Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance


Similar to how Amazon is working to get our fulfillment capabilities back to regular operations, we have heard from many of you who are also facing challenges in running your businesses. To protect your account and ensure these supply chain and fulfillment difficulties do not impact your Account Health, beginning March 20, we stopped suspending selling accounts for high cancelation or high late shipment rates. Effective immediately, we are also stopping suspension of selling accounts for high order defect rates. These changes will stay in effect through May 15. We will continue to evaluate the situation, and let you know if we will extend this further.

Making reliable promises for customers remains particularly important at this time, and so we appreciate everything you are doing to fulfill your orders successfully, and we encourage you to put your account on vacation if you are not able to do so. If you are fulfilling and shipping your own products directly to customers, we have created the following content as a reminder of our policies and best practices.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to use our forums – our moderators and experienced sellers can help answer any of your questions.

Suspensions for ODR, LSR, PFCR paused to May 15th
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Pin this please.


please feel free to use our forums

If they can find them. :roll_eyes:




Wow, honestly never thought I’d see this from Amazon. Very much appreciated in these times.


I’ll take this as a hint of when they think Amazon will begin to get back to normal


Great appreciation from Amazon leadership team. Thank you!
We are taking death risk to pack, ship packages to supply essentials to people in America.
God bless american and god bless all of our seller who struggled during this difficulty.


Having had enjoyed the immeasurable benefit of Amazon’s devotion of time and treasure to support & moderate the various Amazon Seller Fora for more than a decade past, and of the advice so-freely provided by the seasoned and savvy forum veterans who have helped not only me and mine, but our Seller Community as a whole, immensely, I certainly concur wholeheartedly with that recommendation.

I am not incognizant of the fact that this topic-thread is not REALLY the appropriate venue for doing so, but I do find myself constrained to point out the incongruity of the appearance of such an astute recommendation on the very same day that Amazon has apparently seen fit to remove the Seller Central Dashboard’s Seller Forum widget, as Super-Moderator Susan H announced scant-few hours before this Announcement/News Headline broke dawn:

Announcement - forum link moved


Who voted down on this? LOL


People who had their accounts suspended on march 19th?

Speaking of which - if the buyers are being given a return holiday from march 1st, we seller should have gotten a ban hammer holiday from March 1st


Wow this is really good news.


Yes! This really helps now!


How about “IPI”? Is it still using 450 cut off?


Wow Amazon turned OFF the bots? I pointed out yesterday on a thread I’ve seen a big drop in sellers in certainly one category - down a third on a year ago.

However don’t forget, Amazon (or their bots) can still use any reason to close down sellers using cover of a single bad feedback, fake IP complaint, or even contents of a customer email. So really anyone could still get closed down at any time, but using the “cover” of a non-ODR reason. My reading of the intention behind that appears to be to turn the tables on a seller and put them in the wrong (aka the impossible “prove a negative”), as opposed to other way round.


Thank you! We are trying out best under the circumstances. It has been one challenge after another so some relief is welcome.


crazy - normal orders approx 40 to 50 per day -currently running at 500 to700 per day-we are doing our best to meet demand but with stock shortages from suppliers it is difficult- just hope customers appreciate the difficulties


“we are also stopping suspension of selling accounts for high order defect rates”

So Please all you Chinese shady sellers, ramp up your ripping off of Americans and we will NOT do anything about it. You are Free to run Wild.

Half of 3p sellers are Chinese.

American 3p sellers probably think this is helping you and your 3p American Cohorts, it isn’t.

BTW, I was sickened to read reports of non-American foreigners trying to cash in on the govs SBA EIDL loans because they thought they could get “Free” money (because they sell thru USA Fulfillment Centers).

The Emperor’s New Clothes


It seems Amazon made the MFN announcement, paused suspensions, AND removed the forum link all about the same time. My assumption is Amazon didn’t want possible MFN sellers seeing all the suspension horror stories in forum? Leaving that aside, Amazon even before this crisis wasn’t able to properly handle suspensions - I imagine the increase meant it was well and truly broken (although it already was).


How about for those of us fulfilling and maintaining perfect metrics, you put the realistic shipping dates back onto the search pages since we are still able to deliver in 2 days as SFP? We should not be punished with 14 day delivery promises when we still deliver on time as PRImE!!!


While this seems like a generous gesture, I’m guessing the primary motivator is that Amazon was already running as lean as possible on all fronts, and they simply didn’t have the bandwidth to deal with the huge number of pending suspension appeals already in the hopper. Plus, if they banned every seller having trouble with metrics right now, their selection would plummet, and they can’t have that … when they write a 'bot that can selectively ban based on whether other, non-banned sellers can cover that inventory, I could see this changing. When the Chinese supply chain ramps back up, and the warehouses can operate at capacity again, this will also change. I expect one of these bottlenecks to clear around May 15th. I’ll be interested to see which one.