Payment problem


got email from amazon saying could not disburse funds to credit card because was not valid. I had to cancel that card. I put in a new card. will that fix?


Sure sounds like it should. Might take a day or two


but it is a different credit card


Did you check the expiration date on the card first prior to changing to a different card?

As long as you have keyed in a Credit Card, not a Debit or Pre-Paid Credit Card, you should be fine. It may take several days to reflect the change – and it is possible that Amazon may request a bank statement from you, just to verify it.

Best of luck,


ok thanks


I didn’t know disbursements could be sent to a credit card.


My credit card on file happened to be compromised/fraud on the card, not by Amazon, but I had to cancel the card the night before the payout and my payout is being hold until the next payout. I would like to make a suggestion to Amazon seller central to have an option for a second credit to be put in as a backup so as not to hold up payments. I need the money to pay bills that are coming due before the next payout.