/or White Collar Crimes Division, Justice Department, Congress, and the White House.


HELP!Amazon denied they received my products

Well, I am finally joining this fun party, too. I began having the issues around the same time as others have noted - maybe June or July.

Four of the last eight sizable shipments I sent in had units that were fully received and then subsequently disappeared within 1-14 days (and were unaccounted for in Inventory Adjustments). Fortunately, they were all eventually found or reimbursed after opening a case via reconciliation investigation.

My most recent shipment was also briefly fully received before being marked as being short a number of units. It has now passed the required waiting period to be eligible for reconciliation, but there is no option or drop-down to open an investigation. Instead, that field reads “Investigation Completed - shipment contents counted and confirmed,” and I am unable to request research.

So, I opened a case requesting that the items be located. I have emails and screenshots indicating that the shipment was fully received with all units accounted for as well as screenshots and downloaded reports of the units registered as present for one day at a fulfillment center in Daily Inventory History and Received Inventory. You would think that would be sufficient, but so far I am facing “the usual” with support reps as I work my way up the ladder.

It’s only a few units at stake this time and pales in comparison to some of the losses others have experienced, but obviously if you are reading this thread you already know it’s a significant systemic problem. Given that these collective concerns have been voiced by sellers for many months now and the implementation of these new receiving procedures has still not been rectified, this increasingly has at least the appearance of willful fraud and theft on the part of Amazon. Surely, that is not true, right??

@SEAmod It looks like we haven’t heard from you in this thread since November. It seems that the root cause of this issue may be that any units that are initially received and then misplaced by a fulfillment center or during initial FC transshipment within the first few weeks of being received are accounted for by deducting from Received Inventory rather than in Inventory Adjustments, thereby incorrectly showing that the units were never received and blocking Amazon’s systems from operating in accordance with the FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory policy.

Can you please provide an update on progress toward resolution of this problem and/or some insight as to why these procedures, which as currently constructed continue to siphon product from sellers at an alarming rate, are still in place?


I’ve been in the program for 8 years, and know how to play the game.

You’ve done everything I’ve done by submitting proof, using their own reports, proving beyond all doubt that the units disappeared a week or two after they were received in full. The Daily Inventory History Report shows where they existed until they “vanished.”

When I started using them to support my claims, they started removing the physical warehouse name.

Fulfillment Center *XFR

This is called “cover-up,”



Please add Art of Books to the list.


Yes, I have had 6 books I bought for $200 stolen from ONE SINGLE SHIPMENT.

I showed them my receipt from Fedex, they said I still would not be reimbursed.

Please add me to the list.


Me too. I was on the phone with them for 20 minutes this morning. For me the FC with a problem is Hazleton, PA.


I am really extremely disappointed. From the first time I started selling as an FBA Seller, everything when fine. Everything was accounted for. And, if you did have an issue, it was quickly and properly handled. NOT by responding with the majorities of replies being a “Canned Response” And leaving Amazon’s own “Bread & Butter” Sellers (profit builders) hanging out to dry.

Losing money now with many shortages and no refunds, and even worse, NO ONE will really even acknowledge that there IS a problem at the Amazon Fulfillment Centers. This is quite unfortunate. especially since the Amazon Seller Platform used to be soooo precise.

Just like running a country, even Amazon can be bring about it’s own destruction by NOT HELPING it’s FBA Sellers when there are real issues that ONLY Amazon can correct.

I truly only HOPE that just possibly the “Higher Management”, the Higher Echelon will actually take a look at this serious problem and get involved for the “betterment of a ALL concerned”.
You gotta wonder WHY no one either sees or wants to address this major issue.

After all, if one keeps losing money because of “lost” or “not received” items, then what is even the sense to even keep trying to sell on Amazon FBA? None.


Confadent Gum

  1. In the last few months, the warehouse has been breaking apart our packs (6 packs of gum wrapped in a tight stretch band, then put in a box) and sending only (1) pack of gum. Refunds - labeled “general adjustment” or “product not as described” - have gone through the roof and many buyers are reaching out to us directly to fulfill.

  2. 99% of our inventory was put into “reserve”. Support told me that they were moving our product to another warehouse - couldn’t say WHERE it was moving from, or WHERE it was moving to. They could only say that the full process would take from between “1 to 10 days” and until then, our inventory would not be available for sale.



Check out this old thread out…you replied…it’s been happening to me when I first started in 2016. It is still happening, obviously. Same as described. Arrived in full, then the numbers change. Just had a shipment from January change today under the shipments page. Of course no longer received in full.

Tired of dealing with it…I make my own product so it’s not like they can really steal from me. Idk. Anyway, just though you might be curious to know this has been happening to me since 2016.



Yeah, it would happen on occasion. I do have some of those. But it wasn’t anything like what they are doing to us now.

I’m tired of dealing with it, too. I just don’t have anywhere else to go. :cry:



New to Amazon FBA myself but recently had this happen, on one of my shipments. 75 missing items.
Shipment ID:FBA15BWXQP2T. I had previously expressed concern over missing items on 4 previous shipments. Amazon reassured me it would be okay and in worse case scenario it would be refunded partially. Yet that’s not the case now… and it just happened to another of my shipments… they are claiming they received a completely empty box.


That would make sense. However what about people who make their own products? Not just branded, but their own products. None of the items I sell can be bought anywhere else but where I decide to sell them. Been having the same inventory problems of received in full then weeks later a problem with the shipment, at least 50% of the time. Or maybe this is a small type of seller amazon doesn’t worry about and they get caught in the cogs?

While most of the shipments are short a few items, some are short up to 20, then others will be extra a few, or extra 12-20. From my end it seems to be a shell game of them transferring to other warehouses but not doing it right, so it looks like a mistake I made. Perhaps others are seeing this too. Most of what I read shows people being short and losing money.


This I’m afraid to say, is the next “shoe” to drop.

This is why it’s so important to get the BOGUS problems with our shipments removed. They tell you that these mistakes have no impact on our performance.

We just can’t believe a thing they tell us.


Account suspended due To Amazon's FBA

Yes and they refuse to take any accountability because they say that was how they received it!!! Even though you know you labeled it correctly. This is crazy!


Yup, and be careful when they say that they will issue a reimbursement. They are usually bogus. I look for the reimbursement and it never was put in the system! Have to open a new case and start again, it is stealing, plain and simple.


Yes, several refunds were issued to my customers because item not received. These were FBA fulfilled. Timeframe in which most frequently occurred was May 2017-Feb 2018.

My theory on this is the private delivery services Amazon hired to keep up with Prime 2 day shipping. Like the ones that deliver 8pm on a Sunday are not scanning the label correctly. This causes the wrong TrackingID to be entered with delivery. Then under Amazon orders it looks like your order was not delivered.

I know this occurs from experience. So if it has happened to me, then I know it happens to other customers.