Permission to resale items from Disney Store?


Used toys may not be sold on Amazon


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You missed this “Disney is definitely not one of them for current items.”

In general, you could be leading the op to get suspended given that you have to know which products would be safe to list and personally I spent a great deal amount of time researching this.

But if you have the time to do some hand holding to help a fellow seller identify which of the tens of thousands of products they can list and which they should stay away from…More power to you!


As Lake mentioned used toys are not allowed. Some Disney products are gated not all. Listing some as new will get you suspend some won’t.


You have 2 people on this thread who know the product lines because we actually sell them.

Then you have a bunch of keyboard cowboys who do not.

Another problem people have with Disney products is they have the wrong item under the Brand section.

If the brand says Mattel, you may not be able to sell the product. This is an internal Amazon created issue that makes an item gated incorrectly.

You can private message me with questions.

I am not wasting my time with people (other posters) who have no idea what they are talking about.

We sell a lot of Disney product.

They like most huge toy license owners have no clue how e-commerce works.




Used is not permitted in toys.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Why do we bother?


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