Pesticides Notice


Hello Sellers,

You may have recently received an email from us regarding new requirements to list pesticides and pesticide devices in our stores. Our new requirements do not apply to listings of media products such as books, videogames, DVDs, music, magazines, software, and videos. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused to you by our email. If you have any further questions, please contact Selling Partner Support.


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We sell shoes and we got that email as well and it mentioned some SKUs


Thanks Susan…I assume we don’t have to take the test and none of our media offerings will be de-listed because of this

Is that correct…have the robots been reprogrammed to skip media items?


Thank you for addressing this, Susan.

I believe I am not alone in already contacting support on this issue.
The first response was that we do indeed need to go through the certification protocols, but when we wrote back, the second response was to do nothing, so we received completely opposite directions from support.

Our notices were not for media related items at all, and also not at all related to pesticides…
A Merino Wool Top, a set of bed sheets and a pair of safety goggles were the 3 items we got notices on so far.

Thank you again for addressing this, I’d hoped you’d do that!


Will they know Amazon policy, and follow it?
And will they communicate clearly?


when robots are controlling robots, who is in control?


Can’t be Jarvis anymore. More Friday.


Do you have any information of when listings for sellers who have had their listings made inactive will be made active again?

I can’t take the approval test as I am not based in the USA.


I’m being told to get approval to sell a DVD i purchased from Amazon
I’m being told I need approval to sell a book

I’ve never sold pesticides or bought pesticides in my life. I’m ardent environmentalist.

What’s happening?


Everyone who received the letter must make sure that you will be OK. I tried to fix my listing and I could not do it. We have a product that has different colors and they said that my product has a pesticide. Our product is the only one in the world and we are the inventors. Our product is a Softball and Baseball organizer and is made in the US. and it’s made of plastic.


So we can disregard the email, that is good. But what about the ASINs that are still restricted?

How about dietary supplements? Eight of our ASINs across our range are still restricted.

I am posting these questions here because we have had two cases open since Monday, one with Amazon Seller Support and one with Brand Registry Support, and we have received no information on when we can edit our not-at-all-pesticide listings again.

Thank you.


What is the email to contact selling partner support?


You took 4 of my listings down with this new pesticide ruling but my products are fabric bags and nothing to do with them.

My listings have been inactive for 24 hours now and I’m losing sales.

Why can you immediately reinstate them?


Hi Susan,

Thanks for the update. Our problem is not with the email, but now we can not list products. “To sell Pesticides and Pesticide Devices on, you must be a resident of the USA and complete an eLearning and related test. For more information, please refer to our Pesticides and Pesticide Devices policy:”

Any update on when this will be resolved? We sell pillows.


I received a notice stating that I have sold pesticides in the past. I have not. What is the protocol for correcting this issue?


That is the fun part of this. To get your listing control back, you have to take the e-training class/pass the test.

At that point, your listings are back up.

From this point forward, you will have a record of selling pesticides.


I must admit, you’ve out-geeked me.


Jarvis = Vision (which can’t be Vision anymore since the “snap”). New AI is Friday. Friday runs Amazon and apparently thinks Body Glove cases (our email) is a pesticide.