Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance


Hello, does this apply to SFP Program eligibility We have maintained 100% to date, but the usps service pick ups are getting unpredictable at our locations.


Wow…I’d call Ripley but he probably would not believe me.


Is there a limit as to how many order we can cancel? …


First time to say it out:Let’s call it a day!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Haha, you saw it and enjoyed it


Maybe? Not sure what you mean.


Does this include Seller Filled Prime or what provisions have been made for SFP?


good news


FBA sellers :joy:


Our account has been put on hold or the payment has due to not enough feedback combined with sales being too high. My employees are fixing to walk out with over 8000 orders in the cue. Have been waiting for seller performance for two weeks now.

It states “There are no issues with your account” yet they will not release any funds–while the sit around make themselves feel they are doing a good job screwing over hard working people–all I want of the more than $200,000 is 25,000 so I can meet payroll.

Does anyone know of a way or who to contact, by phone, for help?

When I walk out, everything I have worked for goes with them.


Wow…xing xing… thats an amazing news. I wish my account is back to active asap and start selling in amazon. Way to go amazon.


Funny they just suspended our SFP account today in fact… for 0.5% cancellation which is well below the original 2.5%.


That announcement has nothing to do with premium shipping eligibility. Talking about account suspensions.


How about the IPI?


yesterday took 2 1/2hrs to talk to someone at just to find out my new wireless hotshot had its IP address blacklisted by by a previous user. I literally fell asleep waiting on hold so hope you don’t need support (they are “short staffed”)


People should be prepared. We were told to quarantine 14 days due to my children possibly having coronavirus. Took 7 days to get test results for my baby. (was negative). But, I was afraid to ship anything I had sold possibly spreading infection we may or may not have had. I caused many late orders but I thought it was the most ethical thing to do.
Everyone should look at what businesses they are dependent on and plan accordingly!
Just yesterday I got locked out of using a correct password…it took over 2 1/2hrs to talk to someone at just to find out my new wireless hotshot had its IP address blacklisted by by a previous user. I fell asleep waiting on hold (they are “short staffed”). Ruined my entire business day. Never expected my business to have problems due to other companies. Literally Amazon,, USPS, UPS, and Box suppliers are the only businesses associated with my business. So, proactively I ordered 100s and 100s of boxes after the nearly 3 hour phone call. Would recommend doing everything early as possible in case of delays caused by other businesses / shipping services…good luck everyone and be safe and smart…wear masks, wash hands…


They’re always short staffed…always.


It’s not just the USPS pick ups. Remember, most of the “mail” travels on airplanes, and there are far fewer flights these days, so everything is at LEAST one day later than usual. We’;ve had a high number of emails buyer who don’t read and think everything is 2 day prime are now freaking out because 2 days pass and there’s no order. Things are also not scanning as they used to. More ammo for buyers. Gotta have big shoulders right now, people are angry and this is the perfect venue to vent. They’re given cart blanche to unleash on sellers. Hang on folks…


I have a feeling that after things start getting back to normal that they will be suspending a lot of accounts that got complaints about orders being up to 2 weeks late due to the overwhelmed postal service.


I ship a LOT via USPS all over the USA and not one shipment has come up late yet. I did get one returned as undeliverable (likely because the business isnt open and they dont hold that stuff)…but nothing late. I ship priority mail and first class mail…and a little parcel post…but so far so good on my usps shipments.