do you sometimes get payments a few days late. i usually have it in my bank on Saturday but its not in there yet. and all my bank info is correct. amazon says i was payed on the 5th and released as a bank transfer on the 6th and whenever i get payed on the Thursday i always have it on that saturday. am i worrying too much to fast??


Is this question about your Amazon Pay account or your Amazon seller account?


seller account i usually will see my payment on a saturday


It seems like it hasn’t even been a full day since the bank transfer, you are worrying too fast


thank you. if i have any questions can i email you on this forum for advice on this subject.


You are talking to fellow sellers here, not to Amazon. If you don’t receive your payment after 5 business days, start a case with them


i know that im talking to fellow sellers but after reading about this subject all i keep seeing is that amazon will say they paid you because i did get the email that they paid me and its also on my seller account that funds was released. i also called my bank and they told me to investigate they would need to know the bank amazon uses to find out anything about the bank transfer id that they give us. maybe your right im worrying to quickly but i always get the payment on a saturday when im payed on a thursday. thank you for your responses.


You said the money was transfered on the 6th. That was yesterday. There is nothing you can do or expect from any side one day after a transfer. Wait it out


Wait until Monday or Tuesday to worry. You can then give your bank the transfer id to have them look into it.


Hi! I did’nt recive my pay and its been 7 days now you know what its that??


why does my paid balance go down every time I sell a product yet having products delivered well over the 7 day period. Holding my money for no reason.