Payments Department NOT Answering over 20 days of Corespondence


Hello I have been waiting for the payments department to RESPOND to my messages for over two 20 days to no avail. I just downgraded my account and I wish to close it. I want to know since my account has been downgraded how long will it take to release my payment from unavailable. IT has been 20 days since I have sold my product. I would appreciate some assistance. Please review my TRANSFERRED cases. It is all about the same issue.

Again I only had ONE product to sell and I sold it on the 6th of January and mailed it on the 7th of January and the customer received it on the 9th. I have provided all the information for the review team and NEVER received a response. It has been 20 days since my first correspondence with their team and I provided all the information requested below to help them expedite my case. I had

Please review my case ID from a supervisor it has notes: 6752683091. They have checked and there is NOTHING wrong with the account (EIN, Credits, Past the 7 days, etc). I only had one product to sell and I sold it…I have no more use for this Amazon account. I just wish to be paid and end this situation.

Questions from Review and Payments TEAM that I sent 20 days ago.

  • How long you have been in business. 3 Years -We are an eLearning company.
  • Anticipated monthly sales on Amazon.- This is the only product for now. $0
  • The address (URL or store address) of other stores where you sell these products. Only on Amazon
  • Tracking information for recently shipped orders. 9506111941140007543704
  • GSTIN, VAT ID, Tax ID, or Dun and Bradstreet (D-U-N-S) number. (Submitted via email)


This is a forum of seller to seller help. We cannot see your cases.

You have a recent sale so your account will not close for probably 90 days. I am pretty sure that you were given that message when you went to close your account.