Pesticide training?


Is the pesticide training annually?

I just received an email saying I am selling pesticide/devices(“mattscomputers”…yea okay…), and that I have to complete the pesticide training or my listings will be taken down.

I already took the training last year, so is this new training or does this have to be done annually?


Same here.
I received almost 300 emails like this from Amazon last night even though I completed the training last year.
I think this is just another case of an “oops” by Amazon.

Gotta love the scale of their “oopses” and how it’s no big deal when they have a glitch like this but if we did it all heack breaks loose.


Same here. Got 220 overnight and I already completed the course last year. Flagged the mods for their input.


Same here. Is the easiest path to just take the test again? What are you guys going to do?


Same. I said screw it and proceeded to take the test again but found that I couldn’t. I believe I am already logged in their system as having successfully completed it.


Can someone tell me where in our seller dashboard is the reference where it shows we completed the test. I spent a lot of time hunting today after receiving the same emails last night. I did see it once and it showed I completed the course. I want to verify it’s still there.


SC > Catalog > Selling Applications


Thank you!!! It would make more sense to have it under Account.


Anyone have any updates?
It was sent on the 28th and I was approved on nov 28th 2019. So does it expire after a year or something?


Yep! Got the same thing. And the products weren’t even mine.


Many sellers are reporting that they are receiving 100s of emails. This is probably a glitch in the system. I would recommend starting a case with SeSu, including the ASINs in the case, just to have a log of this in your account.


I opened a case and they confirmed I passed a year and a half ago over the phone. Haven’t heard anything on the escalation yet.