Petition to Jeff/Executive Team regarding FBA Issues


Similar experiences lately. Made a single shipment (one box) a few weeks ago to CMH3. Box included two sets of identical books (same FNSKU) bound into 20-lbs packages each. UPS received the box and weighed it on receipt at 40.44 lbs. Amazon received the package from UPS, proceeded to take several weeks to process and reported only receiving one of the item.

One item weighs 20 lbs, shipment weighed 40 lbs. Seller [non-]Support has stonewalled me also with similar unethical tactics as described by others. And fees keep going up and up while service goes down.

Amazon is becoming more unreliable and harder to communicate with every month. This situation of the Amazon warehouse mis-handling Seller’s FBA inventory may have happened several times before, as it apparently has for others, but this case is one that is so clearly Amazon’s fault instead of mine, that I am livid about how Amazon simply rejects out of hand any possibility that they may have messed up.

Making gazillions of $$$ profit from fees and more fees and more fees is not enough for them. Now they think they need to ROB their Third-party Sellers of their inventory as well.

And about reimbursements: I laugh and then want to cry every time I see “The item was damaged in the fulfillment center. Amazon takes responsibility for this damage. No further action is required.” This used to be followed up with a reimbursement for the damaged (or lost) item, but that isn’t even happening now.

Somebody needs to stop sexting nude selfies and take care of their business before the employees destroy it.


Same Problem I hear you loud and clear. FBA prepped upon receiving over a Month ago-Now All 750 units are “Missing”/and have been for over a month!
What Now? Oh, They decided to Cancel the Reimbursement ID too!


We Sellers have Rights, need legal action ASAP.


Jeff@Amazon is that really ceo?
Thx for your opinion!


Over 100 books missing in the last 2 months myself with the same results, no help. You are not alone. It it’s very clear by box weight and box content that the shipment was received however I’ve had no luck getting compensation even as they now also require “proof of ownership” which is a detailed receipt with name and isbn for each USED book lost. This seems like theft to me. Maybe if enough sellers complain someone will listen. I’ve lost sell over $2500 in books in only 2 months. I’m a small seller and this will put me under very fast if Amazon won’t even acknowledge the problem.


I’m in the same boat. Seller support won’t listen to reason and logic – arguments re: box weights, etc. Oddly, they haven’t dinged me for having inbound performance errors, for having a discrepancy between the box contents I provided and what they actually received. It’s almost as if they know it’s their fault that they failed to receive and lost my inventory. Have you tried emailing Jeff? I thought I would do that as a last resort, after I’d exhausted all other possibilities.


Used book seller here. Same problem. Now add “Proof of ownership” requirement! Please Help.
Amazon now requires detailed receipts for USED BOOKS before they will reimburse for lost (stolen) books. In 2 months over 100 books have been “missing and investigated”. Wtf? Since my software literally loads the shipment and box content as I pack each box myself (and take photos), I am 100% positive every item was shipped and delivered. So, How does a used book seller show Proof of Ownership” for used books bought in bulk? Customer Service is absolutely not interested in helping and it’s costing $1000’s.


sign me up, I’ve lost a few shipments and I have some items that say there is inventory when there is not. It’s ridiculous how hard is it to count? Who is accountable for this? Seller Support doesn’t respond? This is more of a cover up than Epstein’s “suicide”.


I had a one box shipment recently where half of it (4 units) went missing and I received the automatically investigated and was unable to reconcile. And another one box shipment where I made an error in the quantity I intended to send (sent 1 less than indicated in the shipping plan) and this one, where I screwed up, Amazon will allow me to submit an investigation. :thinking:


This is supposed to be the executive seller relations team.


Thanks-Or another robot right?
That d/c your account


What I mean is, thx but wondering what would happen to account…D/C?


Wow! That’s huge too, my sincerest thoughts about how aweful that is.
*Thank You for saying-you’re not alone, I know you’re right I see so many complaints here regarding missing-every day.
What’s up with that?? Does policy take precedence or Not!?


Wonder…has anyone ever thought-if they get enough time-it’s ok, they just repurchase and fill?


Were you able to get this resolved? Same thing happened to me with 2 separate shipments. Wondering if I should just move on. Thanks


Seller support closed my case and banned me from further inquiry into the matter at the end of last week. Their response (or lack thereof) is pretty discouraging. However, I’ve drafted my email to Jeff and will send it off today. Will let you know how it goes.


Thanks. Look forward to hearing about it and good luck.


Any update on this being sent to Amazon management?

In the last 3 months, every single one of our FBA shipments have had some kind of errors. From being overweight (they aren’t), to being shorted (we count 3x), to sending too many (nope.) They just got another shipment where they counted 12 of the item… we only sent 6. Thats all we even had. Impossible we sent 12. They are also heavy, 12 in 1 box would have weighed about 60lbs. Thats a huge difference.

Q4 is going to be a mess.


As for my case, I emailed Jeff@ one week ago. Still haven’t gotten a response, although I read on another thread that it sometimes takes three weeks to get a reply.


I’d sign this just for the cpc approval process…
Useless Indian support…