Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance


I was originally in disbelief of this announcement but after re-reading and thinking about it it looks like a trap which is more what I would have expected.

The reason I say this is defects are counted for 60 days and they did not say they will cancel defects until May 15th, they just won’t suspend you because of them. But on May 16ths the protections go away but not the defects and you’ll then be at risk of suspension. Basically they’re just delaying suspensions.

My Amazon stores have been closed for almost a month now and this announcement doesn’t really make me want to re-open.

Can we have an announcement that we will not be suspended for delays or issues related to the pandemic at all, not just delay the suspensions until May 16th? Other marketplaces have been clear that sellers will be protected from pandemic related issues with no traps.




Yes, I would like some info on this as well.


Thank you. We are in New York City and it is risky for us to ship packages but doing all we can to ensure customers receive their packages as fast as possible. In the process, the work is exhausting.

Some of our partners in China are from Hubei and close to Wuhan, they tell us to stay home. They needed some time to start work and even then, things are still 30% capacity of the past. We are going to have similar delays when lock down eases.

While most customers have been understanding of some mistakes we have made, there is always someone who seems to be impatient and not understanding of our situation. I hope Amazon considers our side with such person filing a A-to-Z claims or have a one way conversation when they communicate with us.


I guess this does not apply to seller filled prime.

USPS is a mess. If you are waving suspensions over this, then it would be right to do for SFP too, provided people are shipping on time.


Do you know how high is too high? say, 50 to 70% late shipment rate, which is where we are.


Do you know how high is too high? say, 50 to 70% late shipment rate, which is where we are.


Our company had our account suspended for one week of late delivery after almost three years of no defects or violations of Amazon “Rules”. Seven times we have provided information to reopen our account. Feedback takes forever even though you get the note “will respond in 24 hours”. This has never happened. We have provided two detail reports citing how we have prepared ourselves to avoid anymore late deliveries. No feedback yet nor have we ever gotten feedback on what further information is needed in our appeal. Thirty one years in business and if I treated my customers like Amazon treats its sellers business would have ended many years ago. Not only that, Multi-billion Amazon is setting on money they owe and drawing interest while we wait!! So Sad!




I hope we can all join in asking Amazon that negative feedback that has been received during the dates suggested by Amazon on this notice, will not be visible to customers, the same way an AZ CLAIM is not counting (and of course it is invisible to customers) , I believe that negative feedbacks should not be shown as it confuses new customers of the service provided by the seller, which is not a fault of the seller during these dates, but of the Coronavirus issue.
Let’s join in asking Amazon that those negative feedbacks are not shown on the feedback profile.
Greetings to all!


Excellent point


All things considered, being in NJ, we’ve had an OK time with late or missing shipments. Two were marked as delivered but INR. We advised the customer to file an A-To-Z and both of us came up aces. It didn’t count against us.

I had a similar situation with a product that just stopped moving and is stuck in a postal hub for about 10 days. Customer filed and we lost it and the email said:

"Dear bluscenes1,

We have granted an A-to-z Guarantee claim of $32.61 on order 111-8841676-XXXXXX. We have debited the amount from your account and have counted the claim against your Order Defect Rate."

So, I guess that even though we are FBM (we turned off SFP and are using Amazon to buy shipping) and we are getting these out on time, we’re still going to lose these cases. To protect ourselves, we’ve removed some of our pricier listings. I filed an appeal. I don’t care about the money, but it sucks that it will impact its negatively when we’re wearing ourselves out shipping from my garage.


Anyone else experiencing this? We bought 50+ USPS Shipping labels from Amazon yesterday. The orders were dropped off with a receipt. Today i check there is no acceptance scan on any of the packages i dropped off. Even though the USPS website shows acceptance scan and movement. This will kill my metrics… Even though the packages were shipped on time.


Dont worry about the scans. They are not scanning things now, I guess less employees and more packages?


no worries i have been sending out 150 to 200 packages a day in last 7 weeks its so much that they sending the collection truck and they don’t scan anything till it gets to sorting facilely ( they just gave me 3 hampers that i fill up and they swap it out daily with empty ones ) and iam still over 99.5% shipping with valid tracking and over 99.5% delivered onetime.


Amazon, needs to extend this rule until June, we are getting lots of complains from customers about delayed packages especially NY and NJ area. The post office is running way behind schedule, because all the online shopping.


Sellers are abusing this
my competitor has 61% shipped orders on time
that is absurd and should not be tolerated
i think obviously it should not be 4% right not but have a limit


Beginning March 20 and stay in effect through May 15.
Is it the real real time or ODR Time Window?


Things are still chaotic around shipping routines and warehouses all over.
Will there be an extension please until COVID-19 eases up… Customers are more understanding now but Amazon needs to help us along.



With the postal delays now accumulating the ODR metric remains in effect “sabotaged”, or not fit for purpose/relevant, given the external circumstances imposed on them. The short answer is - Amazon will not want to close down even more sellers.

One statistic I have from one popular category is in fact compared to a year ago, a full THIRD of sellers are not active - either on vacation or suspended. The trend has been downwards for the last year, my assumption has been the ridiculous Amazon Health Support processes shutting down sellers say for selling a $1 paperback printed in the 1970s. Anyway I somewhat digress. The biggest decline was the “virus” situation - and as with anything, once something stops many of those sellers won’t bother returning.

So the reduction in active Amazon sellers has been another reason the remaining sellers have seen higher sales - it’s not just the virus causing more online shopping.

Really, this situation of reduced sellers does leave Amazon with a problem. Looping back to my Amazon Health Support point, well obviously Amazon cannot continue with that process now “as is” - because it’s a downward spiral guaranteed to eliminate sellers over time. Already many active sellers (or at least, this one) simply don’t list items on Amazon - and there are reduced offers on the detail pages (which corroborates my point re: sales being corralled to fewer and fewer sellers). So when this is all over Amazon might even choose to onboard sellers, as opposed to the more recent experience of chasing them down and coldly eliminating one-by-one.